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Editors: Muzaffer Uysal & Geoffrey I. Crouch

ISSN: 1083-5423.; E-ISSN: 1943-3999


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Volume 22, Number 1

Appraisal and Coping Responses to Tourism Development-Related Stress 1
Evan J. Jordan and Christine A. Vogt

Impact of Airline Top Management Teams on Corporate Social Responsibility 19
Won Seok Lee, Chulwon Kim, Joonho Moon, and Hyejin Yoon

Spatial Distribution and the Agglomeration Performance of High-Star Hotels 31
Min Wei

Stakeholders and Craft Beer Tourism Development 45
Abel Duarte Alonso, Nikolaos Sakellarios, and Alessandro Bressan

Proenvironmental Behavior: Critical Link Between Satisfaction and Place Attachment in Australia and Canada 59
Haywantee Ramkissoon and Felix T. Mavondo

Determining Long-Term Change in Tourism Research Language With Text-Mining Methods 75
Josef A. Mazanec


Ecotourism Participation Intention in Australia: Mediating Influence of Social Interactions 85
Johra Kayeser Fatima, Habib Zaman Khan, and Abdel K. Halabi

Different Hearth, Different Worth: Sustaining an Emerging Festival in the New Cultural City of Singapore 93
Sharon Chang and Renuka Mahadevan

Vacationing at Sea Again: Who and Why? 99
Renuka Mahadevan

Visitor Economic Impact Estimates of Garrett County, Maryland 105
Jinyang Deng, Kathryn Gazal, and Steven Selin



World Heritage, Urban Design and Tourism: Three Cities in the Middle East (Luna Khirfan) 115
Claudia Melis

Tourism Management (Stephen J. Page) 118
Seojin Lee

Tourism, Recreation and Regional Development: Perspectives From France and Abroad (Jean-Christophe DissartJeoffrey Dehz, and Jean-Bernard Marsat, Editors) 120
Nikolaos Pappas

Dark Tourism and Place Identity: Managing and Interpreting Dark Places (Leanne White and Elspeth Frew, Editors) 122

Zeynep A. Gedikoglu

Volume 21, Number 6

Synergistic Social Network Analysis: A Synergistic Approach to Qualitative and Quantitative Network Analysis 559
Matias Thuen Jørgensen

Antecedents of Tourists’ Behavioral Intentions: The Role and Influence of Tourists Perceived Freedom of Choice, Destination Image, and Satisfaction 577
Xiaoming (Rose) Liu, Jun (Justin) Li, and Yi (David) Fu

Segmentation by Tourist Expenditure Composition: An Approach With Compositional Data Analysis and Latent Classes 589
Berta Ferrer-RosellGermà Coenders, and Esther Martínez-Garcia

How Tourist Attraction Agglomeration Affects a Regional Tourism Economy 603
Bo Zhou, Hailin Qu, and Ningqiao Li

Tourism, Quality of Life, and Residents of a Rural Town 617
Abel Duarte Alonso and Julie Nyanjom

Practical Sales Forecasting: Potential Solutions for Independently Owned Hotels 631
Ekaterina Sorokina, Kelly Semrad, and Brian Mills

Theory of Vulnerability and Remarkable Resilience of Tourism Demand to Climate Change: Evidence From the Mediterranean Basin 645
Tarik DogruUmit Bulut, and Ercan Sirakaya-Turk


Detecting Latent Classes in Tourism Data Through Response-Based Unit Segmentation (REBUS) in PLS-SEM 661
Guy Assaker and Rob Hallak

Added Value of a Destination Brand Name Calculated by Crimmins’s Method 669
Asli D. A. Tasci

Billboards and Tourism in the Missouri Ozarks: Boon or Blight? 675
Mark Morgan



Identity and Intercultural Exchange in Travel and Tourism (Anthony David Barker, Editor) 683
Lu Lu

Travel and the Imagination (Garth Lean, Russell Staiff, and Emma Waterton, Editors) 686
Annalisa Colombino

Volume 21 Subject and Author Index

Volume 21, Number 5

The Impact of Tourism Revenues on Smoothing the Domestic Output Shocks 439
Faruk BalliHatice O. Balli, and Rosmy Jean Louis

Residents’ Support in Major Local Events: Leeds Pride 451
Nikolaos Pappas

Blogging Slum Tourism: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Travel Blogs 465
Meghan Muldoon and Heather Mair

Consumer Value and Brand Value: Rivals or Allies in Consumer-Based Brand Equity? 481
Asli D. A. Tasci

Country Personality Scale: Is a Five-Dimensional Model a Better Methodological Instrument? 497
Carlos Manuel Súcia BurcioRui Vinhas Da Silva, and Maria de Fátima Salgueiro

Aesthetic and Restorative Qualities of Vacation Destinations: How Are They Related? 513
Ksenia Kirillova and Xinran Lehto

Reconceptualizing Overall Visitor Satisfaction as an Average of Satisfaction With Attributes 529
Ross H. Taplin


May I Have Your Name Please? Norfolk Island Hotel Names 541
Joshua Nash

Revisiting Destination Choice Sets: Two Evaluation Modes 549
Jin Young Chung and James F. Petrick



Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Innovations in Tourism and Hospitality [H. G. Parsa (Editor) and Vijaya “Vi” Narapareddy (Consulting Editor)] 557
Veronika Joukes

Volume 21, Number 4

Guest Editors: Ana María Munar, Tomas Pernecky, and William Feighery

An Introduction to Tourism Postdisciplinarity 343
Ana María Munar, Tomas Pernecky, and William Feighery

Postdisciplinarity and the Rise of Intellectual Openness: The Necessity for “Plural Knowability” in Tourism Studies 349
Keith Hollinshead

From Disciplinarity to Postdisciplinarity: Tourism Studies Dedisciplined 363
Frédéric Darbellay

Tourism and Postdisciplinarity: Back to the Future? 373
Tim Coles, C. Michael Hall, and David Timothy Duval

Existential Postdisciplinarity: Personal Journeys Into Tourism, Art, and Freedom 389
Tomas Pernecky, Ana María Munar, and Brian Wheeller

Packing as Practice: Creative Knowledges Through Material Interactions 403
Kaya Barry

Getting Lost in the Field 417
Mads Bødker

Tourism in a Postdisciplinary Milieu: Final Demarcation Points 431
Tomas Pernecky, Ana María Munar, and William Feighery



Contemporary Tourism Reviews: Volume One (Chris Cooper, Editor) 437
Heather Mair

Volume 21, Numbers 2/3


Cosmic Strangers: Humans and Aliens on Space Travel Cartoons 131
Erik Cohen


Homogeneity, Trust, and Reciprocity: Three Keys to the Sustainable Hospitality Exchange of Couchsurfing 145
Yaping Liu, Linlin Nie, and Li Li

Community Stakeholders and the Perception of Tourism Downtowns: An Assessment of Brand Identity 159
Nathaniel D. Line, Rodney C. Runyan, Jane L. Swinney, and Christopher Sneed

Tourism Destination Image (TDI) Perception Within a Regional Winescape Context 173
Johan Bruwer, Michael J. Gross, and Hong Chul Lee

Examining Chinese Tourists’ Nature-Based Tourism Participation Behavior: Incorporating Environmental Concern Into a Constraint-Negotiation Model 189
Annie Chen and Norman Peng

Forecasting Tourism Demand With Google Trends for a Major European City Destination 203
Irem Önder and Ulrich Gunter

Determinants of Destination Loyalty and the Mediating Role of Tourist Satisfaction 221
Chartaya Nilplub, Do Ba Khang, and Donyaprueth Krairit

From Νudism and Νaturism Tourism to “Νatourism”: Defining Natourism and Exploring Natourists’ Motivations 237
Konstantinos Andriotis

The Factor Structure of Tourist Satisfaction in Forest Recreation Tourism: The Case of Taiwan 251
Cheng-Fei Lee


A Tour Operator With a Global, Innovative Spirit: The Case of AlpitourWorld 267
Elisa Giacosa, Chiara Giachino, Margherita Stupino, and Alberto Mazzoleni

Understanding the Role of Social Influences in Festival Revisiting Intentions: Comparison Between First-Timers and Repeaters 279
Hyungsuk Choo and James F. Petrick

Barcelona: New Stakeholders and New Images in Social Media Reviews 287
Lluís Garay and Gemma Cànoves

Nonresponse Bias in Tourism Advertising Studies: Further Analyses 293
Yeongbae Choe and Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Challenging Environment of the Club Industry and Impact for Local Gamblers and Tourists 299
Timothy J. Lee



Worldmaking and Domestic Tourists: Critical Insights From Philosophical Hermeneutics 309
Damien Jacobsen

Can Anybody Hear Me? A Critical Analysis of Young Residents’ Voices in Tourism Studies 325
Antonia Canosa, Brent D. Moyle, and Meredith Wray


Managing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Paradigms and Directions for the Future
(Vinnie Jauhari, Editors) 339
Fernando Correia

Seascapes: Shaped by the Sea (Mike Brown and Barbara Humberstone, Editors) 341
Jared Mackley-Crump

Volume 21, Number 1

The Augmented Convention Offering: The Impact of Destination and Product Images on Attendees’ Perceived Benefits 1
Makarand Mody, Susan Gordon, Xinran Lehto, Siu-Ian (Amy) So, and Mimi Li

Destination Attributes and Overall Destination Satisfaction in Zimbabwe 17
Getrude Kwanisai and Sebastian Vengesayi

Competition in Tourism Arrivals: A Multidimensional Index of Geographical Structural Similarity 29
Nuno Crespo, Nádia Nogueira Simões, and Jose Maria Duarte

Mobilities for Tourism Studies and “Beyond”: A Polemic 47
Adam Doering and Tara Duncan

The Quagmire of Stakeholder Engagement in Tourism Planning: A Case Example From Australia 61
Christof Pforr and Martin Brueckner

A Wine Tourist Behavior Model for Australian Winery Cellar Doors 77
Xiaoyu Chen, Johan Bruwer, Justin Cohen, and Steve Goodman

Competitive Determinance–Performance Analysis: An Illustration on Turkish Winter Tourism Destinations 93
Emre Erbas


Using Thematic Analysis in Tourism Research 107
Trudie Walters

The Stagnation of Summer Glacier Skiing 117
Martin Falk



Urban Destination Marketing in Contemporary Europe: Uniting Theory and Practice (John Heeley) 125
Clare Inkson

Tourism, Performance, and Place: A Geographic Perspective (Jillian M. Rickly-Boyd, Daniel C. Knudsen, Lisa C. Braverman Michelle, and M. Metro-Roland) 128
Emily Ayscue

Volume 20, Number 6

Validating a Structural Model of Destination Image, Satisfaction, and Loyalty Across Gender and Age: Multigroup Analysis With PLS-SEM 577
Guy Assaker, Rob Hallak, A. George Assaf, and Tony Assad

Destination Competitiveness: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore 593
Louise Todd, Anna Leask, and Alan Fyall

Short-Term Volunteering and International Development: An Evaluation Framework for Volunteer Tourism 607
Daniel Gilfillan

Impact of Group Package Tour Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction (an ANNs Application) 619
Luiz MoutinhoMeltem Caber, Maria Manuela Santos Silva, and Tahir Albayrak

Christian Spirituality and Tourist Motivations 631
Young-Sook Lee, Nina Katrine Prebebsen, and Joseph Chen

Religious Tourism and Economic Growth in Oil-Rich Countries: Evidence From Saudi Arabia 645
Ahmed Alodadi and James Benhin

Construction and Evaluation of a Performance Model of the Tourism Industry 653
Min Wei

Planning for the Economic Impacts of Tourism in Ireland: A Local Authority Perspective 665
James Hanrahan and Emmet McLoughlin

The Assessment of Competitiveness: The Case of Three Alpine Winter Sports Destinations 677
Kirstin Hallmann, Sabine Mueller, and Mike Peters


Exploring the Determinants of e-Commerce by Integrating a Technology–Organization–Environment Framework and an Expectation–Confirmation Model 689
Sung Mi Song, Eojina Kim, Rebecca (Liang) Tang, and Robert Bosselman

Application of Game Theory in Tourism 697
Xuan Tran and Carla Thompson



Prospects and Challenges in the Study of New Age Tourism: A Critical Commentary 705
Tomas Pernecky and Jill Poulston


Event Volunteering: International Perspectives on the Event Volunteering Experience (Karen A. Smith, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Kirsten Holmes, and Tom Baum, Editors) 719
Li-Ju Chen

Volume 20 Subject and Author Index 721

Volume 20, Number 5

Methodological Bricolage: A Journey on the Road Less Traveled in Tourism Studies 457
Michael O’Regan

Workplace Substance Use and Acceptance Among Nightclub Employees: A Qualitative Investigation 469
Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch, Catherine Curtis, and Ashely Cervera

Customization Bridges the Gap Between Tourist Knowledge and Satisfaction 475
Wen-Hwa Lee, Jo-Hui Lin, Shu-Ju Lee, Ching Yeh, and Fang-I Lee

Are Travel Purchases More Satisfactory Than Nontravel Experiential Purchases and Material Purchases? An Exploratory Study 487
Galia Fuchs, Po-Ju Chen, and Abraham Pizam

Effects of Destination Image and Total Perceived Value on Tourists’ Behavioral Intentions: An Investigation of Domestic Festival Tourists 499
Mehmet Oğuzhan İlban, Mehmet Kaşli, and Muammer Bezirgan

Moderating Effects of Tourists’ Novelty-Seeking Tendencies on the Relationship Between Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention 511
Sungsoo Kim and Heeyoung Kim

An Investigation of Environmental and Situational Factors Affecting Tourists’ Behavioral Intention to Choose Bangkok as Their Final Destination 523
Chompoonut Suttikun, Hyo Jung Chang, Rosechongporn Komolsevin, and Srisuda Chongsithiphol

The Benefits of Short Stay Caravan Travel Based on the Lived Experiences of Grey Caravanners in Australia 539
Ian Patterson, Shane Pegg, and Renuka Mahadevan


Examining the Korean Inbound Tourism Market Cycle: A Markov Regime-Switching Model 551
Ming-Hsiang Chen, Chien-Pang Lin, Ming-Chang Cheng, and Jo-Hsin Yuan



Academic Insulae: The Search for a Paradigm in and for Tourism Studies 561
Vincent Platenkamp


Travel Connections. Tourism, Technology and Togetherness in a Mobile World (Jennie Germann Molz) 573
Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Tourist Experience and Fulfillment. Insights From Positive Psychology (Sebastian Filep and Philip Pearce, Editors) 575
Moji Shahvali

Volume 20, Number 4

On the Way to Sustainable (Well-Being) Tourism Destination? The Case of Savonlinna Town in Finland 355

Anja Tuohino and Antti Honkanen

Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions in Nature-Based Tourist Experiences 369
Monica A. Breiby

The Association of Quality, Risk, Sacrifice, Satisfaction, and Loyalty at the Destination Level: A Structural Model 381
Md Enayet Hossain, Mohammed Quaddus, and Tekle Shanka

The University Student Travel Market: Motivations and Preferences for Activities 399
Huan Xiao, Kevin Kam Fung So, and Ying Wang

International Tourism and Economic Growth in New Zealand 413
Mohammad Jaforullah


Opportunities and Issues in the Health Tourism Industry: Deep Sea Water Development in Taiwan 419
Kuan-Huei Lee and Timothy J. Lee

Implications of Cultural Differences for Expatriate Managers in the Global Hotel Industry 425
Timothy J. Lee

Business Tourism Development on the Basis of Public–Private Partnership 433
Vladimyr Yermachenko, Nadiya Dekhtyar, and Oleksandr Dorokhov



The Ties That Bind: Exploring the Relevance of Neotribal Theory to Tourism 443
Anne Hardy and Brady Robards


Touring Poverty (Bianca Freire-Medeiros) 455
Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Volume 20, Number 3

Guest Editors: W. Glen Croy, Sue Beeton, Warwick Frost, and Jennifer Laing

Introduction: Film Tourism 265
W. Glen Croy, Sue Beeton, Warwick Frost, and Jennifer Laing

On Avatar’s (2009) Semiotechnologies: From Cinematic Utopias to Chinese Heritage Tourism 269
Rodanthi Tzanelli

On the Trail of Errol Flynn: Explorations in Autoethnography 283
Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing

Successful and Unsuccessful Film Tourism Destinations: From the Perspective of Korean Local Residents’ Perceptions of Film Tourism Impacts 297
Yejin Yoon, Sangkyun (Sean) Kim, and Seongseup (Sam) Kim

Film Tourism: Integrated Strategic Tourism and Regional Economic Development Planning 313
Meredith Wray and W. Glen Croy


Revitalization of Historical Heritage Using Pop Culture in Japan: Shiroishi City and the Game/Anime Sengoku Basara 327
Takayoshi Yamamura

Locating Imagination: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Literary, Film, and Music Tourism 333
Stijn ReijndersLeonieke Bolderman, Nicky Van Es, and Abby Waysdorf



Ordering the Disordered Subject: A Critique of Chinese Outbound Tourists as New Zealand Seeks to Become
China Ready 343
Jundan (Jasmine) Zhang and Eric J. Shelton

Volume 20, Number 2

The Effect of Information Channel on Information Source Selection: Students’ Information Search 143
Hee “Andy” Lee, Rob Law, and Chris Luk

Tourism Site Location Based on a Genetic Algorithm 159
Pedro Godinho, Manuela Silva, and Luiz Moutinho

Does Life Satisfaction of Tourists Increase if They Set Travel Goals That Have High Positive Valence? 173
Stefan Kruger, M. Joseph Sirgy, Dong-Jin Lee, and Grace Yu

Destination Brand Equity Research From 2001 to 2012 189
Stella Kladou, Antonios A. Giannopoulos, and Eleni Mavragani

Understanding Motivations and Benefits of Attending a Multicultural Festival 201
Insun Sunny Lee and Songshan (Sam) Huang

Construction and Application of CAA Model for Intelligent Tourism 215
Min Wei

Exploring the Nexus Between Tourism Demand and Cultural Similarity 229
Yun Hsing (Yh) Cheung and Shrabani Saha


New York City Bed Bug Crisis as Framed by Tourists on TripAdvisor 243
Bingjie Liu, Lori Pennington-Gray, Holly Donohoe, and Oghenekaro Omodior

The Internet Impact on Travel Purchases: Insights From Portugal 251
Carmen Martins, Ana Salazar, and Alessandro Inversini


International Handbook on Ecotourism (Roy Ballantyne and Jan Packer, Editors) 261
Jeremy Schultz

Researching Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality for Your Dissertation (Peter Mason) 263

Victoria Kennedy

Volume 20, Number 1

Editorial 1
Muzaffer Uysal and Ercan Sirakaya-Türk

Developing a Market-Specific Destination Image Scale: A Nomological Validation Approach 3
Chun-Chu Chen, Yueh-Hsiu Lin, Jie Gao, and Gerard Kyle

Modeling Tourists’ Length of Stay: Does One Model Fit All? 13
Yang Yang and Hong-Lei Zhang

Relationship Between Guest Experience, Personality Characteristics, and Satisfaction: Moderating Effect of Extraversion and Openness to Experience 25
Milos Bujisic, Anil Bilgihan, and Scott Smith

The South Africa World Cup: The Ability of Small and Medium Firms to Profit From Increased Tourism Surrounding Mega-Events 39
Bob Heere, Pieter Van Der Manden, and Patricia Van Hemert

Perceptions of Authenticity at a Heritage Destination: An Examination of Visitor Perceptions of Authenticity at South Luogu Alley, Beijing 53
Jonathon Day, Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi, Liping Cai, and Howard Adler

Volunteer Experiences on Organic Farms: A Phenomenological Exploration 69
Maggie C. Miller and Heather Mair

Why Pay to View Wildflowers in South Africa? 81
Martinette Kruger, Armand Viljoen, and Melville Saayman

Exploring the Shopping Motivations of International Residential Tourists 99
María D. De-Juan-Vigaray and Joan B. Garau-Vadell


Tourism Policy Rhetoric and Practice: A Methodological Approach to Exploring the Cyprus Context 111
Sotiroula Liasidou

Evaluation of the Determinant Factors of Innovation in Colombia’s Tourist Product 117
Alexander Zuñiga-Collazos, Rich HarrillNelcy R. Escobar-Moreno, and Marysol Castillo-Palacio

The Travel Guidebook: Catalyst for Self-Directed Travel 123
Donald N. Roberson, Jr.

Strategic Marketing Development of Hospitals Participating in Medical Tourism: A Case of South Korea 129
Keetag Choi, Timothy J. Lee, and Hwa-Kyung Kim



Handbook of Research on Innovation in Tourism Industries (Gry Agnete AlsosDorthe Eide, and Einar Lier Madsen, Editors) 139
Zafer Öter

Lifestyle Mobilities: Intersections of Travel, Leisure and Migration (Tara Duncan, Scott A. Cohen, and Maria Thulemark, Editors) 141
Michael Humbracht

Volume 19, Number 6

“Foodies” and Their Travel Preferences 659
Donald Getz and Richard N. S. Robinson

Proenvironmental Behavior: The Link Between Place Attachment and Place Satisfaction 673
Haywantee Ramkissoon and Felix Mavondo

The Spillover Effects of Wine and Harvest Festival on Other Festivals 689
Seohee Chang

The Role of the Public Sector in Tourism Destination Management From a Network Relationship Approach 701
Mathilda van Niekerk

What Is Good for Tourists Should Be Good for Residents Too: The Relationship Between the Quality of the Touristic Offer and Subjective Well-Being of Residents 719
Ljiljana Kaliterna LipovčanAndreja Brajša-Žganec, and Saša Poljanec-Borić

Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Perception of Quality Of Life: An Explorative Study 731
Mike Peters and Markus Schuckert

The Impact of Tourism on Quality of Life: A Segmentation Analysis of the Youth Market 741
Celeste Eusebio and Maria Joao Carneiro

Work During Vacation: Not So Bad After All 759
Jeroen Nawijn and Yvette Damen


Effects of Knowledge, Testimonials, and Ad Copy on Cruise Advertising Judgments 769
Brett A. S. Martin and Aaron Vincent

Dispelling Gendered Myths in Tourism Promotional Materials: An Upstream Social Marketing Perspective 775
Deepak Chhabra and Erin Johnston

Is Tourism in Lebanon Subject to Permanent or Transitory Exogenous Shocks? 781
Charbel Bassil, Ali Salman Saleh, and Sajid Anwar

Problem Gambling and Preventive Measures: The Case of Australia 791
Timothy J. Lee and Hwa-Kyung Kim

Revising the “Five-Fold Framework” in Human Resource Management Practices: Insights From a Small-Scale Travel Agent 799
Azizul Hassan



Marketing and Designing the Tourist Experience (Isabelle Frochot and Wided Batat) 809
Paul Fallon

Measuring Service Performance Practical Research for Better Quality (Ralf Lisch) 811
John Ryan

Volume 19 Subject and Author Index 813

Volume 19, Number 5

Bullfighting and Tourism 545
Erik Cohen

Investigating the Relationships Between Visitor and Trip Characteristics, Vacation Planning, Visitor Spending, and Destination Evaluation: The Case of Garrett County, Maryland 557
Kudzayi MaumbeJinyang Deng, and Steve Selin

Investigating Stationarity in Tourist Arrivals to Taiwan Using Panel KPSS With Sharp Drifts and Smooth Breaks 573
Ginny Ju-Ann Yang, Yung-Hsiang Ying, Koyin Chang, and Chen-Hsun Lee

Economic Sentiment Indicator as a Demand Determinant 581
Mehmet Altin and Muzaffer Uysal

(Mis)Understanding the Nature of Tourist Experiences 599
Uli Knobloch, Kirsten Robertson, and Rob Aitken

Discourse About Workforce Development in Tourism—An Analysis of Public Policy, Planning, and Implementation in Australia and Scotland: Hot Air or Making a Difference? 609
David Solnet, Dennis Nickson, Richard N. S. Robinson, Anna Kralj, and Tom Baum


Electricity Consumption and Hotel Industry in Singapore 625
Chew Ging Lee

An Examination of Missing Links Between Quality of Life and Tourist Motivation 629
Hyelin Kim and Eunju Woo

Occupational Self-Perceptions of Hotel Employees: An Exploratory Study 637
Arie ReichelGalia Fuchs, Abraham Pizam, and Yaniv Poria



Traveling Through the End Times: The Tourist as Apocalyptic Subject 645
Hazel Tucker and Eric Shelton


Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism (Simon Hudson and Louise Hudson) 655
Arthur Seakhoa-King

Mediating the Tourist Experience: From Brochures to Virtual Encounters
(Jo-Anne Lester and Caroline Scarles, Editors)
Richard Sharpley

Volume 19, Number 4

Guest Editor: Frederic Dimanche

Introduction: Performance Measurement and Management in Tourism 397
Frederic Dimanche

Who Controls Tourism Innovation Policy? The Case of Rural Tourism 401
Anne-Mette Hjalager

Internal Benchmarking for Regional Tourism Organizations: A Case Example 413
Andreas H. Zins

Tourism Destination Competitiveness From a Demand Point of View: An Empirical Analysis for Andalusia 425
Lidia Andrades-Caldito, Marcelino Sánchez-Rivero, and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Fernández

Determining Indicators of Mountain Destination Development 441
Kir Kuščer

Environmental Impacts of Tourism on a French Urban Coastal Destination: Perceptions of German and British Visitors 461
Girish Prayag and Anna Brittnacher

Recreational Needs and Service Performance Expectations 477
Juergen Gnoth and Brett Martin

Mobile Ethnography: A Pioneering Research Approach for Customer-Centered Destination Management 491
Marc Stickdorn, Birgit Frischhut, and Josef S. Schmid

Measuring Event Planners’ Perceptions of Place Image Attributes: The Case of Greek Convention Destinations 505
Nicolas Papadopoulos, Statia Elliot, and Leslie Szamosi


The Simultaneous Effect of Emotional and Rational Response on Tourists’ Intended Behavior 517
Milos Bigovic

Disputes on Nature-Based Tourism Development in Northern Peninsular Malaysia 525
Azizan Marzuki, Matthew Rofe, and Nor Arbaayah Mohd Hashim

Travel Distance and Response to Destination Advertising 531
Yeongbae Choe, Jason L. Stienmetz, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier



Residential Tourism (De)Constructing Paradise (Mason R. McWatters) 543
Salem Harahsheh


The Importance of Satisfaction in Relation to Gastronomic Tourism Development 261
José M. Prat Forga and Gemma Cànoves Valiente

Destination Loyalty as a Consequence of Satisfaction and Switching Barriers 273
Vo Van Can

Visitor Satisfaction and Place Attachment in National Parks 287
Haywantee Ramkissoon, Liam David Graham Smith, and Sarah Kneebone

A Conjoint Approach in Estimating the Importance of Urban Forests Versus Other Major Tourism Attractions in Urban Tourism Destinations: Insights From Washington, DC 301
Rogelio T. Andrada II, Jinyang Deng, Chad Pierskalla, and John Brooks

External Shocks and Tourist Arrivals to Cambodia 311
A. S. M. Sohel Azad, Vannarith Chheang, and Amirul Ahsan

Conceptualization and Measurement of Dimensionality of Place Attachment 323
Ning (Chris) Chen, Larry Dwyer, and Tracey Firth

Forecasting the City Hotel Market 339
Egon Smeral

Prior Experience and Destination Advertising Response 351
Yeongbae Choe, Jason L. Stienmetz, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier


Issues and Impacts of Internet Gambling: The Case of Australia 361
Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee and Woo-Hee Byun

Measuring Wellness-Related Lifestyles for Local Tourists in Taiwan 369
Kaung-Hwa Chen, Feng-Hsiang Chang, and Ke-Xin Tung

The Affective–Psychological Process of Festival Visitor Loyalty Formation 377
Jenny (Jiyeon) Lee and Gerard T. Kyle

Purchasing Leisure Travel Online: An Analysis of Russian Internet Users’ Intentions 383
Stefanie N. Böck, Katharina G. Skoupy, Varvara Solovyeva, and Roman Egger



Contemporary Tourist Experience: Concepts and Consequences (Richard Sharpley and Philip R. Stone, Editors) 393
Ilze Dziedataja


Forecasting Recreational Visitation at US National Parks
Neil A. Wilmot and Christopher R. McIntosh

Interpersonal Trust, Organizational Culture, and Turnover Intention in Hotels: A Cross-Level Perspective
Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, Murat Hancer, and Yao-Chin Wang

An Examination of Philosophical Paradigms and a Rationale for Adopting a Mixed Methods Approach
Ernest Azzopardi and Robert Nash

The Impact of Leverage on Stock Returns in the Hospitality Sector: Evidence From the UK
Yaz Gűlnur Muradoğlu and Sheeja Sivaprasad

A Comparison of Expenditures Between New Orleans Volunteer and Leisure Tourists: Implications for Sustainability
Ksenia Kirillova, Bridget M. Bordelon, and David M. Pearlman

An Assessment of Visitors’ Behavioral Intentions in the Taiwan Tourist Night Market Using a Multilevel and Hierarchical Approach
Hung-Che Wu, Ching-Chan Cheng, and Fu-Sung Hsu

Factors Influencing Taiwanese Backpackers’ Learning Travel: The Role of Personality Traits and Wellness Lifestyles
Kaung-Hwa Chen, Ping Yu, Feng-Hsiang Chang, and Chin-Ling Hsieh

The Darker Side of Dark Tourism: An Authenticity Perspective
Katie Heuermann and Deepak Chhabra


Chinese Immigrants’ Psychological Well-Being and Homeland Visit
Man-U Io and Takashi Oguchi

Popularity and Risks of Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) for Gamblers: The Case of Australia
Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee and Hwa-Kyung Kim

Does Shopping Matter? A Research Note Discussing China’s Revised Tariff Policy and Resultant Outbound Shopping Behaviors
Randall S. Upchurch and Danqing Liu

Understanding Perceived Physical Risk: The Case of Japan
Hayato Nagai and Aaron Tkaczynski



Event Tourism: Concepts, International Case Studies and Research (Donald Getz)
Galal Afifi

Books and Travel: Inspiration, Quests and Transformation (Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost)
Alana N. Seaman


From the Editor

Integrated Destination Competitiveness Model: Testing Its Validity and Data Accessibility
Larry Dwyer, Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Tanja Mihalič, and Matjaž Koman

Technology-Enabled Services: Importance and Role of Technology Readiness
Ying Wang and Beverley Sparks

Travel Decision Flexibility
Sangwon Park and Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Romancing “Friends With Benefits”: Does It Benefit New York as a Travel Destination?
Vanessa Quintal and Ian Phau

Including Pets When Undertaking Tourism Activities: Incorporating Pet Attachment Into the TPB Model
Norman Peng, Annie Chen, and Kuang-Peng Hung

Stakeholders’ Perspective of Sustainability in an Arctic Region: A Qualitative Study
Joseph S. Chen, Colin Johnson, Wei Wang, and Ya-Ling Chen

Effects of Channel, Timing, and Bundling on Destination Advertising Response
Jason L. Stienmetz and Daniel R. Fesenmaier


Developing a Destination Disaster Impact Framework
Lori Pennington-Gray

Website Processing Fluency: Its Impacts on Information Trust, Satisfaction, and Destination Attitude
Liang (Rebecca) Tang, Soocheong (Shawn) Jang, and Lanlung (Luke) Chiang

Tourism as a Catalyst for Economic Development in Latin America: Setting an Agenda for Policy and Research
Ryan R. Peterson, David Cardenas, and Rich Harrill



Tourism and Sustainable Development: Reconsidering a Concept of Vague Policies (Jörn W. Mundt)
Ria Dunkley

Family Tourism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Heike Schanzel, Ian Yoeman, and Elisa Backer, Editors)
Gary Lacey


Sustainable Festival Populations: An Application of Organizational Ecology
Tommy D. Andersson, Don Getz, and Reidar J. Mykletun

The Measurement of Emotions Elicited Within Festival Contexts: A Psychometric Test of a Festival Consumption Emotions (FCE) Scale
Jenny (Jiyeon) Lee and Gerard T. Kyle

Revelation of Nature-Minded Travelers: A Study of the Swedish
Joseph S. Chen, Nina K. Prebensen, Ya-Ling Chen, and Hyangmi Kim

International Sustainability Agreements: Are They Politically Influential for Tourism Governance Innovations?
Valentina Dinica

The Tourist’s Gaze: From the Perspective of a Muslim Woman
Asra Zaliza Bte Asbollah, Clare Lade, and Ewen Michael

Profiling Tourism SMEs According to Owners’ Support for Community: A Cluster Analysis Approach
Rob Hallak, Guy Assaker, and Peter O’Connor


A Cross-Cultural Comparison of World Heritage Site Image: The Case of Hue
Mingming Cheng, Ipkin Anthony Wong, and Matthew Tingchi Liu

Trip Budget and Destination Advertising Response
Yeongbae Choe, Jason L. Stienmetz, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Social Valuation and Repeat Visitation of Grey Nomads in Regional Queensland of Australia
Renuka Mahadevan

Not so Different After All: Tourism Industry Members’ Opinions Regarding Recent and Future Tourism Issues
Sarah Nicholls



Is There a Right to Tourism?
Noreen Breakey and Hugh Breakey


Critical Debates in Tourism (Tej Vir Singh, Editor)
Laura B. Johnson

Future Tourism. Political, Social and Economic Challenges (James Leigh, Craig Webster, and Stanislav Ivanov, Editors)
Amy Savener

Volume 18 Subject and Author Index


Social Worlds as a Framework for Event and Travel Careers
Donald Getz and Ian Patterson

Tourism Destination Competitiveness: Internal and External Comparisons of Malta and Cyprus
Ernest Azzopardi and Robert Nash

Innovation and Collaboration: The Role of the National Government in Norway
Xiang Ying Mei, Charles Arcodia, and Lisa Ruhanen

Sex Tourism in Kenya: An Analytical Review
Kempe Ronald Hope, Sr.

The Mediating Role of Sensation Seeking on the Relationship Between Risk Perceptions and Travel Behavior
Mona Sharifpour, Gabrielle Walters, and Brent W. Ritchie

Mapping Spatial Tourism and Hospitality Employment Clusters: An Application of Spatial Autocorrelation
A. Chhetri, C. Arrowsmith, P. Chhetri, and J. Corcoran

Political Violence and Volatility in International Tourist Arrivals: The Case of Sri Lanka
Sriyantha Fernando, Jayatilleke S. Bandara, Susantha Liyanaarachch, Ruwan Jayathilaka, and Christine Smith

Do Political Instability, Terrorism, and Corruption Have Deterring Effects on Tourism Development Even in the Presence of UNESCO Heritage? A Cross-Country Panel Estimate
Ghialy Yap and Shrabani Saha


Predictive Validity of SUSTAS
Ercan Sirakaya-Turk and Dogan Gursoy

Flower Power? Activity Preferences of Residents and Tourists to an Australian Flower Festival
Aaron Tkaczynski



Urban Tourism and Urban Change: Cities in a Global Economy (Costas Spirou)
Bernard M. Kitheka

Competitiveness and Tourism. Volumes I And II (Geoffrey I. Crouch and J. R. Brent Ritchie, editors)
Crispin Dale


Determinants and Perceived Outcomes of Tourism Research Collaboration
Anita Zehrer and Pierre Benckendorff

Tourism Competitiveness of Asia Pacific Destinations
Xi Yu Leung and Seyhmus Baloglu

Do They All Speak the Same Language? A Motivation–Benefit Model Toward Cultural Experiences for English-Speaking Tourists
Pandora Kay and Denny Meyer

Wine Tourism Experience Effects of the Tasting Room on Consumer Brand Loyalty
Johan Bruwer, Michael Coode, Anthony Saliba, and Frikkie Herbst

The Impact of the Destination’s Online Initiatives on Word of Mouth
Cristian Morosan

A Field Study of Factors and Variables Regarding Tour Destination Loyalty of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh
Md Enayet Hossain, Mohammed Quaddus, and Tekle Shanka

Residents’ Attitudes Toward Tourism Development in Macao: A Path Model
Xiangping Li and Yim King Penny Wan

Knowledge Sharing and Social Technology Acceptance Model: Promoting Local Events and Festivals Through Facebook
Woojin Lee and Cody Morris Paris


Second Life: The Potential of 3D Virtual Worlds in Travel and Tourism Industry
Yu-Chih Huang, Sheila J. Backman, Francis A. McGuire, Kenneth F. Backman, and Lan-Lan Chang



New Challenges for Tourism Promotion. Tackling High Competition and Multimedia Changes (Peter Keller and Christian Laesser, Editors)
Michał Żemła

Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism. Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (Larry Dwyer, Alison Gill, and Neelu Seetaram, Editors)
Suosheng Wang


Guest Editors: Warwick Frost, Jennifer Laing, and Keir Reeves

Tourism and the Heritage of Diasporas
Warwick Frost, Jennifer Laing, and Keir Reeves

Diasporic Identity, Heritage, and “Homecoming”: How Sarawakian-Chinese Tourists Feel on Tour in Beijing
Caroline Tie and Tony Seaton

Roots Tourism: Blackbirding and the South Sea Islander Diaspora
Joseph Cheer and Keir Reeves

The Diaspora Market and Homeland Representations: Implications for Niche Marketing
Deepak Chhabra

Return Travel, Assimilation, and Cultural Maintenance: An Example of Turkish-Americans in Arizona
Burcu Kaftanoglu and Dallen J. Timothy

Diaspora Tourism and Homeland Attachment: An Exploratory Analysis
Wei-Jue Huang, William J. Haller, and Gregory P. Ramshaw

Exploring the Conceptual Boundaries of Diaspora and Battlefield Tourism: Australians’ Travel to the Gallipoli Battlefield, Turkey, as a Case Study
Leonie Lockstone-Binney, John Hall, and Lutfi Atay

The Creation of Closeness: Identity Tourists in Who Do You Think You Are?
Elspeth Frew and Leanne White

Food, Wine . . . Heritage, Identity? Two Case Studies of Italian Diaspora Festivals in Regional Victoria
Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost


Enjoying Aeronautic Sports: A Strategic Plan for Hot Air Ballooning Development in Taiwan
Chiung-Tzu Lucetta Tsai



The Risky Business of Understanding: Philosophical Hermeneutics and the Knowing Subject in Worldmaking
Kellee Caton


The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies (Julie Wilson, Editor)
Carolin Funck


A Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Attitude Measures: An Application of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) to Fast Food Restaurant Brands
Kwang-Ho Lee and Dae-Young Kim

The Changing Distribution of Global Tourism: Evidence From Gini Coefficients and Markov Matrixes
R. Geoffrey Lacher and Sanjay K. Nepal

Coordinating Relationships Among Destination Stakeholders: Evidence From Edinburgh (UK)
Ilenia Bregoli and Giacomo Del Chiappa

Developing and Testing a Suite of Institutional Indices to Underpin the Measurement and Management of Tourism Destination Transformation
Char-lee J. McLennan, Brent D. Moyle, Lisa M. Ruhanen, and Brent W. Ritchie

Argentinian and Brazilian Demands for Tourism in Uruguay
Silvia Altmark, Gabriela Mordecki, Florencia Santiñaque, and W. Adrián Risso

Evaluating the Impact of Crime on Tourism in Barbados: A Transfer Function Approach
Troy Lorde and Mahalia Jackman

Processing Fluency in the Use of Destination Websites
Liang (Rebecca) Tang, Soocheong (Shawn) Jang, and Seonjeong (Ally) Lee

Research Notes

Taking Dogs to Tourism Activities: Testing a Pet-Related Constraint–Negotiation Model
Annie Chen, Norman Peng, and Kuang-Peng Hung

Workplace Mobbing and Effects on Female Employees Health and Safety Needs and Turnover Cognitions
Derya Kara

Reviews Section

Book Review

Tourism Development After the Crises (Peter Keller and Thomas Beiger, Editors)
Sharon Teitler Regev


The Use of Network Analysis to Assess Relationships Among Stakeholders Within a Tourism Destination: An Empirical Investigation on Costa Smeralda-Gallura, Italy
Giacomo Del Chiappa and Angelo Presenza

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Tourism: A Differential Passage Out of a Sociocultural Bubble to the “Open Space”
Yoel Mansfeld and Lee Cahaner

Community Case Study Research: Researcher Operacy, Embeddedness, and Making Research Matter
Dianne Dredge, Rob Hales, and Tazim Jamal

Assessing Visitors Preference of Various Roles of Tour Guides in the Himalayas
Surya Poudel, Gyan P. Nyaupane, and Dallen J. Timothy

Service Quality Perception and Satisfaction in a New Zealand Festivalscape: Buying Behavior Effects
Johan Bruwer

Leisure Travel Patterns of Zimbabwe’s Urban Population and Their Predictors
Oliver Chikuta, Njabulo Nkomazana, and Cleopas Njerekai

Reviewing the Web Features of Travel Agents in Singapore
Wai Mun Lim, Mohamed Abou-Shouk, and Phil Megicks

Research Notes

Tourism and the Services Sector Growth in Singapore
Sajid Anwar and Abbas Valadkhani

Does Size Really Matter? An Investigation of Cruise Ship Size
Scott Lee

Reviews Section

Book Review

Slow Tourism: Experiences and Mobilities (Simone Fullagar, Kevin Markwell, and Erica Wilson, Editors)
Rodanthi Tzanelli


Rural Tourism Production and the Experience-Scape
Jean-Christophe Dissart and David W. Marcouiller

A Model of ICDT Internet Flows on Mobile Devices for the Travel and Tourism Consumer
Stephen Burgess, Carmine Sellitto, and Stan Karanasios

Efficiency of the Malaysian Hotel Industry: A Distance Function Approach
Ali Salman Saleh, A. George Assaf, and Hong Son Nghiem

Domestic Nature-Based Tourism: A Case Study of Norway
Nina K Prebensen and Aaron Tkaczynski

Preferences for Heritage Tourism Development Using a Choice Modeling Approach
Jason Draper, Chi-Ok Oh, and Rich Harrill

Cultural Differences in Tourism Web Communication: A Preliminary Study
Sangwon Park and Yvette Reisinger

Strategies and Challenges of Tourist Facilities Management in the World Heritage Site: Case of the Maritime Greenwich, London
Azizul Hassan and Katia Iankova

Machismo–Marianismo and the Involvement of Women in a Community-Based Tourism Project in Ecuador, South America
Lauren N. Duffy, Rasul A. Mowatt, H. Charles Chancellor, and David A. Cárdenas

Research Notes

Understanding Constraints and Their Impact on School Excursion Tourism
Naomi F. Dale, Brent W. Ritchie, and Byron W. Keating

Tourism, Conventional Wisdom, and the News Media
Rich Harrill and Ryan R. Peterson

Book Review

The British on Holiday—Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption (Hazel Andrews)
Sotiroula Liasidou

Volume 17 Subject and Author Index


Measuring the Economic Impact of Migration-Induced Tourism
Peter Forsyth, Larry Dwyer, Neelu Seetaram, and Brian King

The Impact of TV Drama Attributes on Touristic Experiences at Film Tourism Destinations
Sangkyun (Sean) Kim

Examining a Supply-Side Predictive Model in Tourism Using Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: An Empirical Analysis at the Country Aggregate Level
Guy Assaker and Rob Hallak

Second-Home Ownership and Place Attachment: Drivers of Visitation, Word-of-Mouth Promotion, and Hosting
Brumby McLeod and James A. Busser

Experience Quality in the Different Phases of a Tourist Vacation: A Case Study of Northern Norway
Nina K. Prebensen, Eunju Woo, Joseph S. Chen, and Muzaffer Uysal

Organizational-Level RFID Technology Adoption in the Hospitality Industry
Ahmet Bulent Ozturk, Radesh Palakurthi, and Murat Hancer

To What Extent Do Wineries Study Their Consumers and Visitors? Implications for Wine Tourism Development
Abel Duarte Alonso, Alessandro Bressan, Michelle O’Shea, and Vlad Krajsic

Casino Development and Visitor Satisfaction: A Case of Korea
Woo-Hee Byun, Bon-Ki Koo, and Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee

Research Notes

Eilat Syndrome: Deviant Behavior Among Temporary Hotel Workers
Yaniv Belhassen

Applications of Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling in Tourism Research: A Methodological Review
Guy Assaker, Songshan (Sam) Huang, and Rob Hallak

Book Review

Polar Tourism: Human, Environmental and Governance Dimensions (Patrick Maher, Emma Stewart, and Michael Lück)
Peter Mason


Examining the RV Travelers’ Camping Experience: A Social Media Approach
Jill Fjelstul, Youcheng Wang, and Xu Li

The Role of Environmental Attitude in a Nature-Based Festival: The Case of Boryeong Mud Festival
Youngjoon Choi, Christine N. Buzinde, Deborah Kerstetter, and Alan Graefe

How Do Weather Conditions Influence Leisure Traffic? Evidence From Michigan and Implications for Climate Change
Charles Shih and Sarah Nicholls

Are You a Tourist? Tourism Definition From the Tourist Perspective
Xiaojuan Yu, Namhyun Kim, Chih-Chien Chen, and Zvi Schwartz

How Do Less Advanced Forecasting Methods Perform on Weekly RevPAR in Different Rorecasting Horizons Following the Recession?
Tianshu Zheng, Barry A. N. Bloom, Xiaofan Wang, and Thomas Schrier

A Simple Framework for Evaluating the Economic Welfare of a Large Event
ShiNa Li

Cyprus as a Winter Destination: An Exploratory Study
Savvina Karyopouli and Christina Koutra

Towards a High-Quality Religious Tourism Marketing: The Case of Hajj Service in Saudi Arabia
Riyad Eid

DMA Model: Understanding Digital Marketing Adoption and Implementation by Islamic Tourism Organizations
Hatem El-Gohary and Riyad Eid

Research Notes

Beach Recreation Among Urban Dwellers in Lagos, Nigeria: A Multivariate Analysis of Preferences and Decision-Making Process
O. A. Ajala and I. R. Aliu

An Exploratory Study of Vacation Stress
John C. Crotts and Anita Zehrer

Netnographic Tourist Research: The Internet as a Virtual Fieldwork Site
Muchazondida Mkono

Book Review

Tourists, Signs and the City. The Semiotics of Culture in an Urban Landscape (Michelle M. Metro-Roland)


Written Complaints, Third-Party Intervention, and the Management of Paradoxes: Integrating Extremes
Adam Weaver

Impact of Tourism Marketing on Destination Image: Industry Perspectives
Jonathon Day, Liping Cai, and Laurie Murphy

Tell Me Who You Think You Are and I Tell You How You Travel. Exploring the Viability of Market Segmentation by Means of Travelers’ Stated Personality: Insights From a Mature Market (Switzerland)
Christian Laesser and Anita Zehrer

“Unfriendly, Unfunny, and Tyrannical”: An Exploratory Study of the Travel Guidebook in the Australian Print Media
Victoria Peel, Anders Sørensen, and Adam Steen

Tourism in El Salvador: Cointegration and Causality Analysis
Manuel Vanegas Sr.

Tour Operators’ Service Quality and Efficacy of Satisfaction Measurement
Fang Meng, Ercan (Sirakaya) Turk, and Volkan Altintas

Information Source Preferences and Associated Expenditure of First-Time and Repeat Visitors at a South African Wine Festival
Martinette Kruger, Karin Botha, and Melville Saayman

Governance of Tourism Planning in Macao
Penny Yim King Wan

Research Notes

The Rocket Science of Sustainable Tourism
Timothy J. Tyrrell and Robert J. Johnston

Factors Affecting Consumer’s Choice of Ethnic Restaurants
Hwa-Kyung Kim, Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee, and Seung-Hyun Yoon

Reviews Section


China and Deep-Rooted Vision: Cultural Grammar in Contest in Tourism Today
Chun Xiao Hou

Book Review

Tourist Destination Governance. Practice, Theory and Issues (Eric Laws, Harold Richins, Jerome Agrusa, and Noel Scott, editors)
Denise Hewlett


e-Democracy and Web 2.0: A Framework Enabling DMOs to Engage Stakeholders in Collaborative Destination Management
Marianna Sigala and Dimosthenis Marinidis

Modeling Seasonal Variation in Tourism Flows With Climate Variables
Nada Kulendran and Larry Dwyer

Success in Hosted Accommodation: Does Owner Age Matter?
Paull Weber and Jack Carlsen

A Comparative Study of Tour Guides’ Interpretation: The Case of Macao
Man-u Io and Leonie Hallo

Destination Image Consistency and Dissonance: A Content Analysis of Goa’s Destination Image in Brochures and Guidebooks
Brian Garrod and Aleksandra Kosowska

French Nature-Based Tourist Potentials to Norway: Who Are They?
Aaron Tkaczynski and Nina K. Prebensen

Competition, Total Quality Management Practices, and Performance: Evidence From Upscale Hotels
Anoop Patiar, Michael C. G. Davidson, and Ying Wang

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy: An Exploration of Business Travelers’ Attendance at Live, Ticketed Entertainment Events
Matthew Bernthal, Mark Nagel, Rich Harrill, and Paul Riner

Research Notes

Frustration: A Comparison of Chain Hotel and Independent Hotel Employees
Rüya Ehtiyar and Melek Yildiz

Language of Tourism Advertising: A Pragmatic Approach
Elmira Djafarova and Teresa Waring

Auction Sales of Hotel Rooms and Airline Seats
Frederick DeKay, Rex S. Toh, and Peter Raven

Marketing Strategies for Casinos: A Case for Australia
Bon-Ki Koo, Timothy J. Lee, and Tae-Hong Ahn

Reviews Section

Book Reviews

The Origins of Hospitality and Tourism (Kevin D. O’Gorman)
Tim Knowles

Sport and Tourism: Globalization, Mobility and Identity
(James Higham and Tom Hinch)
Kirstin Hallmann


Applying Causal Mapping to Tourism Research: A Case Study of American College Students’ Experiences in China Study Abroad Programs
Brooke Bliss, Xiang (Robert) Li, Fang Meng, and Rich Harrill

Information Usefulness Versus Ease of Use: Which Makes a Destination Website More Persuasive?
Hui (Jimmy) Xie, Deborah Kerstetter, Anna S. Mattila, Christine Buzinde, and Duarte B. Morais

Multistakeholder Values on the Sustainability of Dive Tourism: Case Studies of Sipadan and Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Janet Haddock-Fraser and Mark P. Hampton

Gender Bias and Demographics Vis-à-Vis Managing Turkish Hospitality Industry Personnel
Michael K. McCuddy, Musa Pinar, and Ibrahim Birkan

International Stereotype and the Collective Construction of Destination Image
Chun-Chu Chen, Yueh-Hsiu Lin, and James F. Petrick

Cohort Analysis of Tourists’ Spending on Lodging During Recreational Fishing Trips
Sangchoul Yi, Jonathon Day, and Liping A. Cai

Factors Influencing Domestic Tourism for Urban and Semiurban Populations Around Nairobi National Park, Kenya
Moses Makonjio Okello, Lekishon Kenana, and Damiannah Kieti


Causality Between Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism: Empirical Evidence From India
Saroja Selvanathan, E. A. Selvanathan, and Brinda Viswanathan



Tourism and Visual Culture: Volume 2 Methods and Cases (Peter Burns, Jo-Anne Lester, and Lyn Bibbings, editors)
Maria Amoamo

Cultural Tourism Research Methods (Greg Richards and Wil Munsters, editors)
Timothy Lee


An Examination of Norwegians’ Expenditure Patterns on Domestic Winter Tourism
Christer Thrane, Eivind Farstad, and Petter Dybedal

Understanding Destination Choices of German Travelers
Carl H. Marcussen

Cross-Cultural Segments in International Student Travel: An Analysis of British and Chinese Market
Feifei Xu, Michael Morgan, and Miguel Moital

Sex Tourism: A Match Through Japan’s Romance Dori (Street)
Austin Uzama

Exploring Influential Factors That Explain the Probability of Visiting a Destination: The Case of State Travel Information Inquiry Groups
Minkyung Park and Chi-Ok Oh

Research Notes

Casino Security Risks and Outsourcing Criteria
Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee

African as Tourist
Muchazondida Mkono

Windsurfing Risks: Participants’ Expectations, Perceptions, and Satisfaction
Girish Prayag

Away From Home: A New Revelation of Young Tourist Behavior
Paolo Mura and Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore

Reviews Section


Political Economy of Destination Image: Manufacturing Cuba
Culum Canally and Barbara A. Carmichael

Book Review

Practical Tourism Research (Stephen L. J. Smith)
Steven Boyne

Volume 16 Subject and Author Index


Determinants of Length of Stay: A Parametric Survival Analysis
António Gomes de Menezes and Ana Moniz

Home Stay: A Rural Tourism Entrepreneurship Business
Hamira Zamani-Farahani

Service Quality in the Airline Industry: Comparison Between Traditional and Low-Cost Airlines
Tae-Hong Ahn and Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee

Interpreting Franchisors’ Preferences in the Travel Agency Industry: The Case of Spain
J. M. Ramirez-Hurtado, F. M. Guerrero-Casas, and F. J. Rondan-Cataluña

The Relationships of Social Capital to Downtown and Retailer Performance: Do Tourists Towns Differ From Nontourist Towns?
Cornelia Droge, Patricia Huddleston, and Rodney C. Runyan

Shanghai’s High-End Hotel Overcapacity in 2011 and Beyond: How Bad it Could Be and Why?
Tianshu Zheng and Zheng Gu

Examining the Role of Entrepreneurial Experience and Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy on SMTE Performance
Rob Hallak, Noel J. Lindsay, and Graham Brown

Community-Based Tourism Planning: An Application of the APPA Approach to Ansted, West Virginia
Jinyang Deng, Douglas Arbogast, and Steve Selin


Segmenting the Cruise Market: An Application of Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Cody Morris Paris and Victor Teye

Predictors of Terrorism-Related Air Travel Reductions and Associated Tourism Impacts
Elizabeth A. Stickel

The Economic Impact of a Heritage Tourism Attraction on a Rural Economy: The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
Inhyuck “Steve” Ha and Sandra S. Grunwell



Introduction: Special Section on the Second Annual Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium
Serena Volo and Michael Bosnjak, Guest Editors

Exploring the Effects of Perceived Service Provider Sincerity on Consumers’ Emotional State and Satisfaction During Service Consumption
Sandra Gountas, Felix Mavondo, Michael Ewing, and John Gountas

Competitor Detection: An Investigation of Consumers’ Perceived Similarity
Amata Ring and Karin Teichmann

Pre- and Posttrip Factors Influencing the Visitor Experience at a Battlefield Commemorative Event: Gallipoli, a Case Study
John Hall, V. John Basarin, and Leonie Lockstone-Binney

Wine Tourism Experience and Consumer Behavior: The Case of Sicily
Vincenzo Asero and Sebastiano Patti

Comity or Conflict? A Qualitative Study on Host–Guest Relationship in Second Home Tourism
Serena Volo


Correcting for Response Style Effects on Service Quality Measures
Thomas Mayr and Andreas H. Zins

Entrepreneurial Intention Among Tourism Undergraduate Students in Egypt
Dalia Mohammad Soliman


Do External Shocks Have a Permanent or a Transitory Effect on Thailand’s Tourism Industry?
Ali Salman Saleh, Reetu Verma, and Ranjith Ihalanayake

Dynamic Property of a Tourism Destination Network
Masahiro Yabuta and Noel Scott

Impacts of International Tourism on Economies in the Asia-Pacific Region: Opportunities and Challenges
Rachel J. C. Chen



Wellness and Tourism: Mind, Body, Spirit, Place (Robyn Bushell and Pauline J. Sheldon, editors)
Deniz Kucukusta


Do Actors Really Agree on Strategic Issues? Applying Consensus Analysis of Stakeholder Perceptions in Tourist Destination Communities
Pietro Beritelli

A Method for Estimating the State-Wide Economic Significance of National Park Tourism: The Case of Queensland
Sally Driml, Richard P. C. Brown, Roy Ballantyne, Shane Pegg, and Noel Scott

Service Quality, Brand Loyalty, and Profit Growth in UK Budget Hotels
Yuksel Ekinci, Dia Zeglat, and Georgina Whyatt

When and Where to Buy Airline Seats on Third-Party Websites
Peter Raven, Rex S. Toh, and Frederick Dekay

Grey Nomads on Tour: A Revolution in Travel and Tourism for Older Adults
Ian Patterson, Shane Pegg, and Jillian Litster

Total Productivity in the Australian Hotel Industry: Estimating and Bootstrapping Malmquist Indices
A. George Assaf and Frank Wogbe Agbola

Evaluating Tourist Attractions: The Case of Luang Prabang, Laos
Adrian R. Pritchard and Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee

Modeling the Influence of Weather Variability on Leisure Traffic
Charles Shih and Sarah Nicholls

Personality and Motivation Matter in Touring Holidays: A Preliminary Investigation Into Heterogeneity Among Touring Travelers
John Gountas, Sara Dolnicar, and Sandra Gountas

A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Potential Policy Responses to a Negative Tourism Demand Shock in Singapore
Xianming Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana, and Brian Dollery


Sociocultural Strategies for Stress Reduction Among Hospitality Workers in Developing Contexts: The Case of Zimbabwean Chefs
Muchazondida Mkono

Impacts of Natural Disasters on Regional Economies: An Overview
Rachel J. C. Chen


The Nature of Tourism Studies
Arianne C. Reis and Eric Shelton


Philsophical Issues in Tourism (John Tribe, editor)
Yaniv Belhassen

Tourist Customer Service Satisfaction. An Encounter Approach (Francis P. Noe, Muzaffer Uysal, and Vincent P. Magnini)
Paul Fallon


Guest Editors: Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki

Introduction to Part II of the Special Issues on State of Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki, Guest Editors

Youth Tourism in Africa: Evidence From South Africa
Christian M. Rogerson

As Assessment of Hotel Product Quality in Kenya as a Basis for Building Destination Competitiveness
Joe Kibuye Wadawi, Nerine C. Bresler, and Frikkie J. Herbst

The Role of Transport and Accommodation Infrastructure in the Development of Eco/Nature Tourism in Cameroon
Albert Kimbu

Tourism Trends in Ghana: The Accommodation Sector
Joseph Mensah-Ansah, Emma Martin, and David Egan

Heritage Tourism in Africa: Residents’ Perceptions of African-American and White Tourists
Victor Teye, Ercan (Sirakaya) Turk, and Sevil Sönmez

For What Stands the “B” in the CBT Concept: Community-Based or Community-Biased Tourism? Some Insights From Namibia
Renaud Lapeyre

Revisiting Botswana’s High-Value, Low-Volume Tourism
Lefatshe I. Magole and Lapologang Magole


Strengthening Tourism Research and Educational Capacities in Africa: An Overview of Projects
Rene´ van der Duim



Coastal Tourism Development (Ross Dowling and Christof Pforr, editors)
Andrew Jones


Guest Editors: Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki

Introduction to Part I of the Special Issues on State of Tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenneth F. Backman and Aloyce Nzuki, Guest Editors

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods Through Tourism Education and Strategic Partnerships: A Uganda Case Study
J. Michael Campbell, K. MacKay, and Christine Dranzoa

Ecotourism Development and Challenges: A Kenyan Experience
Roselyne N. Okech

Tourism, Indigenous People, and the Challenge of Development: The Representations of Ovahimbas in Tourism Promotion and Community Perceptions Toward Tourism
Jarkko Saarinen

Tourism Pathways to Prosperity: Perspectives on the Informal Economy in Tanzania
Susan L. Slocum, Kenneth F. Backman, and Kenneth L. Robinson

Africa’s Natural Heritage: Trouble in Paradise or New Opportunities in a World Looking for Experiences and Authenticity?
Karel Werdle

On Safari in Botswana: Describing the Product
Nerine C. Bresler

Competitiveness of Southern African Development Community as a Tourist Destination
Haretsebe Manwa

Destination Branding in Zimbabwe: From Crisis to Recovery
Joram Ndlovu and Ernie T. Heath


The Sage Handbook of Tourism Studies (Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson, editors)
Michael Clancy

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Volume 4, Numbers 1-4, 1999


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Volume 22, Number 1
Volume 21, Number 6
Volume 21, Number 5
Volume 21, Number 4
Volume 21, Numbers 2/3
Volume 21, Number 1
Volume 20, Number 6
Volume 20, Number 5
Volume 20, Number 4
Volume 20, Number 3
Volume 20, Number 2
Volume 20, Number 1
Volume 19, Number 6
Volume 19, Number 5
Volume 19, Number 4
Volume 19, Number 3
Volume 19, Number 2
Volume 19, Number 1
Volume 18, Number 6
Volume 18, Number 5
Volume 18, Number 4
Volume 18, Number 3
Volume 18, Number 2
Volume 18, Number 1
Volume 17, Number 6
Volume 17, Number 5
Volume 17, Number 4
Volume 17, Number 3
Volume 17, Number 2
Volume 17, Number 1
Volume 16, Number 6
Volume 16, Number 5
Volume 16, Number 4
Volume 16, Number 3
Volume 16, Number 2
Volume 16, Number 1
Volume 15, Number 6
Volume 15, Number 5
Volume 15, Number 4
Volume 15, Number 3
Volume 15, Number 2
Volume 15, Number 1
Volume 14, Number 6
Volume 14, Number 5
Volume 14, Number 4
Volume 14, Number 3
Volume 14, Number 2
Volume 14, Number 1
Volume 13, Numbers 5/6
Volume 13, Number 4
Volume 13, Number 3
Volume 13, Number 2
Volume 13, Number 1
Volume 12, Numbers 5/6
Volume 12, Number 4
Volume 12, Number 3
Volume 12, Numbers 1/2
Volume 11, Number 6
Volume 11, Number 5
Volume 11, Number 4
Volume 11, Number 3
Volume 11, Number 2
Volume 11, Number 1


Volume 10, Number 4
Volume 10, Number 3
Volume 10, Number 2
Volume 10, Number 1

Volume 9, Number 4
Volume 9, Number 3
Volume 9, Numbers 1-2

Volume 8, Numbers 2-4
Volume 8, Number 1

Volume 7, Number 3/4
Volume 7, Number 2
Volume 7, Number 1

Volume 6, Numbers 3/4
Volume 6, Number 2
Volume 6, Number 1

Volume 5, Numbers 2-4, 2000
Volume 5, Number 1, 2000

Volume 4, Numbers 3/4, 1999
Volume 4, Numbers 1-2, 1999

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