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Editors: Paul R. Sanberg & Howard J. Federoff

ISSN: 1949-8241...; E-ISSN: 1949-825X


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Volume 17, Number 4


The Fourth Annual Conference of the NAI and More 145
Eric R. Fossum and Nasser Arshadi

Highlights From the Fourth Annual Conference of the National Academy of Inventors 147
Kimberly A. Macuare and Morteza Gharib

Basic Science to Blockbuster Drug: Invention of Pregabalin (Lyrica
®) 153
Richard B. Silverman

Global Patterns of Innovation in 2013 159
Ashley J. Stevens

The Critical Role of Failure in the Innovation Process: How Failures Help Inventors Succeed 169
Yolanda Leslie Comedy and Sorin Grama

Wireless Health Sensors for In Vivo Diagnostics 177
Muhammad Rahman, Meisam Nazari, Mehmet Sencan, Samson Chen, Xio Madera, and Axel Scherer


The NAI Fellow Profile: An Interview With Dr. Steven Chu 187
Steven Chu and Kimberly A. Macuare


Invention: Does Gender Matter? 193
Philippa Olsen

Consideration of Technology Transfer in Tenure and Promotion 197
Judy Genshaft, Jonathan Wickert, Bernadette Gray-Little, Karen Hanson, Richard Marchase, Peter E. Schiffer, and R. Michael Tanner

Creating a Culture of Invention: Fostering Student Innovation and Invention Through Proactive Intellectual Property Policy and Practice 205
Phil Weilerstein and Nathalie Duval Couetil

The Protocol-Provided Clinical Research Model as an Evolving Research Opportunity for Community-Based Hospitals and Health Care Facilities 211
Harry W. Severance and Kevin M. Spiegel

Innovations in Groundwater Management: Smart Markets for Transferable Groundwater Extraction Rights 219
Richael K. Young and Nicholas Brozović

Volume 17 Subject and Author Index 227

Volume 17, Number 3


Introduction: New Insights Into Long-Standing Issues 85
Paul R. Sanberg and Howard J. Federoff

Recognizing Humanitarian Vision: 2015 Patents for Humanity Awards 87
Edward Elliott and Alex Camarota

Asbestos Exposures Associated With Motorcycle Riding and Hiking on Asbestos-Containing Soils: Risk of Asbestos-Related Cancer 93
Richard Wilson, John Kelse, G. L. Nord, R. P. Nolan, and A. M. Langer

Prevalence of Serial Inventors Within Academia 113
Richard Kordal, Dexter Cahoy, Beatrix Koev, and Eric A. Sherer


The Critical Role of Review Criteria in Independent Peer Review 127
A. Alan Moghissi, Dennis McBride, Lauren Amangero, Matthew Amin, Daliha AqbalMalerie Briseno, Nicole Carloni, Hannah Choi, Ruby Dehkharghani, Brianne Farmer, Kasra Khamooshi, Anna Pavy, Patricia Rivera-Aquino, Joseph Varco, and Charisse Winston

Assessment of Organic Versus Conventional Food Using Best Available Science Concept and Metrics Derived From It 135
A. Alan Moghissi, Dennis K. McBride, Paige Mariko Garcia, Ching-Wei Chen, and Samantha Das

Volume 17, Numbers 1/2


Introduction: Perspective on Water 1
Vimal Chaitanya and Frederic Zenhausern

It’s Going to Take More Innovation Than Technology to Increase Water Conservation Practices 5
Liz Felter, Tracy Irani, Paul Monaghan, Hannah Carter, and Michael Dukes

Biodegradable Foams and Edible Films: From Purified Proteins to Aqueous Feedstocks of Designed Polypeptides 21
Donald T. Haynie


Commentary: Patent Prosecution Highway—Fast Track Examination of Applications 37
Daniel Hunter

Traits and Roles of Jonas Kamlet, Pioneering Chemistry Consultant, as a Guide to Contemporary Inventors 41
Dean F. Martin and Autumn S. Thompson

A General Survey of Telesurgical Advances in Otolaryngology 49
Alisha R. Bonaroti and K. Paul Boyev

Scientific Ethics: Emphasizing Regulatory Science Requirements 61
A. Alan Moghissi, Nikita A. GurudasShiqian Pei, Dennis K. McBride, and Michael S. Swetnam

The 2014 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors Inducted at the NAI Fourth Annual Conference 75
Keara Leach

Volume 16, Numbers 3-4


Editorial: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of the National Academy of Inventors 171
Nasser Arshadi and Eric R. Fossum

The Lemelson Center’s Places of Invention Project 175
Arthur P. Molella and Monica M. Smith

Invention: The Invisible Hero 187
Yolanda Leslie Comedy

Innovative Regenerative Engineering Technologies for Soft Tissue Regeneration 195
Roshan James, Matthew D. Harmon, Sangamesh G. Kumbar, and Cato T. Laurencin

PowerBridgeNY: A Cleantech Proof-of-Concept Center 215
Kurt H. Becker, Orin Herskowitz, Micah J. Kotch, Emily Wheeler, James Aloise, Julia Byrd, and Jeffrey M. Peterson

Engineers and Scientists: Value Creators in the Seven-Phased Model of Technological Innovation 223
Paul Swamidass


Health Implications of Nanotechnology in Medicine 233
Anastasia GroshevAnjali A. HiraniAditya Grover, Yashwant V. Pathak, and Vijaykumar B. Sutariya

Tackling Big Problems With Small Particles: Nano-Based Rapid Biosensors for Detecting Sexually Transmitted Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa 249
LaRon E. Nelson, Chia T. ThachYashwant V. Pathak, and Yaw Adu-Sarkodie

Leadership Role of Nanotechnology Innovation in Economic Development and Governmental Policy 259
Samuel M. Rapaka, Anastasia GroshevYashwant V. Pathak, and Vijaykumar B. Sutariya


Nonexistent Compounds as a Guide to Innovation 271
Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

Volume 16 Subject and Author Index 277

Volume 16, Number 2


Editorial: Patents for Humanity: How Universities and Government Are Reaching the Next Billion People 93
Edward Elliott

Collaborative Innovation to Advance Global Health Solutions 99
Carol Mimura

Patent for a Humanitarian Cause: SIGN Fracture Care International 107
Lewis G. Zirkle

The World’s Only Solar Light Bulb: Patented by Nokero to Protect a Design That Uses Light to Fight Energy Poverty 115
Katie Steinharter

Persistence, a Working Innovation System, and Patent Protection: Characteristics of the Successful Commercialization of Two Recognized Inventions With High Societal and Economic Impact 125
Alfred Radauer


The Kamlet Laboratories Client Companies: Lessons Learned for Trying Times 137
Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

Priority, Piracy, and Printed Directions: James Yearsley’s Patenting of the Artificial Tympanum 145
Jaipreet Virdi-Dhesi

Innovation in Regulatory Science: Evolution of a New Scientific Discipline 155
A. Alan Moghissi, Sorin R. Straja, Betty R. Love, Dennis K. Bride, and Roger R. Stough

Developing New Pathways for Clinical Research Through the Changing Environment of 21st Century Healthcare 167
Harry W. Severance

Volume 16, Number 1


Editorial: Technology and Innovation in Rural Regions: Not Just About Fancy Tractors
Kumi Nagamoto-Combs

Innovation at Rural Enterprises: Results From a Survey of German Organic and Conventional Farmers
İlkay Unay Gailhard and Miroslava Bavorova

TruServe: Using Information Technology to Demonstrate the Impact of Rural Health Care Organizations
Kelly Quigley, Mark Barclay, and Kristine Morin

Technological Innovations Bringing Spatial Technology to Precision Agriculture in the Northern Great Plains
Xiaodong Zhang, Santhosh Seelan, and John Nowatzki

Community Information Services: A Unique Tool to Enhance E-Governance in Tribal and Remote Rural Areas of Northeast India Using Modern Information Technology
Bhaskar Mazumder, Vijay Swami, Ista Pulu, and Yashwant V. Pathak


Jonas Kamlet Patents Dealing With Food and Food Additives
Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

Quantitative Morphological and Molecular Pathology of the Human Thymus Correlate With Infant Cause of Death
Mark C. Lloyd, Nancy Burke, Fatemeh Kalantarpour, Melissa I. Niesen, Aaron Hall, Keith Pennypacker, Bruce Citron, Chaim G. Pick, Vernard Adams, Mahasweta Das, Shyam Mohapatra, Hernani Cualing, and George Blanck

Nabta Playa in the Development of Science and Technology
Donald T. Haynie

More Than Money: The Exponential Impact of Academic Technology Transfer
Valerie Landrio McDevitt, Joelle Mendez-Hinds, David Winwood, Vinit Nijhawan, Todd Sherer, John F. Ritter, and Paul R. Sanberg

Commentary: Improving The World’s Innovation Infrastructure
Alexander Camarota

The 2013 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Volume 15, Number 4


Editorial: Clinical Innovations in Prosthetics and Orthotics
M. Jason Highsmith

The Effect of the Walkaide Functional Electrical Stimulation Unit on Gait Asymmetry in a Child With Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report
Michael K. Carroll, Chris A. Toelle, Seok Hun Kim, Steven B. Ambler, and M. Jason Highsmith

On the Design of Manually Adjustable Ankle Units for Variable Terrain: A Technical Note
Derek J. Lura and M. Jason Highsmith

Design and Performance of a Push-Up Device for Above-Elbow Amputees: A Technical Note
Matthew M.Wernke, Derek J. Lura, Stephanie L. Carey, and M. Jason Highsmith

Current Concepts Regarding Externally Powered Lower Limb Prostheses
Phillip M. Stevens

Transtibial Amputee Energy Expenditure During Vertical Ice Climbing and Snowshoeing
M. Jason Highsmith, Jason T. Kahle, Derek J. Lura, and Larry J. Mengelkoch

Energy Consumption, Ambulatory Prognosis, and Individualized Technical Solutions for Persons With Bilateral Transfemoral Amputations: A Literature Review
Amanda L. Lewandowski, Daniel W. Bodkin, Stephen A. Noe, John J. Orriola, John W. Michael, Jason T. Kahle, and M. Jason Highsmith

Locomotor Training on a Treadmill Compared With PNF Training in Adults With Chronic Stroke
Jeannie B. Stephenson, Murray E. Maitland, Jason W. Beckstead, and Wendy K. Anemaet

The Effects of Vacuum-Assisted Suspension on Residual Limb Physiology, Wound Healing, and Function: A Systematic Review
Jason T. Kahle, John J. Orriola, Will Johnston, and M. Jason Highsmith

The Effect of the C-Leg Knee Prosthesis on Sensory Dependency and Falls During Sensory Organization Testing
M. Jason Highsmith, Jason T. Kahle, Neil T. Shepard, and Kenton R. Kaufman

Stair Ascent and Ramp Gait Training With the Genium Knee
M. Jason Highsmith, Jason T. Kahle, Derek J. Lura, Amanda L. Lewandowski, William S. Quillen, and Seok Hun Kim

Short and Mid-Distance Walking and Posturography With a Novel Microprocessor Knee
M. Jason Highsmith, Jason T. Kahle, Derek J. Lura, Rajiv V. Dubey, Stephanie L. Carey, William S. Quillen, and Larry J. Mengelkoch

Perceived Differences Between the Genium and the C-Leg Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees in Prosthetic-Related Function and Quality of Life
M. Jason Highsmith, Jason T. Kahle, Rebecca M. Miro, Derek J. Lura, Rajiv V. Dubey, Stephanie L. Carey, William S. Quillen, and Larry J. Mengelkoch

Volume 15 Subject and Author Index

Volume 15, Number 3


Editorial: Proceeding of the Second Annual Conference
Nasser Arshadi and Paul R. Sanberg

Vitamin D Science, WARF, and University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hector F. DeLuca

Camera-on-a-Chip: Technology Transfer From Saturn to Your Cell Phone
Eric R. Fossum

Increasing National Space Engineering Productivity and Educational Opportunities via Intrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Jeremy Straub

Improving the Reliability of In Vivo Video Wireless Communications
Gabriel E. Arrobo and Richard D. Gitlin

Accurately Evaluating Spinal Motion in Three Dimensions
Kerri Killen and Samantha Music

Usefulness of Wireless Technology in Medical Applications
Anagha Jamthe, Suryadip Chakraborty, Saibal K. Ghosh, and Dharma P. Agrawal

Innovation, Disruption, and Teleaudiology
Gregg D. Givens, Jianchu Jason Yao, and Daoyuan Yao

NewVenturist Roadmap to Success: A Commercialization Guide for Academic Inventors
Babs Carryer

A Short Primer on the Affordable Care Act
Haskell Adler


Understanding the High Cost of Success in University Research
Karen A. Holbrook and Paul R. Sanberg

Commentary: Hacking for Change at the USPTO
Alexander Camarota

Volume 15, Number 2


The Role and Challenges of Utilizing GIS for Public Health Research and Practice
Tenaya M. Sunbury

GIS Mapping: A Useful Tool for Understanding Racial Disparities in Health
Naomi Meier and Shamekka Kuykendall

The Search for “Strong Medicine”: Pathways to Healthcare Development in Remote Nepal Using GIS
Catherine L. Sanders and Kimber H. McKay


Commentary: Cooperative Patent Classification: A New Era for the World’s Intellectual Property Offices
Matthew Palumbo

Triple Helix, Government Institutional Settings and Policies to Foster Technology Development
Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat

Complicating Life: A Study of Encounters With Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Kate Maley

Using Mature Technologies to Innovate Medical Practices: A Reflection on Medical Innovation Taking Socio-Organizational Issues Into Account
Laura Lucia Parolin

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Access Inequalities to Medical Technologies Faced by Transgendered South Africans
Thamar Klein

Volume 15, Number 1


Editorial: The How and Why of Medical Technology
Nasser Arshadi and Joseph J. Parks, Guest Editors

Invited Articles

The Microbiome: A Mediator of Human Wellness
William A. Peck

BRAINnet: A Standardized Global Human Brain Project
Stephen H. Koslow, Yuyun Wang, Donna M. Palmer, Evian Gordon, and Leanne M. Williams

A Dynamic Method for Quantifying Healthcare Status and Burden of Disease Through Health Outcomes Indices
Efthimios Parasidis, Gerasimos Petratos, Emily Dastrup, Aaron Kamauu, Caleb DesRosiers, and Javaid Zafar

Transforming Physician Prescribing: The Reduction of Pharmacy and Hospital Costs in a Population of State Medicaid Patients Through An Automated Educational Intervention
John P. Docherty, Jeffrey Veach, Harold Carmel, George L. Oestreich, Jack M. Gorman, and Joseph J. Parks

Online Cognitive Brain Training Associated With Measurable Improvements in Cognition and Emotional Well-Being
Evian Gordon, Donna M. Palmer, Helen Liu, William Rekshan, and Savannah DeVarney


Commentary: 21st Century Innovation for All in a Global Patent System
Adam Burrowbridge and Alex Camarota

Additive Manufacturing as a Disruptive Technology: Implications of Three-Dimensional Printing
Thomas A. Campbell and Olga S. Ivanova

Kamlet Laboratories and Clinitest: Idea to Product
Dean F. Martin and Brodie A. Reiger

Book Review

The Cuban Cure: Reason and Resistance in Global Science (S. M. Reid-Henry, 2010, The University of Chicago Press)
Logan D. A. Williams

Volume 14, Numbers 3-4


Editorial: The Inaugural Conference of the National Academy of Inventors
Paul R. Sanberg and Howard J. Federoff

Commentary: Towards Global Patent Harmonization
Alex Camarota and Elizabeth Dougherty

Advances in Medical Research: The Case of China Medical University Beigang Hospital
Calvin Yu-Chian Chen, Su-sen Chang, and Shinn-Zong Lin

Software Copyright: A Programmer’s Perspective
Nigel Gwee

Salinity Gradient Power (SGP): A Developmental Roadmap Covering Existing Generation Technologies and Recent Investigative Results Into the Feasibility of Bipolar Membrane-Based Salinity Gradient Power Generation
Clifford R. Merz, Wilfrido A. Moreno, Marilyn Barger, and Stephen M. Lipka

Innovative Approach to the Diagnosis of Growth Hormone Insufficiency Using Growth Hormone Secretagogues
Barry B. Bercu and Richard F. Walker

Inventing and Innovating: Legal and Intellectual Requirements
Joseph P. Kennedy

What Might Have Happened if the America Invents Act Had Been a Law in 1886
Dean F. Martin

Commentary: Job Creation Through Innovation
Daniel Daly

HITRAN-PC: 25 Years of Academic Development and Commercialization of Laser Atmospheric Transmission Software for Environmental Remote Sensing
Dennis K. Killinger, William E. Wilcox, Jr., and Denis Pliutau

MARVEL In Vivo Wireless Video System
A. Alqassis, T. Ketterl, C. Castro, R. Gitlin, S. Ross, Y. Sun, and A. Rosemurgy

Design of an Electromechanical Hands-Free Control User Interface
Kathryn J. De Laurentis and Matthew Wills

The Impact of Collaboration Network Position on Innovative Performance
Fethullah Caliskan, Kingsley A. Reeves, Jr., Ozan Ozcan, and David Zeller

The Journey of a Potential Alzheimer Therapy From the Laboratory Bench Through the Patent Office and Into the Clinic
Tim D. Boyd and Huntington Potter

The Transvaginal Specimen Extraction Device: A Novel Approach to Minimally Invasive Surgery in Women
Mark A. Zakaria, Phil Hipol, Mario A. Simoes, and Stuart R. Hart

Key Challenges in Establishing an Entrepreneurial Culture in an Academic Environment: A Case Study
Christos Christodoulatos, Thomas Lechler, Sandra Furnbach, and Vikki Hazelwood

Volume 14 Subject and Author index

Volume 14, Number 2


Editorial: Preface to the Special Issue on Energy
Yogi Goswami and Richard Gilbert

Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power Plants
Sarada Kuravi, Yogi Goswami, Elias K. Stefanakos, Manoj Ram, Chand Jotshi, Swetha Pendyala, Jamie Trahan, Prashanth Sridharan, Muhammad Rahman, and Burton Krakow

Hydrokinetic Energy in the Sunshine State: Challenges of Florida’s Unique Renewable Resource
Howard P. Hanson

Nanoscale Rectenna for Thermal Energy Conversion to Electricity
S. Krishnan, Y. Goswami, and E. Stefanakos

Challenges and Consequences of Carbon Dioxide as an Oxidizing Agent for Hydrogen Generation From Hydrocarbons
Selma Hokenek, Devin Walker, Yolanda A. Daza, Erum Qayyum, Matthew M. Yung, John T. Wolan, and John N. Kuhn

FAMU Spheromak and the Turbulent Physics Experiment—STPX
James B. Titus, Alonzo B. Alexander, Kyron Williams, Charles Weatherford, and Joseph A. Johnson III

Conjunctive Injection of CO2 and Wastewater in a Heterogeneous Porous Formation
Roland T. Okwen, Mark Thomas, Mark T. Stewart, Maya Trotz, and Jeffrey A. Cunningham

Low-Frequency Ripples and Resonances in Wind and Solar Grid Integration Systems: An Overview
Zhixin Miao

Droop Control in Voltage Source Converters for Microgrid Operation With Pulsed Power Loads
Lakshan P. Piyasinghe and Zhixin Miao

Editorial: Preface to the Special Section
Paul R. Sanberg and Howard J. Federoff

Commentary: Patents for Humanity: Connecting Innovation With Humanitarian Endeavor
Alex Camarota, Elizabeth Dougherty, and Edward Elliott

Asset Mapping of a Major Research University Using Innovation Hub Modeling
Eve Spengler, Johnmark White, Mohamad Kasti, and Michael W. Fountain

Use of Fused Circulations to Investigate the Role of Apolipoprotein E as Amyloid Catalyst and Peripheral Sink in Alzheimer’s Disease
Lars N. G. Nilsson, Sylvia Gografe, David A. Costa, Tiffany Hughes, David Dressler, and Huntington Potter

Nanotechnology Solutions to Greenhouse and Urban Agriculture
Sarath Witanachchi, Marek Merlak, and Prasanna Mahawela

Volume 14, Number 1

Editorial: Technology and Invention
Paul R. Sanberg and Howard J. Federoff


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Welcomes Public Input as it Implements the America Invents Act to Create a 21st Century Patent System
Janet Gongola


Polycarbonates From Bisphenol A: A Good Invention Gone Awry?
Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

Original Contributions

The Creation of a Didactic Tool for Learning Mexican Sign Language: Service-Learning and Innovation
Anne E. Pfister and Stephanie Y. Teramoto Kimura

The Search for Medical Technologies Abroad: The Case of Medical Travel and Pediatric Oncology Treatment in Argentina
Cecilia Vindrola-Padros and Linda M. Whiteford

Evaluation of How Cigarette Smoke Is a Direct Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease
Brian Giunta, Juan Deng, Jingji Jin, Edin Sadic, Saja Rum, Huadong Zhou, Paul Sanberg, and Jun Tan

Abstracts From the Inaugural Annual Conference of the National Academy of Inventors

Volume 13, Number 4


Editorial: Technology, Innovation, and Health
Paul R. Sanberg and Howard J. Federoff

The 8th Million Patent Issued on a Visual Prosthesis: Patenting of Medical Devices
Ram R. Shukla

Thirteen Postures of Wheelchair Taijiquan (Tai Chi): Wheelchair Use as an Instrument of Empowerment
Zibin Guo

Maternal and Child Health Services for Women With HIV/AIDS: A Focus on the Tampa Metropolitan Area
Bernice K. Lopez, Patrick J. Dillon, and Jordana Frost

Fertility Preservation Technologies for Oncology Patients in the US: A Review of the Factors Involved in Patient Decision Making
Cecilia Vindrola-Padros, Khadija Mitu, and Karen Dyer

Engaging the Community in Health Research in India
Kristen J. Wells, Charles Preuss, Yashwant Pathak, J. K. Kosambiya, and Ambuj Kumar

Volume 13 Subject and Author Index

Volume 13, Number 3

Editorial Introduction: Highlighting Innovation: The “in” Word in Academics
Paul R. Sanberg

Robert L. Alldredge, Chemical Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

Dance and Engineering Link to Produce a Novel Mobility Device
Merry Lynn Morris, Kathryn J. De Laurentis, Stephanie Carey, Stephen Sundarrao, Rajiv Dubey, Jason Highsmith, Larry Mengelkoch, and M. Elisa McQueen

Collaborative Decision Making Between Cockpit and Dispatch for Safety
Ronald John Lofaro and Kevin M. Smith

The Race for Cheap Aluminum: Hall Versus Héroult
Dean F. Martin

Commentary: Promoting American Innovation
Richard Maulsby

The Role of Patents and Commercialization in the Tenure and Promotion Process
Ashley J. Stevens, Ginger A. Johnson, and Paul R. Sanberg

A Critical Assessment of the USPTO Policies Toward Small Entity Patent Applications
G. Harley Blosser, Nasser Arshadi, and Sanjay Agrawal

Volume 13, Number 2


List of Acronyms Used in This Issue

Editorial: Environmental Technology Innovation and Development
Yvette T. Collazo, Paula G. Kirk, and A. Alan Moghissi

Advanced Remediation Technologies for the Disposition of the Department of Energy’s Radioactive Tank Waste
Gary R. Peterson

Results of External Technical Reviews of Site Modeling Efforts That Support System Plans
Monica C. Regalbuto, John R. Shultz, Kevin G. Brown, Candido Pereira, David W. DePaoli, and Sahid C. Smith

An Overview of the Cementitious Barriers Partnership
Daryl R. Haefner And Sharon L. Marra

Acquiring Process Knowledge to Support Deactivation and Decommissioning Activities
Joseph K. Santos, Paula G. Kirk, Andrew P. Szilagyi, and Yvette T. Collazo

Technology Assessment for Management of Aluminum-Based Spent Nuclear Fuel From Research and Test Reactors
Robert Sindelar, Natraj Iyer, Dennis Vinson, William Swift, Hitesh Nigam, and Edgardo DeLeon

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Polyphosphate Remediation Technology: Direct and Indirect Remediation of Uranium Under Alkaline Conditions
Dawn M. Wellman, John S. Fruchter, Vince R. Vermeul, Emily Richards, Danielle P. Jansik, and Ellen Edge

Structured Prioritization Approach for Maximizing the Benefits of Programmatic Investments
Paula G. Kirk, Yvette T. Collazo, Andrew P. Szilagyi, and Ian Seed

Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM): An Overview of Initial Results
Mark Williamson, Juan Meza, David Moulton, Ian Gorton, Mark Freshley, Paul Dixon, Roger Seitz, Carl Steefel, Stefan Finsterle, Susan Hubbard, Ming Zhu, Kurt Gerdes, Russ Patterson, and Yvette T. Collazo

Volume 13, Number 1


Editorial: NanoBio Collaborative Explores Nano–Bio Interface
Shyam S. Mohapatra

Nanoscale Self-Assembly for Delivery of Therapeutics and Imaging Agents
Mingnan Chen, Jonathan R. McDaniel, J. Andrew MacKay, and Ashutosh Chilkoti

Multifunctional Chitosan Nanocarriers for Gene Therapy
Shyam S. Mohapatra, Subhra Mohapatra, Sandhya Boyapalle, and Gary Hellermann

Effects of Magnetite and Maghemite Nanoparticles on Bone Cell and Staphylococcus aureus Functions
Nhiem Tran and Thomas J. Webster

Three-Dimensional (3D) Scaffolds in Nano–Bio Interphase Research
Yvonne Davis, Shyam S. Mohapatra, and Subhra Mohapatra

The Future of Stem Cell Applications: Charting the Sea of Opportunity
John R. Sladek, Jr. and Kimberly B. Bjugstad

Solo Versus Concert Performance: Nanotechnology Research and Academic Performance Evaluation
Yashwant Pathak and Charles Preuss

Abstracts From the 2010 NanoBio Collaborative (NBC) Conference

Volume 12, Number 3


Editorial: Peer Review and Scientific Assessment
A. Alan Moghissi

Making Judgments About Grant Proposals: A Brief History of the Merit Review Criteria at the National Science Foundation
Marc Rothenberg

Challenges for International Peer Reviewing of Research Proposals
Guntram Bauer

The Role of Peer Review in Policy Decisions
A. Alan Moghissi and Michael S. Swetnam

The Use of Societal Impacts Considerations in Grant Proposal Peer Review: A Comparison of Five Models
J. Britt Holbrook

Improving Peer Review in the Federal Government
Elmer Yglesias

CDMRP: Fostering Innovation Through Peer Review
E. Melissa Kaime, Katherine H. Moore, and Steven F. Goldberg

Uses and Needs for Peer Review in Army Medical Research
John F. Glenn

Alternatives to Independent Peer Review: A Case Study
Wren Prather-Stroud

Volume 12 Subject and Author Index

Volume 12, Number 2


Bionics in Action: The Nature of Invention
Franco Lodato

The SciFlies Innovation Model: Citizen to Scientists Micro Funding Network for Accelerated Discovery and Innovation Policy Feedback Coupling
David Fries, Larry Biddle, Michelle Bauer, Phyllis Race, and Sylvia Raymond


Laser Probes for Chemical Sensing and Remote 3D Mapping
Dennis K. Killinger

Innovation and Technology in Electric Field-Mediated Drug and Gene Delivery
Richard A. Gilbert and Joseph D. Hickey

Agricultural Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: A Need for Inventiveness
Dean F. Martin, Deanna R. Ward, and Barbara B. Martin

Original Contributions

Removal of Selected Pharmaceutical Using Octolig®, a Supported Chelating Agent
Wen-Shan Chang, Dean F. Martin, and Megan Small

Computational and Cell Line Studies of the Iron–Taxol Complex: Improving Stability and Water Solubility
Thomas Manning, William Hoover, Greg Kean, Jessica Thomas, Brittani McLeod, Magan Ogden, William Wilbanks, Giso Abadi, and Dennis Phillips

Development of a Green Technology Approach to Marine Natural Products Synthesis: Mineral-Based Microbial Amplification System to Make Bryostatins
Thomas Manning, Riland Jones, Brett Little, Carissa Lannon, Greg Kean, and James Nienow

Volume 12, Number 1

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