Nautical Tourism: Concepts and Issues

Michael Luck

ISBN: 1-882345-50-9


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Marta Jacob



Chapter 1. Nautical Tourism Development: Opportunities and Threats
Michael Lück

  • Introduction
  • Captive Mammals in Marine Parks
  • Watching Whales and Dolphins in Their Natural Environment
  • Coral Reefs: Paradise for Scuba Divers and Snorkelers
  • Conclusion
Chapter 2. Water-Related Infrastructure for Nautical Tourism
John Pigram
  • Introduction
  • Tourism Infrastructure and Change
  • Nautical Tourism and the Balearic Islands
  • Water Resources and Island Environments
  • Water-Related Infrastructure for Tourism
  • From Planning to Implementation
  • Conclusion
Chapter 3. Anchoring Tourism to the Coast: Innovative Spatial and Community Strategies
Russell Arthur Smith
  • Introduction
  • Challenges for Nautical Tourism Development
  • Integrated Coastal Development
  • Spatial Structure Value
  • Recovery of Investment
  • Land Value
  • Community Value
  • Prospect
Chapter 4. Remarks on Innovation in Marine Tourism Systems
Marc L. Miller
  • Introduction
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Cases of Marine Tourism Innovation
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5. Sustainable Cruise Tourism Development: Lessons From Bermuda
Victor B. Teye

  • Introduction
  • Growth of the North American Cruise Industry
  • Importance of Tourism to Island Microstates
  • Spatial Context of Bermuda’s Tourism Sector
  • Historical Role of Nautical Tourism in Bermuda
  • Emergence of Bermuda’s Cruise Line Policies
  • Community Participation Cruise Policy Formulation
  • Conclusion
Chapter 6. The Cruise Ship Industry: Curse or Blessing?
Micahel Lück
  • Introduction
  • Economic Impacts
  • Social Impacts
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Conclusion
Chapter 7. Cruise Tourism and the New Tourist: The Need for a Different Typology?
Per Åke Nilsson
  • Introduction
  • The Study
  • The Norwegian Coastal Express (Hurtigruten)
  • Conclusion

Chapter 8. The Impacts of Hosting a Major Marine Sports Tourism Event: The America’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand
Mark B. Orams

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Impacts
  • The Future: Valencia, Spain and Beyond
  • Conclusion
Chapter 9. Consumers and Economics of Yachting Tourism: Balearic Islands, Spain
Joan B. Garau-Vadell
  • Introduction
  • The Study
  • A Profile of the Consumer
  • Estimation of the Number of Yachting Tourists and the Economic Impact
  • Conclusions
Chapter 10. Conclusion: Is Nautical Tourism Sustainable?
Michael Lück



List of Figures

1.1 Marine tourists at Sydney Harbour
1.2 Whale and dolphin watching in Kaikoura, New Zealand
3.1 Elevated view of south Pattaya, Thailand
3.2 Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
3.3 Informal businesses at Laguan Phuket, Thailand
3.4 Resort land premium maximization
3.5 Resort land value structure
3.6 Resort retail land value structure
4.1 The Queen Mary
4.2 Sovereign of the Seas
4.3 America World City
4.4 Freedom Ship
4.5 Coastal enclave resort—Stabiae Villa, Italy
4.6 Coastal enclave resort—Tambuli Beach Villa, Visayas, Central Philippines
4.7 Coastal enclave resort—Bed and breakfast (Casona), Villadelosmoros, Spain
4.8 Coastal enclave resort—Carambola Beach Resort site plan, St. Croix, Virgin Islands
4.9 Coastal enclave resort—Yongyu Muwi Resort, Icheon, Korea
4.10 Coastal enclave resort—Palm Islands and The World, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4.11 Marine protected area—Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley Marine Reserve, Belize
4.12 Marine protected area—Goat Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand
4.13 Marine protected area—South Florida, USA
6.1 SS France at Columbus Quay in Bremerhaven
7.1 Map with the Hurtigruten ports of call
9.1 Age of yachting tourists
9.2 Profession of yachting tourists
9.3 Nationality of nonresidents in the Balearic Islands
9.4 Length of vessels
9.5 Ownership of vessels
9.6 Home port of vessels
9.7 Method of arrival in the Balearic Islands
9.8 Where yachting tourists stay
9.9 Ownership of vessels of yachting tourists
9.10 Percentage of rented moorings, with respect to the home port
9.11 Number of visits to the Balearic Islands as yachting tourists
9.12 Seasonal preferences of yachting tourists
9.13 Leading alternative destinations
9.14 Annual trips by yachting tourists
9.15 Yachting tourist satisfaction with the marinas
9.16 Are the Balearic Islands expensive for yachting tourism?
9.17 Are there are too many tourists in the Balearic Islands?
9.18 Are the Balearic Islands the best destination for yachting tourism in the Mediterranean?
9.19 Would yachting tourists recommend the Balearic Islands to their friends and relatives?
9.20 Principal reasons for choosing the Balearic Islands
9.21 Sources of information prior to commencing the trip
9.22 Sources of information by nationality
9.23 Transient and nontransient yachting tourists
9.24 Distribution of transient vessels (broken down by island)
9.25 Spending per person and per day in country of origin
9.26 Spending in the Balearic Islands per person per day

List of Tables

1.1 Current distribution of captive orcas
3.1 Coastal land index premium structure (CLIPS)
4.1 Overview of ocean liner innovation
4.2 Overview of cruise ship innovation
5.1 Growth of the North American cruise market
5.2 Growth of North American market by length of cruise
5.3 North American cruise capacity (lower berths)
5.4 Projected cruise capacity (lower berths) for North American industry
5.5 Tourist arrivals in Bermuda
5.6 Cruise ship arrivals by month
5.7 Cruise ship arrivals by origin
5.8 Tourist arrivals in Bermuda
6.1 Weekly food and beverage consumption on Carnival ships during a typical week
6.2 Cruise passengers in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
7.1 Overview of cruising markets
7.2 Cruise expenditure and regional and national effect
9.1 Specifications of yachting tourist survey
9.2 Age and length of vessel
9.3 Distribution of spending by item