Wellness and Tourism: Mind, Body, Spirit, Place

Robyn Bushell and Pauline J. Sheldon

ISBN: 1-882345-51-7


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Marta Jacob and Jafar Jafari



SECTION 1: Conceptual Links Between Wellbeing and Tourism

Chapter 1. Introduction to Wellness and Tourism
Pauline J. Sheldon and Robyn Bushell

Chapter 2. Quality of Life, Tourism, and Wellness
Robyn Bushell

Chapter 3. Vacation as Preventive Medicine
Sevil Sönmez and Yorghos Apostolopoulos

Chapter 4. Wellness Tourism and Health Promotion: Healthy Tourists and Environments
Brent Powis and Zena O’Leary

Chapter 5: Holistic Tourism: Integrating Body, Mind, Spirit
Catherine Kelly and Melanie Smith

Case Study 1.Yoga Tourism
Jane Ali-Knight

SECTION 2: The Constructs of Wellness Tourism

Chapter 6. Development of a Sustainable Wellness Tourism Destination
Pauline J. Sheldon and Sun-Young Park

Chapter 7. Constructing Feelings of Wellness in Tourist Performance
David Crouch

Chapter 8. Promoting Wellbeing via Multisensory Tourism
Graham M. S. Dann and Kristin Berg Nordstrand

Chapter 9. Canadian Health and Wellness Tourism: Synergies and Challenges
Peter W. Williams

Case Study 2. Harnessing Spa and Wellness Opportunities: An Australian Experience
Chris White

SECTION 3: Motivations and Experiences

Chapter 10. Outdoor Adventure Tourism, Wellness, and Place Attachment
Cory Kulczycki and Michael Lück

Chapter 11. Wellness Through Spiritual Tourism Encounters
Yoel Mansfeld and Alison McIntosh

Chapter 12. Transformative Travel: Inspiring Sustainability
Garth Leslie Lean

Chapter 13. Medical Tourism: An Asian Perspective
Joan C. Henderson

Chapter 14. Wellness Tourism and the Future
Robyn Bushell and Pauline J. Sheldon

Case Study 3. Wellness as Tourist Motivation: Case of Taiwan
Joseph S. Chen and Nina Prebensen

Appendix. Wellness Tourism: Bibliographic and Webliographic Essay
David P. Dillard



List of Figures

1.1 Basic typology of wellness tourism
1.2 Conceptual structure of wellness tourism
2.1 Impacts of tourism on the wellbeing of locals and tourists
CS1.1 Taking part in alternative leisure activities by gender within country
CS1.2 Influences on the growth of yoga tourism
CS1.3 Motivations of yoga tourism
CS1.4 Yoga and alternative tourism activities
6.1. A model of sustainable wellness destination
CS2.1 Map of Victoria’s mineral springs and geothermal reserves
10.1 The wellness wheel

List of Tables

2.1 2004 Keyword search for tourism and health
5.1 A classification of wellness tourism
5.2 Wellness products and destinations
5.3 Holistic tourism products
CS1.1 Spiritual and holistic holidays: Typologies and activities
6.1 Wellness destinations: National level
6.2 Wellness destinations: Regional or state level
CS2.1 Spa and wellness definitions
13.1 Physicians and health expenditure in selected countries 2002
CS3.1 Wellness motivation attributes for Taiwanese tourists
CS3.2 The distribution of responses regarding motivation attributes
CS3.3 Regression analysis: Dependent variables in the enhancement of health