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VOLUME 31, NUMBERS 3/4, 2006

Evaluation of Sedation on Electroencephalographic Spectral Edge Frequency 95 in Dogs Sedated by Acupuncture of GV20 or Yintang and Sedative Combination
M.S. Kim, K.S. Soh, T.C. Nam, K.M. Seo, and G. Litscher

Auricular Acupuncture Reduces Intraoperative Fentanyl Requirement During Hip Arthroscopy - A Randomized Double-Blinded Study
T.I. Usichenko, M. Dinse, V.P. Lysenyup, M. Wendt, D. Pavlovic, and C. Lehmann

Sucrose Preference is Restored by Electro-Acupuncture Combined with Chlorimipramine in the Depression-Model Rats
J. Yu, X.Y. Li, X.D. Cao, and G.C. Wu

Isolation of Genes Involved in the Preventive Effect of Electroacupuncture at Fenglong Acupoint (ST40) on Hypercholesterolemia Mice by Suppression Subtractive Hybridization (SSH) Combined with Negative Subtraction Chain (NSC) Technology
X. Li, Y. Zhang, W. Yan, J. Kang, Y. Kang, and M. Li

Reduced Glucose Uptake with Markedly Increased Gastrin Releasing Peptide, Osteopontine & Asbestos found in Dark Black Areas of PET San of Chest Wall in Patient with Mesothelioma
Y. Omura, Y. Shimotsuura, H. Duvvi, N. Ohata, and M. Ohki

Influences of Electroacupuncture on the Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Following Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Monkeys
H. Gao, J. Guo, P. Zhao, and J. Cheng

Abstracts of the 7th Biennial International Symposium on The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, Held at Tokyo University, Organized By Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Society, September 8-10, 2006

New Patents & Published Patent Applications From US and Over 30 Other Countries

Announcements and Forthcoming Meetings and Events

Contents and Author Index, Volume 31

VOLUME 31, NUMBERS 1/2, 2006

Microwave Propagation on Acupuncture Channels
M. Krevsky, E. Zinina, Y. Koshurinov, A. Ovechkin, Y. Tkachenko, W. Han, S-M. Lee, and G. Yoon.

Characterization of DNA-Containing Granules Flowing Through the Meridian Like System on the Internal Organs of Rabbits
V. Ogay, K-Y. Baik, B-C. Lee, and K-S. Soh

The Effects of "Zusanli" (ST.36) Acupuncture on the Bio-Availability of Sodium Pertechnetate in Wister Rats
V. Senna-Fernandesm, D. Franca, S. Moreno, S. Santos-Filho, P. Rogers, M. Bernardo-Filho, and M. Guimaraes.

Effects of Electro-acupuncture on Serum Cytokine Level and Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Subpopulation at Immune-Related and Non-Immune Related Points
M-S. Jong, S-J. Hwang, and F-P. Chen

Asbestos as a Possible Major Cause of Malignant Lung Tumors (Including Small Cell Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma & Mesothelioma), Brain Tumors (i.e. Astrocytoma & Glioblastoma Multiforme), Many Other Malignant Tumors, Intractable Pain Inlcuding Fibromyalgia, & Some Cardio-Vascular Pathology: Safe & Effective Methods of Reducing Asbestos From Normal & Pathological Areas
Y. Omura

Letter to the Editor: Firsthand Experience of Applying "(+) Polarity of Special Solar Energy Stored Paper" on Painful Joints
J. Wessner

Program of 21st Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electro-Therapeutics & Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, held at Columbia University October 22-25, 2005

Abstracts & Short papers of the 21st Annual Int'l Symposium on Acupuncture, Electro-Therapeutics & Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

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