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VOLUME 11, 2002

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 8, 2002


Quantitative [18F]Fluorodopa/PET and Histology of Fetal Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Grafts to the Striatum of MPTP-Poisoned Minipigs
Annette Møller Dall, Erik Hvid Danielsen, Jens Christian Sørensen, Flemming Andersen, Arne Møller, Jens Zimmer, Albert H. Gjedde, the DaNeX Group, and Paul Cumming

Neovascularization Induced by Autologous Bone Marrow Cell Implantation in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Kensuke Esato, Kimikazu Hamano, Tao-Sheng Li, Akira Furutani, Atsushi Seyama, Hiroaki Takenaka, and Nobuya Zempo

Embryonic Stem Cells Attenuate Viral Myocarditis in Murine Model
Ju-Feng Wang, Yingke Yang, Guangwu Wang, Jiangyong Min, Matthew F. Sullivan, Peipei Ping, Yong-Fu Xiao, and James P. Morgan

Autotransplantation in mdx Mice of mdx Myoblasts Genetically Corrected by an HSV-1 Amplicon Vector
Mathieu Bujold, Nicolas Caron, Goeffrey Camiran, Santwana Mukherjee, Paul. D. Allen, Jacques P. Tremblay, and Yaming Wang

Efficacy of the Oxygen-Charged Static Two-Layer Method for Short-Term Pancreas Preservation and Islet Isolation From Nonhuman Primate and Human Pancreata
Shinichi Matsumoto, Theodore H. Rigley, Sabrina A. Qualley, Yoshikazu Kuroda, Jo Anna Reems, and R. Brian Stevens

Induction of Chimerism in Mice Using Human MHC Class I-Mismatched Hoechst 33342 Side Population Donor Stem Cells
John D. Jackson, Guimei Zhou, Charles A. Kuszynski, Jin Cai, and Ira J. Fox

Development of a Novel Cytomedical Treatment That Can Protect Entrapped Cells From Host Humoral Immunity
Ryo Suzuki, Yasuo Yoshioka, Etsuko Kitano, Tatsunobu Yoshioka, Hiroaki Oka, Takayuki Okamoto, Naoki Okada, Yasuo Tsutsumi, Shinsaku Nakagawa, Jun-ichi Miyazaki, Hajime Kitamura, and Tadanori Mayumi

The Immunoprotective Effect of Sertoli Cells Coencapsulated With Islet Xenografts Is Not Dependent Upon Fas Ligand Expression
Hua Yang, Ayman Al-Jazaeri, and James R. Wright, Jr.

Effects of Carboxypeptidase E Overexpression on Insulin mRNA Levels, Regulated Insulin Secretion, and Proinsulin Processing of Pituitary GH3 Cells Transfected With a Furin-Cleavable Human Proinsulin cDNA
Luca Polastri, Francesca Galbiati, Franco Folli, and Alberto M. Davalli

Oxygen Tension and Blood Flow in Relation to Revascularization in Transplanted Adult and Fetal Rat Pancreatic Islets
Per-Ola Carlsson and Göran Mattsson

Evaluating the Effect of Serine Proteases on Collagenase Activity During Human Islet Isolation
Natisha L. Rose, Monica M. Palcic, and Jonathan R. T. Lakey

The Morphology of Islets Within the Porcine Donor Pancreas Determines the Isolation Result: Successful Isolation of Pancreatic Islets Can Now Be Achieved From Young Market Pigs
Mareike Krickhahn, Christoph Bühler, Thomas Meyer, Arnulf Thiede, and Karin Ulrichs

Volume 11 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 7, 2002


Anoikis: Roadblock to Cell Transplantation?
Isabel Zvibel, Françoise Smets, and Humberto Soriano


Monkey Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein
Tatsuyuki Takada, Yutaka Suzuki, Yasushi Kondo, Nae Kadota, Kinji Kobayashi, Shinji Nito, Hiroshi Kimura, and Ryuzo Torii

The Release of Excitatory Amino Acids, Dopamine, and Potassium Following Transplantation of Embryonic Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Grafts to the Rat Striatum, and Their Effects on Dopaminergic Neuronal Survival In Vitro
Rike Zietlow, Simon R. Sinclair, Christof J. Schwiening, Stephen B. Dunnett, and James W. Fawcett

Effects of Antioxidant Pretreatment on the Survival of Embryonic Dopaminergic Neurons In Vitro and Following Grafting in an Animal Model of Parkinson's Disease
R. M. Love, R. L. Branton, J. Karlsson, P. Brundin, and D. J. Clarke

Intracerebral Transplantation and Successful Integration of Astrocytes Following Genetic Modification With a High-Capacity Adenoviral Vector
S. Arnhold, F. Kreppel, S. Kandirali, D. Lenartz, F.-J. Klinz, V. Sturm, S. Kochanek, C. Andressen, and K. Addicks

Dynamics of the Early Immune Cellular Reactions After Myogenic Cell Transplantation
Daniel Skuk, Nicolas Caron, Marlyne Goulet, Brigitte Roy, Francisco Espinosa, and Jacques P. Tremblay

Mechanisms of Alloimmune Tolerance Associated With Mixed Chimerism Induced by Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplants
Rajen Ramsamooj, Ramon Llull, Mayuri P. Patel, Kenneth R. Beko, II, Kirby S. Black, and Charles W. Hewitt

Proliferative and Cytokine Responses in CTLA4-Ig-Treated Diabetic NOD Mice Transplanted With Microencapsulated Neonatal Porcine ICCs
Susan A. Safley, Judith A. Kapp, and Collin J. Weber

Decreased Survival of Islet Allografts in Rats With Advanced Chronic Complications of Diabetes
Wayne V. Moore, Karen Bieser, Zhoahui Geng, Pei Y. Tong, and Karen Kover

Co-Stimulatory Molecules in Islet Xenotransplantation: CTLA4Ig Treatment in CD40 Ligand-Deficient Mice
Birgitta Benda, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Robert Peach, Jan-Olov Sandberg, and Olle Korsgren

Insulin Treatment of Mice Recipients Preserves b-Cell Function in Porcine Islet Transplantation
Oleg Pakhomov, Jiry Honiger, Edouard Gouin, Roland Cariolet, Gerard Reach, and Sylviane Darquy


Stem Cells and CNS Development (Mahendra Rao, editor)
Tanja Zigova

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 6, 2002


Novel Means to Selectively Identify Sertoli Cell Transplants
Dwaine F. Emerich and Paul R. Sanberg


Identification of a Specific Sertoli Cell Marker, Sox9, for Use in Transplantation
R. A. Hemendinger, P. Gores, L. Blacksten, V. Harley, and C. Halberstadt

A Unique Cytoplasmic Marker for Extratesticular Sertoli Cells
D. F. Cameron, J. J. Hushen, T. Dejarlais, L. Colado, K. M. Wolski, P. R. Sanberg, and S. Saporta

Successful Single Donor Islet Allotransplantation in the Streptozotocin Diabetes Rat Model
Henning Jahr, Birte Hußmann, Torsten Eckhardt, and Reinhard G. Bretzel

Gene Transfection and Expression of Transforming Growth Factor-b1 in Nonobese Diabetic Mouse Islets Protects b-Cells in Syngeneic Islet Grafts From Autoimmune Destruction
Wilma L. Suarez-Pinzon, Yvonne Marcoux, Aziz Ghahary, and Alex Rabinovitch

Morphological and Functional Studies on Submucosal Islet Transplants in Normal and Diabetic Hamsters
Nikolay Tchervenivanov, Songyang Yuan, Mark Lipsett, Despina Agapitos, and Lawrence Rosenberg

Comparison of Size, Viability, and Function of Fetal Pig Islet-Like Cell Clusters After Digestion Using Collagenase or Liberase
Pauline Georges, Roslyn P. Muirhead, Lindy Williams, Sara Holman, Muhammad Tani Tabiin, Sophia K. Dean, and Bernard E. Tuch

Development of an Immunoprivileged Site to Prolong Islet Allograft Survival
Tatsuya Kin, Ray V. Rajotte, Jannette M. Dufour, and Gregory S. Korbutt

Intrasplenic Transplantation of Encapsulated Cells: A Novel Approach to Cell Therapy
Takeshi Aoki, Yutaka Umehara, Chiara Ferraresso, Nozomu Sugiyama, Yvette Middleton, Itzhak Avital, Daniel Inderbitzin, Achilles A. Demetriou, and Jacek Rozga

Innocuous Intracellular Ice Improves Survival of Frozen Cells
Jason P. Acker and Locksley E. McGann

Gene Therapy: A Lipofection Approach for Gene Transfer Into Primary Endothelial Cells
A. T. L. Young, J. R. T. Lakey, A. G. Murray, and R. B. Moore

Vascular Adventitia Is a Suitable Compartment to Transplant Transduced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells for Ex Vivo Gene Expression
Patricia C. B. Beltrão-Braga, Ivan H. J. Koh, Maria R. R. Silva, Paulo S. Gutierrez, and Sang. W. Han


Pharmacological, Cell, and Gene Therapy Strategies to Promote Spinal Cord Regeneration
Bas Blits, Gerard J. Boer, and Joost Verhaagen


Neural Transplantation in the New Millenium
Cesario V. Borlongan and Paul R. Sanberg


VOLUME 11, NUMBER 5, 2002

Cell Therapy 2001: Introduction
Tosihiro Akaike


Role of Intrasplenic Hepatocyte Transplantation in Improving Survival and Liver Regeneration After Hepatic Resection in Cirrhotic Rats
Tarik A. Ahmad, Susumu Eguchi, Katsuhiko Yanaga, Shungo Miyamoto, Yukio Kamohara, Hikaru Fujioka, Junichiro Furui, and Takashi Kanematsu

Cultivation of Fetal Liver Cells in a Three-Dimensional Poly-L-Lactic Acid Scaffold in the Presence of Oncostatin
Jinlan Jiang, Nobuhiko Kojima, Taisei Kinoshita, Atsushi Miyajima, Weiqun Yan, and Yasuyuki Sakai

Soluble Asialoglycoprotein Receptors Reflect the Apoptosis of Hepatocytes
Tetsuji Kakegawa, Hirohiko Ise, Nobuhiro Sugihara, Toshio Nikaido, Naoki Negishi, Toshihiro Akaike, and Eiji Tanaka

Engineering of Human Hepatocyte Lines for Cell Therapies in Humans: Prospects and Remaining Hurdles
Naoya Kobayashi and Noriaki Tanaka

Transduction of Immortalized Human Hepatocytes With p21 to Enhance Differentiated Phenotypes
Takemi Kunieda, Naoya Kobayashi, Masakiyo Sakaguchi, Teru Okitsu, Toshinori Totsugawa, Takamasa Watanabe, Toshihisa Matsumura, Masanobu Maruyama, Hirofumi Noguchi, Michihiko Takesue, Norikuni Shibata, Kenji Ohmoto, Toshiyoshi Fujiwara, Shinichiro Yamamoto, and Noriaki Tanaka

Evidence for Hepatocyte Differentiation From Embryonic Stem Cells In Vitro
Hitoshi Miyashita, Atsushi Suzuki, Katashi Fukao, Hiromitsu Nakauchi, and Hideki Taniguchi

Enhanced In Vitro Maturation of Fetal Mouse Liver Cells With Oncostatin M, Nicotinamide, and Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Y. Sakai, J. Jiang, N. Kojima, T. Kinoshita, and A. Miyajima

Transplantation of Amniotic Epithelial Cells Into Fetal Rat Liver by In Utero Manipulation
Nanae Takahashi, Shin Enosawa, Tasuku Mitani, Hua Lu, Seiichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Amemiya, Takashi Amano, and Norio Sakuragawa

Establishment of Clonal Colony-Forming Assay System for Pancreatic Stem/Progenitor Cells
Atsushi Suzuki, Kazunobu Oyama, Katashi Fukao, Hiromitsu Nakauchi, and Hideki Taniguchi

Normalization of Blood Glucose After Islet Cografting With Placental Tissues in Diabetic Mice
Kazuhisa Suzuki, Hiroo Ueda, Koichi Yokono, and Hiroshi Taniguchi

Implantation of BDNF-Producing Packaging Cells Into Brain
Hidefumi Fukumitsu, Sayaka Takase-Yoden, Shoei Furukawa, Kiyomitsu Nemoto, Tomio Ikeda, and Rihito Watanabe

Feasibility of Using Early Mesencephalic Neural Plate for Intracerebral Grafting
Takuro Hayashi, Koichi Uchida, Yutaka Mine, Motoyuki Yamada, and Takeshi Kawase

Cell Transplantation to the Brain With Microglia Labeled by Neuropathogenic Retroviral Vector System
Rihito Watanabe, Sayaka Takase-Yoden, Hidefumi Fukumitsu, and Kazuyuki Nakajima

Hybrid of Gel-Cultured Smooth Muscle Cells With PLLA Sponge as a Scaffold Towards Blood Vessel Regeneration
Katsuko S. Furukawa, Takashi Ushida, Kenshi Toita, Yasuyuki Sakai, and Tetsuya Tateishi

Lentiviral Rransfer of the LacZ Gene Into Human Endothelial Cells and Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Toshinori Totsugawa, Naoya Kobayashi, Teru Okitsu, Hirofumi Noguchi, Takamasa Watanabe, Toshihisa Matsumura, Masanobu Maruyama, Toshiyoshi Fujiwara, Masakiyo Sakaguchi, and Noriaki Tanaka

Three-Dimensional Seeding of Chondrocytes Encapsulated in Collagen Gel Into PLLA Scaffolds
Takashi Ushida, Katsuko Furukawa, Kenshi Toita, and Tetsuya Tateishi

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 4, 2002


Pancreatic Islet Transplantation: An Update
Luigi Biancone and Camillo Ricordi


Microencapsulation of Cells Producing Therapeutic Proteins: Optimizing Cell Growth and Secretion
Anne Mari Rokstad, Synnøve Holtan, Berit Strand, Bjørg Steinkjer, Liv Ryan, Bård Kulseng, Gudmund Skjåk-Bræk, and Terje Espevik

In Vitro Study of Encapsulation Therapy for Fabry Disease Using Genetically Engineered CHO Cell Line
Y. Naganawa, K. Ohsugi, R. Kase, I. Date, H. Sakuraba, and N. Sakuragawa

Enhanced Vascularization and Survival of Neural Transplants With Ex Vivo Angiogenic Gene Transfer
Diana Casper, Samara J. Engstrom, Gautam R. Mirchandani, Ann Pidel, David Palencia, Paul H. Cho, Michael Brownlee, Diane Edelstein, Howard J. Federoff, and William J. Sonstein

Effects of Caspase Inhibitors on Hematopoietic Engraftment After Short-Term Culture
Anne Wiesmann, A. Elena Searles, L. Jeanne Pierce, and Gerald J. Spangrude

In Vivo Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Into Hepatocytes
Dongho Choi, Hyun-Jeong Oh, Uck-Jin Chang, Soo Kyung Koo, Jean X. Jiang, Sue-Yun Hwang, Jung-Dal Lee, George C. Yeoh, Hee-Sup Shin, Jin-Sung Lee, and Bermseok Oh

Hydrogel-Coated Textile Scaffolds as Three-Dimensional Growth Support for Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs): Possibilities as Coculture System in Liver Tissue Engineering
Makarand V. Risbud, Erdal Karamuk, René Moser, and Joerg Mayer

High Metabolic Function of Primary Human and Porcine Hepatocytes in a Polyurethane Foam/Spheroid Culture System in Plasma From Patients With Fulminant Hepatic Failure
Yo-ichi Yamashita, Mitsuo Shimada, Eiji Tsujita, Ken Shirabe, Hiroyuki Ijima, Kohji Nakazawa, Ryoichi Sakiyama, Junji Fukuda, Kazumori Funatsu, and Keizo Sugimachi

Transient Hyperproliferation of a Transgenic Human Epidermis Expressing Hepatocyte Growth Factor
Karen E. Hamoen and Jeffrey R. Morgan

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 3, 2002


Emerging Strategies in Neural Transplantation and Repair: A Special Issue Based on the Eighth Annual Conference
Jacqueline Sagen and Scott R. Whittemore, Guest Coeditors

A Sequential Intrastriatal Dopaminergic Graft Strategy in the Rodent Model for Parkinson's Disease: Implications for Graft Survival and Targeting
K. A. Baker, M. B. Purdy, D. Sadi, K. Mukhida, and I. Mendez

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid Improves the Survival and Function of Nigral Transplants in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease
Wei-Ming Duan, Cecilia M. P. Rodrigures, Li-Ru Zhao, Clifford J. Steer, and Walter C. Low

Striatal Xenotransplantation of Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells Attached to Microcarriers in Hemiparkinsonian Rats Ameliorates Behavioral Deficits Without Provoking a Host Immune Response
Thyagarajan Subramanian, Deanna Marchionini, Elizabeth M. Potter, and Michael L. Cornfeldt

Adeno-Associated Viral Delivery of GDNF Promotes Recovery of Dopaminergic Phenotype Following a Unilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine Lesion
John McGrath, Elishia Lintz, Barry J. Hoffer, Greg A. Gerhardt, E. Matthew Quintero, and Ann-Charlotte Granholm

Upregulation of EphA Receptor Expression in the Injured Adult Rat Spinal Cord
Christopher A. Willson, Margarita Irizarry-Ramírez, Hope E. Gaskins, Lillian Cruz-Orengo, Johnny D. Figueroa, Scott R. Whittemore, and Jorge D. Miranda

Muscle Reinnervation With Delayed or Immediate Transplant of Embryonic Ventral Spinal Cord Cells Into Adult Rat Peripheral Nerve
Robert M. Grumbles, Patrick Wood, Michelle Rudinsky, Anna M. Gomez, and Christine K. Thomas

T155g-Immortalized Kidney Cells Produce Growth Factors and Reduce Sequelae of Cerebral Ischemia
Ora Dillon-Carter, Rowena E. Johnston, Cesario V. Borlongan, Mary Ellen Truckenmiller, Mark Coggiano, and William J. Freed

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Can Be Induced to Express Markers for Neurons and Glia
Alma R. Bicknese, Holly S. Goodwin, Cheryl O. Quinn, Verneake C. D. Henderson, Shin-Nan Chien, and Donna A. Wall

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Express Neural Antigens After Transplantation Into the Developing Rat Brain
Tanja Zigova, Shijie Song, Alison E. Willing, Jennifer E. Hudson, Mary B. Newman, Samuel Saporta, Juan Sanchez-Ramos, and Paul R. Sanberg

Intravenous Administration of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Reduces Neurological Deficit in the Rat After Traumatic Brain Injury
Dunyue Lu, Paul R. Sanberg, Asim Mahmood, Yi Li, Lei Wang, Juan Sanchez-Ramos, and Michael Chopp

Fibronectin Promotes Survival and Migration of Primary Neural Stem Cells Transplanted Into the Traumatically Injured Mouse Brain
Matthew C. Tate, Deborah A. Shear, Stuart W. Hoffman, Donald G. Stein, David R. Archer, and Michelle C. LaPlaca

TrkC Overexpression Enhances Survival and Migration of Neural Stem Cell Transplants in the Rat Spinal Cord
Daniel A. Castellanos, Pantelis Tsoulfas, Beata R. Frydel, Shyam Gajavelli, Jean-Claude Bes, and Jacqueline Sagen

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2, 2002


Islet Xenotransplantation
Raffaella Poggioli, Luca Inverardi, and Camillo Ricordi


Beneficial Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Islet Transplantation
Jyuhn-Huarng Juang, Brend Ray-Sea Hsu, Chien-Hung Kuo, and Steve Wen-Neng Ueng

Islet Transplantation Under the Kidney Capsule Corrects the Defects in Glycogen Metabolism in Both Liver and Muscle of Streptozocin-Diabetic Rats
Margherita Matarazzo, Maria Grazia Giardina, Vincenzo Guardasole, Alberto M. Davalli, Edward S. Horton, Gordon C. Weir, Luigi Saccà, and Raffaele Napoli

Distinct Characteristics and Features of Allogeneic Chimerism in the NOD Mouse Model of Autoimmune Diabetes
Tatiana D. Zorina, Vladimir M. Subbotin, Suzanne Bertera, Angela M. Alexander, Catherine Haluszczak, Alexis J. Styche, and Massimo Trucco

Induction of Ectopic Bone Formation by Using Human Periosteal Cells in Combination With a Novel Scaffold Technology
Jan-Thorsten Schantz, Dietmar Werner Hutmacher, Harvey Chim, Kee Woei Ng, Thiam Chye Lim, and Swee Hin Teoh

Intradermal Cell Transplantation in Soluble Collagen
Hao Zhang and Peter J. Hornsby

Flt3-L Augments the Engraftment of Donor-Derived Bone Marrow Cells When Combined With Sublethal Irradiation and Costimulatory (CD28/B7 and CD40/CD40L) Blockade
Jennifer E. Woodward, Abdus Salam, Alison J. Logar, Adam T. Schaefer, and Abdul S. Rao

Engraftment and Function of Intrasplenically Transplanted Cold Stored Rat Hepatocytes
Silvana V. Spinelli, Joaquín V. Rodríguez, Alejandra B. Quintana, María G. Mediavilla, and Edgardo E. Guibert

Changes in Mass and Performance in Rabbit Muscles After Muscle Damage With or Without Transplantation of Primary Satellite Cells
Ramzi Boubaker el Andalousi, Paul-André Daussin, Jean-Paul Micallef, Colette Roux, Jean Nougues, Michel Chammas, Yves Reyne, and Francis Bacou

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 1, 2002


Cell Transplantation for Parkinson's Disease
D. F. Emerich


Xenografts of MHC-Deficient Mouse Embryonic Mesencephalon Improve Behavioral Recovery in Hemiparkinsonian Rats
Lone M. Veng, Kimberly B. Bjugstad, Curt R. Freed, Philippa Marrack, Edward D. Clarkson, K. Patricia Bell, Cindy Hutt, and W. Michael Zawada

Intrathecal Spinal Progenitor Cell Transplantation for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
Chung-Ren Lin, Ping-Ching Wu, Hsun-Chang Shih, Jiin-Tsuey Cheng, Cheng-Yuan Lu, An-Kuo Chou, and Lin-Cheng Yang

Alternative Sources of Neurons and Glia From Somatic Stem Cells
Yvan Torrente, Marzia Belicchi, Federica Pisati, Stefano F. Pagano, Francesco Fortunato, Manuela Sironi, Maria Grazia D'Angelo, Eugenio A. Parati, Guglielmo Scarlato, and Nereo Bresolin

Injection of Chemotherapeutic Microspheres and Glioma III: Parameters to Optimize Efficacy
Dwaine F. Emerich, Shelley R. Winn, and Raymond T. Bartus

Injection of Chemotherapeutic Microspheres and Glioma IV: Eradicating Tumors in Rats
Dwaine F. Emerich, Shelley R. Winn, and Raymond T. Bartus

Long-Term Insulin Independence Following Repeated Islet Transplantation in Totally Pancreatectomized Diabetic Pigs
Eugenio Morsiani, Luciano Fogli, Giovanni Lanza, Jr., Laura T. Lebow, Achilles A. Demetriou, and Jacek Rozga

Newly Designed Compliant Hierarchic Hybrid Vascular Grafts Wrapped With a Microprocessed Elastomeric Film--I: Fabrication Procedure and Compliance Matching
Takehisa Matsuda and Hongbing He

Newly Designed Compliant Hierarchic Hybrid Vascular Graft Wrapped With Microprocessed Elastomeric Film--II: Morphogenesis and Compliance Change Upon Implantation
Hongbing He and Takehisa Matsuda