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The Regenerative Medicine Journal

VOLUME 16, 2007

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 10, 2007


The TIM Family of Cosignaling Receptors: Emerging Targets for the Regulation of Autoimmune Disease and Transplantation Tolerance
Wayne Truong and A. M. James Shapiro

Original Contributions

Transplants of Encapsulated Rat Choroid Plexus Cells Exert Neuroprotection in a Rodent Model of Huntington's Disease
Cesario V. Borlongan, Christopher G. Thanos, Steven J. M. Skinner, Marilyn Geaney, and Dwaine F. Emerich

Intravenously Administered Bone Marrow Cells Migrate to Damaged Brain Tissue and Improve Neural Function in Ischemic Rats
Jiang Wu, Zhuo Sun, Hong-Shuo Sun, Jun Wu, Richard D. Weisel, Armand Keating, Zhi-Hong Li, Zhong-Ping Feng, and Ren-Ke Li

In Vivo Tracking of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Experimental Stroke
Daehong Kim, Byoung-gi Chun, Yeon-Kyung Kim, Yong Hyun Lee, Cheong-Soo Park, Iksoo Jeon, Chaejoon Cheong, Tae-Sun Hwang, Hyungmin Chung, Byoung Joo Gwag, Kwan Soo Hong, and Jihwan Song

Recombinant AAV Viral Vectors Serotype 1, 2, and 5 Mediate Differential Gene Transfer Efficiency in Rat Striatal Fetal Grafts
Alphonse Lubansu, Laurence Abeloos, Olivier Bockstael, Enni Lehtonen, David Blum, Jacques Brotchi, Marc Levivier, and Liliane Tenenbaum

Serum-Free Medium Provides a Clinically Relevant Method to Increase Olfactory Ensheathing Cell Numbers in Olfactory Mucosa Cell Culture
Daisuke Ito, Naoki Fujita, Chrystelle Ibanez, Nobuo Sasaki, Robin J. M. Franklin, and Nick D. Jeffery

Comparison of Successful and Unsuccessful Islet/Sertoli Cell Cotransplant Grafts in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice
Jannette M. Dufour, Sarah J. Lord, Tatsuya Kin, Gina R. Rayat, Doreen E. Dixon, R. Chris Bleackley, Gregory S. Korbutt, and Ray V. Rajotte

Automated, High-Throughput Assays for Evaluation of Human Pancreatic Islet Function
Over Cabrera, M. Caroline Jacques-Silva, Dora M. Berman, Alberto Fachado, Felipe Echeverri, Ramon Poo, Aisha Khan, Norma S. Kenyon, Camillo Ricordi, Per-Olof Berggren, and Alejandro Caicedo

Multifunctional Pancreatic Islet Encapsulation Barriers Achieved Via Multilayer PEG Hydrogels
Laney M. Weber, Charles Y. Cheung, and Kristi S. Anseth

Concentration of Bone Marrow Total Nucleated Cells by a Point-of-Care Device Provides a High Yield and Preserves Their Functional Activity
Patrick C. Hermann, Stephan L. Huber, Tanja Herrler, Christoph von Hesler, Joachim Andrassy, Sherwin V. Kevy, May S. Jacobson, and Christopher Heeschen

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Volume 16 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 9, 2007



Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy From Bench to Bedside
Amit N. Patel and Warren Sherman, Guest Editors

SDF-1 Recruits Cardiac Stem Cell-Like Cells That Depolarize In Vivo
Samuel Unzek, Ming Zhang, Niladri Mal, William R. Mills, Kenneth R. Laurita, and Marc S. Penn

Acute Myocardial Infarction in Swine Rapidly and Selectively Releases Highly Proliferative Endothelial Colony Forming Cells (ECFCs) Into Circulation
Lan Huang, Dongming Hou, Meredith A. Thompson, Sarah E. Baysden, W. Christopher Shelley, David A. Ingram, Keith L. March, and Mervin C. Yoder

Improved Cell Survival in Infarcted Myocardium Using a Novel Combination Transmyocardial Laser and Cell Delivery System
Amit N. Patel, Cristiano Spadaccio, Michael Kuzman, Eulsoon Park, David W. Fischer, Steven L. Stice, Chandra Mullangi, and Catalin Toma

Human Cord Blood Cells and Myocardial Infarction: Effect of Dose and Route of Administration on Infarct Size
Robert J. Henning, Jose D. Burgos, Mark Vasko, Felipe Alvarado, Cyndy D. Sanberg, Paul R. Sanberg, and Michael B. Morgan

Time-Dependent Effects on Coronary Remodeling and Epicardial Conductance After Intracoronary Injection of Enriched Hematopoietic Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Patients With Previous Myocardial Infarction
Marc Vanderheyden, Steven Vercauteren, Samer Mansour, Leen Delrue, Bart Vandekerckhove, Guy R. Heyndrickx, Inge Van Haute, Bernard De Bruyne, Frank Timmermans, William Wijns, and Jozef Bartunek

Myocardial Assistance by Grafting a New Bioartificial Upgraded Myocardium (MAGNUM Clinical Trial): One Year Follow-Up
Juan C. Chachques, Jorge C. Trainini, Noemi Lago, Osvaldo H. Masoli, Jose L. Barisani, Miguel Cortes-Morichetti, Olivier Schussler, and Alain Carpentier

Safety of Intramyocardial Stem Cell Therapy for the Ischemic Myocardium: Results of the Rostock Trial After 5-Year Follow-Up
Can Yerebakan, Alexander Kaminski, Andreas Liebold, and Gustav Steinhoff

Intramyocardial Delivery of Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells and Mechanical Assist Device Implantation in Patients With End-Stage Cardiomyopathy
Boris A. Nasseri, Marian Kukucka, Michael Dandel, Christoph Knosalla, Evgenij Potapov, Hans B. Lehmkuhl, Rudolph Meyer, Wolfram Ebell, Christof Stamm, and Roland Hetzer


Cardiac Cell-Based Therapy: Cell Types and Mechanisms of Actions
Geraldo A. Ramos and Joshua M. Hare

Adipose-Derived Cells
Emanuele Meliga, Brian M. Strem, H. J. Duckers, and Patrick W. Serruys

Myocyte Replacement Therapy: Skeletal Myoblasts
Warren Sherman

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 8, 2007

Original Contributions

The Effects of Cell Density and Device Arrangement on the Behavior of Macroencapsulated b-Cells
Kristen E. La Flamme, Thomas J. LaTempa, Craig A. Grimes, and Tejal A. Desai

Expression of Transforming Growth Factor-b by Human Islets: Impact on Islet Viability and Function
Omaima M. Sabek, Daniel W. Fraga, James Henry, Lillian W. Gaber, Malak Kotb, and A. Osama Gaber

Combination of Anti-CD4 With Anti-LFA-1 and Anti-CD154 Monoclonal Antibodies Promotes Long-Term Survival and Function of Neonatal Porcine Islet Xenografts in Spontaneously Diabetic NOD Mice
Hossein Arefanian, Eric B. Tredget, Ray V. Rajotte, Gregory S. Korbutt, Ron G. Gill, and Gina R. Rayat

Neural Progenitor Cells Derived From the Adult Rat Subventricular Zone: Characterization and Transplantation
Kevin Chen, Stephanie M. Hughes, and Bronwen Connor

Nerve Regeneration Promoted in a Tube With Vascularity Containing Bone Marrow-Derived Cells
Tomoyuki Yamakawa, Ryosuke Kakinoki, Ryosuke Ikeguchi, Ken Nakayama, Yoshihide Morimoto, and Takashi Nakamura

Comparison of Chondral Defects Repair With In Vitro and In Vivo Differentiated Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Hongbin Fan, Haifeng Liu, Rui Zhu, Xusheng Li, Yuming Cui, Yunyu Hu, and Yongnian Yan

Subcultured Odontogenic Epithelial Cells in Combination With Dental Mesenchymal Cells Produce Enamel-Dentin-Like Complex Structures
M. J. Honda, Y. Shinohara, K. I. Hata, and M. Ueda

Efficient Intracytoplasmic Labeling of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stromal Cells With Ferumoxides
Jae Kwon Lee, Man Kyoung Lee, Hye Jin Jin, Dal-Soo Kim, Yoon Sun Yang, Wonil Oh, Sung-Eun Yang, Tae Seok Park, Soo Yeol Lee, Bum-Soo Kim, and Sin-Soo Jeun

Isolation of Mouse Hepatocytes for Transplantation: A Comparison Between Antegrade and Retrograde Liver Perfusion
Zhaohui Yin, Ewa C. S. Ellis, and Greg Nowak


Stem Cell Research in Cell Transplantation: An Analysis of Geopolitical Influence by Publications
David J. Eve and Paul R. Sanberg

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 7, 2007

Original Contributions

Consistency and Safety of Cell Banks for Research and Clinical Use: Preliminary Analysis of Fetal Skin Banks
Aurelie Quintin, Nathalie Hirt-Burri, Corinne Scaletta, Constantin Schizas, Dominique P. Pioletti, and Lee Ann Applegate

Good Manufacturing Practice-Compliant Expansion of Marrow-Derived Stem and Progenitor Cells for Cell Therapy
Martin H. Gastens, Kristin Goltry, Wolfgang Prohaska, Diethelm Tschöpe, Bernd Stratmann, Dirk Lammers, Stanley Kirana, Christian Götting, and Knut Kleesiek

Aging Reduces the Neuroprotective Capacity, VEGF Secretion, and Metabolic Activity of Rat Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells
Dwaine F. Emerich, Patricia Schneider, Briannan Bintz, Jebecka Hudak, and Christopher G. Thanos

Effect of Pretransplant Preconditioning by Whole Body Hyperthermia on Islet Graft Survival
H. Brandhorst, M. Olbrich, A. Neumann, H. Jahr, and D. Brandhorst

Adult-Derived Human Liver Mesenchymal-Like Cells as a Potential Progenitor Reservoir of Hepatocytes?
Mustapha Najimi, Dung Ngoc Khuu, Philippe Antoine Lysy, Nawal Jazouli, Jorge Abarca, Christine Sempoux, and Etienne Marc Sokal

Novel Cell Seeding System Into a Porous Scaffold Using a Modified Low-Pressure Method to Enhance Cell Seeding Efficiency and Bone Formation
Ichiro Torigoe, Shinichi Sotome, Akio Tsuchiya, Toshitaka Yoshii, Makoto Takahashi, Shigenori Kawabata, and Kenichi Shinomiya

Improvement of Urethral Sphincter Deficiency in Female Rats Following Autologous Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts Grafting
Christophe Praud, Philippe Sebe, Anne-Sophie Biérinx, and Alain Sebille


Regenerative Medicine: An Analysis of Cell Transplantation's Impact
David J. Eve and Paul R. Sanberg

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 6, 2007

Original Contributions

Autologous Transplantation of Muscle-Derived CD133+ Stem Cells in Duchenne Muscle Patients
Y. Torrente, M. Belicchi, C. Marchesi, G. D'Antona, F. Cogiamanian, F. Pisati, M. Gavina, R. Giordano, R. Tonlorenzi, G. Fagiolari, C. Lamperti, L. Porretti, R. Lopa, M. Sampaolesi, L. Vicentini, N. Grimoldi, F. Tiberio, V. Songa, P. Baratta, A. Prelle, L. Forzenigo, M. Guglieri, O. Pansarasa, C. Rinaldi, V. Mouly, G. S. Butler-Browne, G. P. Comi, P. Biondetti, M. Moggio, S. M. Gaini, N. Stocchetti, A. Priori, M. G. D'Angelo, A. Turconi, R. Bottinelli, G. Cossu, P. Rebulla, and N. Bresolin

Ex Vivo Expansion and Transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells Supported by Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Human Umbilical Cord Blood
Guo-Ping Huang, Zhi-Jun Pan, Bing-Bing Jia, Qiang Zheng, Chun-Gang Xie, Jiang-Hong Gu, Ian K. McNiece, and Jin-Fu Wang

A Closed System for Islet Isolation and Purification Using the COBE2991 Cell Processor May Reduce the Need of Clean Room Facilities
R. A. Klaffschenkel, A. Biesemeier, M. Waidmann, H. Northoff, W. Steurer, A. Ko nigsrainer, and N. Lembert

Toward Maximizing the Success Rates of Human Islet Isolation: Influence of Donor and Isolation Factors
Gaston M. Ponte, Antonello Pileggi, Shari Messinger, Angel Alejandro, Hirohito Ichii, David A. Baidal, Aisha Khan, Camillo Ricordi, John A. Goss, and Rodolfo Alejandro

Encapsulation of Porcine Islets Permits Extended Culture Time and Insulin Independence in Spontaneously Diabetic BB Rats
Lawrence S. Gazda, Horatiu V. Vinerean, Melissa A. Laramore, Carolyn H. Diehl, Richard D. Hall, Albert L. Rubin, and Barry H. Smith

Distribution of Intraportally Implanted Microspheres and Fluorescent Islets in Mice
Erik von Seth, Daniel Nyqvist, Arne Andersson, Per-Ola Carlsson, Martin Ko hler, Go¨ran Mattsson, Astrid Nordin, Per-Olof Berggren, and Leif Jansson

Hepatocyte Transplantation for Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ib
Kwang-Woong Lee, Ji-Hyun Lee, Sung Wook Shin, Sung Joo Kim, Jae Won Joh, Doo-Hoon Lee, Jong-Won Kim, Hwa-Young Park, Soo-Youn Lee, Hwan Hyo Lee, Jin Wan Park, Shi-Yeon Kim, Hee-Hoon Yoon, Doo-Hee Jung, Yon Ho Choe, and Suk-Koo Lee

Cryopreservation-Induced Nonattachment of Human Hepatocytes: Role of Adhesion Molecules
Claire Terry, Robin D. Hughes, Ragai R. Mitry, Sharon C. Lehec, and Anil Dhawan

Culture of Keratinocytes for Transplantation Without the Need of Feeder Layer Cells
Neeltje A. Coolen, Michelle Verkerk, Linda Reijnen, Marcel Vlig, Antoon J. van den Bogaerdt, Melanie Breetveld, Susan Gibbs, Esther Middelkoop, and Magda M. W. Ulrich

Inhibition of Apoptosis by Expression of Antiapoptotic Proteins in Recombinant Human Keratinocytes
Claudia Y. U. Choi, Kerstin Reimers, Christina Allmeling, Susanne Kall, Yeong-Hoon Choi, and Peter M. Vogt

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 5, 2007

Original Contributions

Nitric Oxide-Containing Neurons in Long-Term Grafts in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease
B. Rajakumar, B. A. Flumerfelt, A. W. Hrycyshyn, and N. Rajakumar

The Effect of Truncated Human a-Synuclein (1-20) on Dopaminergic Cells in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease
A. W. Michell, G. K. Tofaris, H. Gossage, P. Tyers, M. G. Spillantini, and R. A. Barker

Combined Treatment of Neurotrophin-3 Gene and Neural Stem Cells Is Propitious to Functional Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury
Luyi Zhang, Shuting Gu, Cuiping Zhao, and Tieqiao Wen

An Immortalized Rat Ventral Mesencephalic Cell Line, RTC4, Is Protective in a Rodent Model of Stroke
B. K. Harvey, G. J. Chen, C. J. Schoen, C. T. Lee, D. B. Howard, O. Dillon-Carter, M. Coggiano, W. J. Freed, Y. Wang, B. J. Hoffer, and J. F. Sanchez

Chondroitinase ABC Treatment Enhances Synaptogenesis Between Transplant and Host Neurons in Model of Retinal Degeneration
Takuya Suzuki, Masayuki Akimoto, Hiroo Imai, Yoshiki Ueda, Michiko Mandai, Nagahisa Yoshimura, Anand Swaroop, and Masayo Takahashi

Time Course and Quantification of Pancreatic Islet Revascularization Following Intraportal Transplantation
Gareth L. Jones, Maciej T. Juszczak, Stephen J. Hughes, Paul Kooner, Stephen H. Powis, and Martin Press

Role of Blood Glucose in Cytokine Gene Expression in Early Syngeneic Islet Transplantation
Marta Montolio, Noèlia Téllez, Joan Soler, and Eduard Montanya

Cell Loss During Pseudoislet Formation Hampers Profound Improvements in Islet Lentiviral Transduction Efficacy for Transplantation Purposes
H. Callewaert, C. Gysemans, A. K. Cardozo, M. Elsner, M. Tiedge, D. L. Eizirik, and C. Mathieu

Improved Quality and In Vivo Function of Islets Isolated by Reduced Pressure-Controlled Injection of Collagenase in a Rat Model
Shiri Li, Tetsuya Sakai, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Tadahiro Goto, Tomohiro Tanaka, Takuro Yoshikawa, Keitaro Kakinoki, Yasuki Tanioka, Ippei Matsumoto, Yasuhiro Fujino, and Yoshikazu Kuroda

Intrasplenic Hepatocyte Transplantation Prolonged the Survival in Nagase Analbuminemic Rats With Liver Failure Induced by Common Bile Duct Ligation
Masahiro Ito, Hideo Nagata, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Daisuke Yoshihara, Ira J. Fox, and Shuichi Miyakawa

Comparison of Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Different Tissues to Suppress T-Cell Activation
Kirsten A. Keyser, Karen E. Beagles, and Hans-Peter Kiem

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 4, 2007


Stem Cell-Based Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury
Byung Gon Kim, Dong Hoon Hwang, Seung Im Lee, Eun Jeong Kim, and Seung U. Kim

Original Contributions

Comparison of Cell Therapy and Cytokine Therapy for Functional Repair in Ischemic and Nonischemic Heart Failure
Tao-Sheng Li, Akihito Mikamo, Masaya Takahashi, Ryo Suzuki, Kazuhiro Ueda, Yasuhiro Ikeda, Masunori Matsuzaki, and Kimikazu Hamano

Acute Rejection of White Adipose Tissue Allograft
Vitaly Ablamunits, Alan J. Goldstein, Marina H. Tovbina, Harold P. Gaetz, and Simon Klebanov

1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Increases the Transplantation Success of Human Muscle Precursor Cells in SCID Mice
Lionel Stephan, Manaf Bouchentouf, Philippe Mills, Jean-François Lafreniere, and Jacques P. Tremblay

Cell Viability and Noninvasive In Vivo MRI Tracking of 3D Cell Encapsulating Self-Assembled Microcontainers
Barjor Gimi, Dmitri Artemov, Timothy Leong, David H. Gracias, Wesley Gilson, Matthias Stuber, and Zaver M. Bhujwalla

Cryopreservation of Human Hepatocytes Alters the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complex 1
Xavier Stéphenne, Mustapha Najimi, Dung Khuu Ngoc, Françoise Smets, Louis Hue, Bruno Guigas, and Etienne M. Sokal

Engineered Adipose Tissue Formation Enhanced by Basis Fibroblast Growth Factor and a Mechanically Stable Environment
Seung-Woo Cho, Kang Won Song, Jong Won Rhie, Moon Hyang Park, Cha Yong Choi, and Byung-Soo Kim

Brief Communication

In Vitro Exposure of Cultured Porcine Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells to Immunosuppressant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Psychoactive Drugs
Dwaine F. Emerich, Patricia Schneider, Briannan Bintz, Jebecka Hudak, and Christopher G. Thanos

Case Study

Long-Term Graft Function After Allogeneic Islet Transplantation
Jonathan R. T. Lakey, Tatsuya Kin, Garth L. Warnock, A. M. James Shapiro, Panagiotis Tsapogas, Sharleen Imes, Gregory S. Korbutt, Norman M. Kneteman, Ray V. Rajotte, and Edmond A. Ryan

Book Review

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols (Kursad Turksen, editor)
Juan Sanchez-Ramos

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 3, 2007



Challenges in Neurorestoration: A Special Issue for the 14th Annual American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair (ASNTR) Meeting
Marina E. Emborg, Guest Editor

Original Contributions

Heparan Sulfate Mediates Neuroprotection From Degeneration in Experimental Glutaric Aciduria
Michelle C. Naylor, Mesfin Negia, Meredith Noetzel, Terry C. Burns, Zach L. Demorest, and Walter C. Low

Galantamine Effects on Memory, Spatial Cue Utilization, and Neurotrophic Factors in Aged Female Rats
K. L. French, H. A. Bimonte-Nelson, and A.-Ch. Granholm

Schwann Cell Transplantation Improved Reticulospinal Axon Growth and Forelimb Strength After Severe Cervical Spinal Cord Contusion
S. M. Schaal, B. M. Kitay, K. S. Cho, T. P. Lo, Jr., D. J. Barakat, A. E. Marcillo, A. R. Sanchez, C. M. Andrade, and D. D. Pearse

Differential Loss of Presynaptic Dopaminergic Markers in Parkinsonian Monkeys
Diane T. Stephenson, Mary Abigail Childs, Qiu Li, Santos Carvajal-Gonzalez, Alan Opsahl, Mark Tengowski, Martin D. Meglasson, Kalpana Merchant, and Marina E. Emborg


The Pivotal Role of RhoA GTPase in the Molecular Signaling of Axon Growth Inhibition After CNS Injury and Targeted Therapeutic Strategies
Robert E. Gross, Qi Mei, Claire-Anne Gutekunst, and Enrique Torre

Plasticity of the Central Nervous System and Formation of "Auxiliary Niches" After Stem Cell Grafting: An Essay
Véclav Ourednik and Jitka Ourednik

The Role of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Ischemic Cerebral and Heart Diseases
Dah-Ching Ding, Woei-Cherng Shyu, Shinn-Zong Lin, and Hung Li

Blood-Brain Barrier Pathology in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease: Implications for Drug Therapy
Brinda S. Desai, Angela J. Monahan, Paul M. Carvey, and Bill Hendey

Huntington's Disease: Pathological Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies
Shilpa Ramaswamy, Kathleen M. Shannon, and Jeffrey H. Kordower

Abstracts for the 14th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 2, 2007



9th International Conference on Neural Transplantation and Repair
Shinn-Zong Lin, Guest Editor

Making Stem Cell Lines Suitable for Transplantation
Helen Hodges, Kenneth Pollock, Paul Stroemer, Sara Patel, Lara Stevanato, Iris Reuter, and John Sinden

Derivation of Functional Dopamine Neurons From Embryonic Stem Cells
Dae-Sung Kim, Ji Young Kim, Minkyung Kang, Myung Soo Cho, and Dong-Wook Kim

Intracerebral Transplantation of Genetically Engineered Cells for Parkinson's Disease: Toward Clinical Application
Takao Yasuhara and Isao Date

Neural Stem Cells, Neural Progenitors, and Neurotrophic Factors
Yi-Chao Hsu, Don-Ching Lee, and Ing-Ming Chiu

Umbilical Cord Blood Research: Current and Future Perspectives
Jennifer D. Newcomb, Paul R. Sanberg, Stephen K. Klasko, and Alison E. Willing

Transplantation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells: A Promising Therapy for Stroke
Yamei Tang, Takao Yasuhara, Koichi Hara, Noriyuki Matsukawa, Mina Maki, Guolong Yu, Lin Xu, David C. Hess, and Cesario V. Borlongan

Regenerative Therapy for Stroke
Ying-Chao Chang, Woei-Cherng Shyu, Shinn-Zong Lin, and Hung Li


VOLUME 16, NUMBER 1, 2007


Factors Influencing the Loss of b-Cell Mass in Islet Transplantation
Juliet A. Emamaullee and A. M. James Shapiro

Original Contributions

Detection of Microbial Contamination During Human Islet Isolation
Tatsuya Kin, Shawn Rosichuk, A. M. James Shapiro, and Jonathan R. T. Lakey

Transient Beneficial Effects of Exendin-4 Treatment on the Function of Microencapsulated Mouse Pancreatic Islets
Sara Bohman, Ida Waern, Arne Andersson, and Aileen King

Resolution of Severe Atopic Dermatitis After Tacrolimus Withdrawal
Gaston M. Ponte, David A. Baidal, Paolo Romanelli, Raquel N. Faradji, Raffaella Poggioli, Pablo Cure, Tatiana Froud, Gennaro Selvaggi, Antonello Pileggi, Camillo Ricordi, and Rodolfo Alejandro

Transplantation of Cultured Adult Porcine Full-Thickness Retina
Karl Engelsberg and Fredrik Ghosh

Induction of Neurotrophin Expression Via Human Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Implication for Cell Therapy in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Federica Pisati, Patrizia Bossolasco, Mirella Meregalli, Lidia Cova, Marzia Belicchi, Manuela Gavina, Chiara Marchesi, Cinzia Calzarossa, Davide Soligo, Giorgio Lambertenghi-Deliliers, Nereo Bresolin, Vincenzo Silani, Yvan Torrente, and Elio Polli

Plasma as a Scaffold for Regeneration of Neural Precursor Cells After Transplantation Into Rats With Spinal Cord Injury
Mitsuko Takenaga, Yuki Ohta, Yukie Tokura, Akemi Hamaguchi, Noboru Suzuki, Masaya Nakamura, Hideyuki Okano, and Rie Igarashi

Long-Term Maintenance of the Drug Transport Activity in Cyropreservation of Microencapsulated Rat Hepatocytes
Tomotake Koizumi, Takeshi Aoki, Yasuna Kobayashi, Daisuke Yasuda, Yoshihiko Izumida, Zhenghao Jin, Nobukazu Nishino, Yoshinori Shimizu, Hirohisa Kato, Noriyuki Murai, Takashi Niiya, Yuta Enami, Keitaro Mitamura, Toshinori Yamamoto, and Mitsuo Kusano

Tea Polyphenol Inhibits Allostimulation in Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
Jong-yoon Kim, Tatsuo Kina, Yasuhiro Iwanaga, Hirofumi Noguchi, Kazuaki Matsumura, and Suong-hyu Hyon

Functional and Phenotypic Alteration of Intrasplenic Lymphocytes Affected by Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Murine Allosplenocyte Transfusion Model
Hong Li, Zi-Kuan Guo, Xiu-Sen Li, Chun-Mei Hou, Pei-Hsien Tang, and Ning Mao