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Rubratoxin B Elicits Antioxidative and DNA Repair Responses in Mouse Brain
V. Sava, D. Mosquera, S. Song, T. Stedeford, K. Calero, F. Cardozo-Pelaez, R. Harbison, and J. Sanchez-Ramos

Mouse Huntington's Disease Homolog mRNA Levels: Variation and Allele Effects
Karen T. Dixon, Jamie A. Cearley, Jesse M. Hunter, and Peter J. Detloff

A High Proportion of Chromosome 21 Promoter Polymorphisms Influence Transcriptional Activity
Paul R. Buckland, Sharol L. Coleman, Bastiaan Hoogendoorn, Carol Guy, S. Kaye Smith, and Michael C. O'Donovan

b-Catenin Associates With Human Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 Ribonucleoprotein Complex and Activates Transcription of Viral Genome RNA In Vitro
Santanu Bose and Amiya. K. Banerjee

Body Weight and Abdominal Fat Gene Expression Profile in Response to a Novel Hydroxycitric Acid-Based Dietary Supplement
Sashwati Roy, Cameron Rink, Savita Khanna, Christina Phillips, Debasis Bagchi, Manashi Bagchi, and Chandan K. Sen

Septin 3 Gene Polymorphism in Alzheimer's Disease
Masanori Takehashi, Tyler Alioto, Todd Stedeford, Amanda S. Persad, Marek Banasik, Eliezer Masliah, Seigo Tanaka, and Kunihiro Ueda

Expression of Septin 3 Isoforms in Human Brain
Masanori Takehashi, Seigo Tanaka, Todd Stedeford, Marek Banasik, Hiroe Tsukagoshi-Nagai, Noriaki Kinoshita, Toshio Kawamata, and Kunihiro Ueda

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Overexpression of CYP2D6 Attenuates the Toxicity of MPP+ in Actively Dividing and Differentiated PC12 Cells
Naomi Matoh, Seigo Tanaka, Masanori Takehashi, Marek Banasik, Todd Stedeford, Eliezer Masliah, Shigehiko Suzuki, Yoshihiko Nishimura, and Kunihiro Ueda

Transcriptomic Classification of Antitumor Agents: Application to the Analysis of the Antitumoral Effect of SR31747A
Jean-Bernard Ferrini, Omar Jbilo, Annick Peleraux, Therese Combes, Hubert Vidal, Sylvaine Galiegue, and Pierre Casellas

Expression of Wnt, Frizzled, sFRP, and DKK Genes in Adult Human Pancreas
R. Scott Heller, Tino Klein, Zhidong Ling, Harry Heimberg, Masaru Katoh, Ole D. Madsen, and Palle Serup

Rapid Hepatocyte Nuclear Translocation of the Forkhead Box M1B (FoxM1B) Transcription Factor Caused a Transient Increase in Size of Regenerating Transgenic Hepatocytes
Xinhe Wang, Dibyendu Bhattacharyya, Margaret B. Dennewitz, Vladimir V. Kalinichenko, Yan Zhou, Rita Lepe, and Robert H. Costa

Gene Structure, Alternate Splicing, Tissue Distribution, Cellular Localization, and Developmental Expression Pattern of Mouse Deubiquitinating Enzyme Isoforms Usp2-45 and Usp2-69
Natalia Gousseva and Rohan T. Baker

Gene Expression Profiling of the Hypoxia Signaling Pathway in Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1a Null Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts
Ajith Vengellur, Barbara G. Woods, Heather E. Ryan, Randall S. Johnson, and John J. LaPres

Comprehensive Expression Profiling of Highly Homologous 39 Hox Genes in 26 Different Human Adult Tissues by the Modified Systematic Multiplex RT-PCR Method Reveals Tissue-Specific Expression Pattern That Suggests an Important Role of Chromosomal Structure in the Regulation of Hox Gene Expression in Adult Tissues
Miyako Yamamoto, Daisaku Takai, Fumiya Yamamoto, and Fumiichiro Yamamoto


HGF-, EGF-, and Dexamethasone-Induced Gene Expression Patterns During Formation of Tissue in Hepatic Organoid Cultures
George K. Michalopoulos, William C. Bowen, Karen Mulè, and Jianhua Luo

Alteration of Gene Expressions by the Overexpression of Mitochondrial Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase (mtPHGPx)
Jun Kitahara, Nobuyoshi Chiba, Hikaru Sskamoto, and Yasuhito Nakagawa

Characterization of adapt33, a Stress-Inducible Riboregulator
Yanhong Wang, Kelvin J. A. Davies, J. Andres Melendez, and Dana R. Crawford

The First Intron of the Human Osteopontin Gene Contains a C/EBP-Beta-Responsive Enhancer
Francesca Giacopelli, Nadia Rosatto, Maria Teresa Divizia, Roberto Cusano, Gianluca Caridi, and Roberto Ravazzolo

Degenerate Suppression PCR Identifies the b2-Adrenergic Receptor as Upregulated by Neuronal Differentiation
Jan Lewerenz, Frank Leypoldt, and Axel Methner


Embryonic Activation and Developmental Expression of the Murine Prion Protein Gene
G. Miele, A. R. Alejo Blanco, H. Baybutt, S. Horvat, J. Manson, and M. Clinton

Modulation of Splicing Events in Histone Deacetylase 3 by Various Extracellular and Signal Transduction Pathways
S. G. Gray, A. H. Iglesias, B. T. Teh, and F. Dangond

Absolute Quantitation of Normal and ROS-Induced Patterns of Gene Expression: An In Vivo Real-Time PCR Study in Mice
María-José Prieto-Álamo, Juan-Manuel Cabrera-Luque, and Carmen Pueyo

Differential Gene Expression in Human Glioma Cells: Correlation With Presence or Absence of DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase
Rong Ai, Ana Sandoval, and Paul Labhart


Strain-Specific Differences in the Expression and Activity of Ogg1 in the CNS
Diana I. Mosquera, Todd Stedeford, Fernando Cardozo-Pelaez, and Juan Sanchez-Ramos