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When Half Is Not Enough: Gene Expression and Dosage in the 22q11 Deletion Syndrome
D. W. Meechan, T. M. Maynard, D. Gopalakrishna, Y. Wu, and A.-S. LaMantia

Guarding the Blood-Brain Barrier: A Role for Estrogen in the Etiology of Neurodegenerative Disease
Farida Sohrabji

Original Contributions

Expression Pattern for unc5b, an Axon Guidance Gene in Embryonic Zebrafish Development
Sukhbir Kaur, Mones S. Abu-Abab, Shobhit Singla, Sang-Yeob Yeo, and Ramani Ramchandran

Dominant-Negative Suppression of Big Brain Ion Channel Activity by Mutation of a Conserved Glutamate in the First Transmembrane Domain
Andrea J. Yool

Gene Expression Analysis in Myotonic Dystrophy: Indications for a Common Molecular Pathogenic Pathway in DM1 and DM2
Annalisa Botta, Laura Vallo, Fabrizio Rinaldi, Emanuela Bonifazi, Francesca Amati, Michela Biancolella, Stefano Gambardella, Enzo Mancinelli, Corrado Angelini, Giovanni Meola, and Guiseppe Novelli

Volume 13 Subject and Author Index


Identification of IL-10 and TGF-\GK\b Transcripts Involved in the Inhibition of T-Lymphocyte Proliferation During Cell Contact With Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Aisha Nasef, Alain Chapel, Christelle Mazurier, Sandrine Bouchet, Manuel Lopez, Noelle Mathieu, Luc Sensebé, Yizhuo Zhang, Norbert-Claude Gorin, Dominique Thierry and Loïc Fouillard

Antisense Targeting of Thymidylate Synthase (TS) mRNA Increases TS Gene Transcription and TS Protein: Effects on Human Tumor Cell Sensitivity to TS Enzyme-Inhibiting Drugs
Tracey L. H. Jason, Randal W. Berg, Mark D. Vincent, and James Koropatnick

The bHLH Domain of Mist1 Is Sufficient to Activate Gene Transcription
Thai Tran, Di Jia, Yan Sun, and Stephen F. Konieczny

Transcription Coactivator PRIP, the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR)-Interacting Protein, Is Redundant for the Function of Nuclear Receptors PPARa and CAR, the Constitutive Androstane Receptor, in Mouse Liver
Joy Sarkar, Chao Qi, Dongsheng Guo, Mohamed R. Ahmed, Yuzhi Jia, Nobuteru Usuda, Navin Viswakarma, M. Sambasiva Rao, and Janardan K. Reddy

Widespread, Exceptionally High Levels of Histone H3 Lysine 4 Trimethylation Largely Mediate "Privileged" Gene Expression
Li Chen, Pervez Firozi, Michelle Barton, and Nancy Smyth Templeton

Expression of the Prion Protein Gene (PRNP) and Cellular Prion Protein (PrPc) in Cattle and Sheep Fetuses and Maternal Tissues During Pregnancy
Patama Thumdee, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Eduard Murani, Korakot Nganvongpanit, Bernhard Gehrig, Dawit Tesfaye, Markus Gilles, Michael Hoelker, Danyel Jennen, Josef Griese, Karl Schellander, and Klaus Wimmers


Identification and Characterization of DEDDL, a Human-Specific Isoform of DEDD
Xin Huang, Minghui Zhang, Hua Tang, Chunfang Ruo, and Xuetao Cao

Growth Arrest-Inducing Genes Are Activated in Dbl-Transformed Mouse Fibroblasts
Raffaella Melani, Fabio Sallustio, Paolo Fardin, Cristina Vanni, Marzia Ognibene, Catherine Ottaviano, Giovanni Melillo, Luigi Varesio, and Alessandra Eva

Posttranscriptional Control Is a Strong Factor Enabling Exclusive Expression of Surface Antigens in Paramecium tetraurelia
Martin C. Simon, Simone Marker, and Helmut J. Schmidt

An Efficient Strategy to Identify Early TPA-Responsive Genes During Differentiation of HL-60 Cells
Ling-Yueh Hu, Clifford G. Tepper, Su-Hao Lo, and Wen-Chang Lin

Gene Expression Profile of B16(F10) Murine Melanoma Cells Exposed to Hypoxic Conditions In Vitro
Magdalena Olbryt, Michal Jarzab, Joanna Jazowiecka-Rakus, Krzysztof Simek, Stanislaw Szala, and Aleksander Sochanik

Multiregional Gene Expression Profiling Identifies MRPS6 as a Possible Candidate Gene for Parkinson's Disease
Spiridon Papapetropoulos, Jarlath Ffrench-Mullen, Donald McCorquodale, Yujing Qin, John Pablo, and Deborah C. Mash


Arginine to Cysteine Mutation (R499C) Found in a Japanese Patient With Complete Myeloperoxidase Deficiency
Amanda S. Persad, Yosuke Kameoka, Shuji Kanda, Yoshiyuki Niho, and Kazuo Suzuki

PCKd Alternatively Spliced Isoforms Modulate Cellular Apoptosis in Retinoic Acid-Induced Differentiation of Human NT2 Cells and Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Niketa A. Patel, Shijie S. Song, and Denise R. Cooper

Transcriptional Profiling of the Cell Cycle Checkpoint Gene Krüppel-Like Factor 4 Reveals a Global Inhibitory Function in Macromolecular Biosynthesis
Erika M. Whitney, Amr M. Ghaleb, Xinming Chen, and Vincent W. Yang

Inhibition of Translation by Consecutive Rare Leucine Codons in E. coli: Absence of Effect of Varying mRNA Stability
Ping Shu, Huacheng Dai, Wenwu Gao, and Emanuel Goldman

Global Gene Expression Profiling of Dimethylnitrosamine-Induced Liver Fibrosis: From Pathological and Biochemical Data to Microarray Analysis
Li-Jen Su, Shih-Lan Hsu, Jyh-Shyue Yang, Huei-Hun Tseng, Shiu-Feng Huang, and Chi-Ying F. Huang

Cholinergic Differentiation Occurs Early in Mouse Sympathetic Neurons and Requires Phox2b
K. Huber and U. Ernsberger


Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Is Suppressed in WT1-Transfected LNCaP Cellsgene13abs1
Kylie Graham, Wenliang Li, Bryan R. G. Williams, and Gail Fraizer

Gene Expression Profiles of the Aurora Family Kinases
Yong-Shiang Lin, Li-Jen Su, Chang-Tze Ricky Yu, Fen-Hwa Wong, Hsu-Hua Yeh, Su-Liang Chen, Jiunn-Chyi Wu, Wey-Jinq Lin, Yow-Ling Shiue, Hsiao-Sheng Liu, Shih-Lan Hsu, Jin-Mei Lai, and Chi-Ying F. Huang

Molecular Cloning of the m-Golsyn Gene and its Expression in the Mouse Brain
Eishi Funakoshi, Ayako Hamano, Masaki Fukui, Norito Nishiyama, Kiyokazu Ogita, Nobuyoshi Shimizu, and Fumiaki Ito

Elucidation of Stannin Function Using Microarray Analysis: Implications for Cell Cycle Control
Brian E. Reese, Dan Krissinger, Jong K. Yun, and Melvin L. Billingsley

Ontogenetic Distribution of 5-HT2C, 5-HT5A, and 5-HT7 Receptors in the Rat Hippocampus
Guadalupe García-Alcocer, Laura Cristina Berumen Segura, Mariane García Peña, Ataúlfo Martínez-Torres, and Ricardo Miledi

Rare Functional Variants of Podocin (NPHS2) Promoter in Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome
Roberta Oleggini, Roberta Bertelli, Armando Di Donato, Marco Di Duca, Gianluca Caridi, Simone Sanna-Cherchi, Francesco Scolari, Luisa Murer, Landino Allegri, Rosanna Coppo, Francesco Emma, Giovanni Camussi, Francesco Perfumo, and Gian Marco Ghiggeri