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VOLUME 7, NUMBER 4-6, 1998

VOLUME 7, NUMBERS 4-6, 1998

Richard I. Morimoto

Activation of the AP-1 Transcription Factor by Inflammatory Cytokines of the TNF Family
John M. Kyriakis

Regulation of NF-kB by the HTLV-1 Tax Protein
Xiao Hua Li and Richard B. Gaynor

Nucleocytoplasmic Traffic of MAP Kinases
Vladimír Reiser, Gustav Ammerer, and Helmut Ruis

Stress, Superoxide, and Signal Transduction
Pascal J. Goldschmidt-Clermont and Leni Moldovan

Stress and the Cell Nucleus: Dynamics of Gene Expression and Structural Reorganization
Caroline Jolly and Richard I. Morimoto

Heat Shock Factor Function and Regulation in Response to Cellular Stress, Growth, and Differentiation Signals
Kevin A. Morano and Dennis J. Thiele

A Role for RNA Metabolism in Inducing the Heat Shock Response
Tage Carlson, Christian Noah, and José Bonner

The Cellular Response to Protein Misfolding in the Endoplasmic Retiuclum
Ajith A. Welihinda, Witoon Tirasophon, and Randal J. Kaufman

Induction of Metallothionein by Stress and its Molecular Mechanisms
Samson T. Jacob, Kalpana Ghoshal, and John F. Sheridan

Transcriptional Regulation of the Heat Shock Protein Genes by STAT Family Transcription Factors
Anastasis Stephanou and David S. Latchman

ATF3 and Stress Responses
Tsonwin Hai, Curt D. Wolfgang, Derek K. Marsee, Amy E. Allen, and Umasundari Sivaprasad

Signaling Pathways Mediating the Response to Hypertrophic Stress in the Heart
Thomas Force, Roger Hajjar, Federica del Monte, Anthony Rosenzweig, and Gabriel Choukroun

Influence of Phosphorylation and Oligomerization on the Protective Role of the Small Heat Shock Protein 27 in Rat Adult Cardiomyocytes
Jody L. Martin, Eileen Hickey, Lee A. Weber, Wolfgang H. Dillmann, and Ruben Mestril

Calcium-Induced Stabilization of AU-Rich Short-Lived mRNAs Is a Common Default Response
Nicola Klein, Maria Anna Curatola, and Robert J. Schneider

Regulation of the Iron Regulatory Proteins by Reactive Nitrogen and Oxygen Species
Eric S. Hanson and Elizabeth A. Leibold

Functional Role of p21 During the Cellular Response to Stress
Myriam Gorospe, Xiantao Wang, and Nikki, J. Holbrook

The Complexity of Radiation Stress Responses: Analysis by Informatics and Functional Genomics Approaches
Albert J. Fornace, Jr., Sally A. Amundson, Michael Bittner, Timothy G. Myers, Paul Paul, John N. Weinsten, and Jeffrey Trent

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