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International Journal for Human Support Research
(Formerly Life Support and Biosphere Science)



Experimental Studies of Load-Displacement Behavior of Water Processing Granular Activated Alumina Beds for Space Life Support Systems
Ramesh B. Malla and Ganesh Anandakumar

Inedible Biomass Biodegradation for Advanced Life Support Systems: II. Compost Quality and Resource Recovery
Javier C. Ramirez-Perez, John A. Hogan, and Peter F. Strom

A Stimulation Approach to Minimize Water Supply, Water Storage Capacity, and Water Treatment Capacity Requirements in an Advanced Life Support System for Mars Missions
Chithui Ang and Yuehwern Yih

Evaluation of the Apogee Wheat Variety for its Utilization in Baked Products and Noodles
Patrick V. Veillard and Jozef L. Kokini

Ammonium-Nitrogen Loading Rates in a Microporous Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor
Noel Ruiz, Audra Morse, and W. Andrew Jackson

Communication: Workshop on Technology Approaches for Current and Future Base Camp Sustainability
Christopher S. Brown, Harry Janes, and Cindy Martin-Brennan

Abstracts From the Workshop on Technology Approaches for Current and Future Base Camp Sustainability

Habitation Science: The Science of Sustainment
Kurt T. Preston and William Goran

Habitation Institute

Volume 11 Subject and Author Index


Influence of Support Media Characteristics on Biofilm Activity in Graywater Treatment Systems for Advanced Life Support
Sybil Sharvelle, Neepa Shah, and M. Katherine Banks

Characterization of Effluent From Biological Trickling Filters Treating Graywater in Advanced Live Support Systems
Sybil Sharvelle, Eric McLamore, Stephen Clark, and M. Katherine Banks

Inedible Biomass Biodegradation for Advanced Life Support Systems: I. Composting Reactor and Kinetics
Javier C. Ramirez-Perez, John A. Hogan, and Peter F. Strom

Bread Baking Quality of Apogee Whole Wheat Flour
Patrick V. Veillard, Carmen Moraru, Michele H. Perchonok, and Jozef L. Kokini

Nitrogen Amendment Enhances Edible White Rot Fungal Growth and Biodegradation of Containerized Inedible Crop Residues
Leopold M. Nyochembeng, Caula A. Beyl, and R. P. Pacumbaba

Dynamics of Human Urine Storage in the Early Planetary Base Wastestream
Eric McLamore, Audra Morse, and W. Andrew Jackson


Obituary: Charlie Barnes


Mars Plant Biology: A Workshop Report and Recommendations for Plant Biology in the Exploration Era
Robert J. Ferl, Andrew C. Schuerger, Anna-Lisa Paul, Michael Dixon, Paul Fulford, and Christopher McKay


A Flexible Microsensor Array for Root Zone Monitoring of a Porous Tube Plant Growth System for Microgravity
Sandeep Sathyan, Chang-Soo Kim, H. Troy Nagle, Christopher S. Brown, and D. Marshall Porterfield

Physiological Design of a Space Suit Cooling/Warming Garment and Thermal Control as Keys to Improve Astronaut Comfort, Performance, and Safety
Victor S. Koscheyev, Gloria R. Leon, Aitor Coca, and Robert C. Treviño

Participant Observation of a Mars Surface Habitat Mission Simulation
William J. Clancey

Hypobaric Conditions Affect Gas Exchange, Ethylene Evolution, and Growth of Lettuce for Advanced Life Support Systems (ALS)
Chuanjiu He, Fred T. Davies, Jr., and Ronald E. Lacey

The EVA Evaluation Exoskeleton (E3): A Proposed Tool for Studying Human-System Interaction in the Space Environment
Todd J. Mosher, Megan Mitchell, and Kelly Packard

Menu Optimization for an Earth-Based Advanced Life Support System (ALSS) Test Bed Considering Crop Cultivation Scheduling
Tsuyoshi Masuda, Yasuhiro Tako, and Masahiro Endo


Additional Abstracts From the Habitation 2006 Conference