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Formerly The International Journal of Hospitality Information Technology


Volume 4, Number 4

Andrew J. Frew

Using Simulation to Manage Waiting Time in a Cafeteria
Kate Wonjae Lee and Carolyn U. Lambert

The Impact of Information Technology Implementation on Service Quality in the Hotel Industry
Woo Gon Kim and Sunny Ham

Technology Crisis Management in Mainland China: A Study of Hotels in Hangzhou
Shelly Lu and Rob Law

The Identification of ICT Gaps and Needs Within the Australian Tourism Industry
G. Michael McGrath

Volume 4 Subject and Author Index

Volume 4, Numbers 2/3

Andrew J. Frew

Centralized Information Systems in the Lodging Industry: Implications for Knowledge Management
Srikanth Beldona, Pearl Brewer, and Sheryl F. Kline

Who's Watching You? Data Collection by Hotel Chain Websites
Peter O'Connor

Business Models for Travel eMediaries: Examining and Applying Theoretical Frameworks
Roberto Daniele and Andrew J. Frew

Productivity Perception in the Swiss Hospitality Industry: Preliminary Findings
Ray F. Iunius, Stefan Fraenkel, and Julien Lacour-Gayet

Ontology-Based Website Generation and Utilization for Tourism Services
G. Michael McGrath and Brooke Abrahams

Using Best Practices and the Digital Environment to Teach "Computer Applications for Hospitality"
Jim Buergermeister, Edward Harris, and Charlene Schmidt


Coping With Commoditization and Disintermediation: Riding the Second Wave of the Online Booking Life Cycle Requires Differentiation
Michael DiLeva

Volume 4, Number 1

Editor's Introduction
Andrew J. Frew

The Role of Website Quality in Online Hotel Reservations
Miyoung Jeong, Haemoon Oh, and Mary Gregoire

The Effect of Information Technology on Performance in Upscale Hotels
Woo Gon Kim, Seungwhan Jeong, and Sunny Ham

Research Methods: A Guide to Using the Case Study Method to Explore Hospitality Information Technology Phenomena
Daniel J. Connolly