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VOLUME 6, 1999

VOLUME 6, NUMBER 4, 1999

Modeling Wheat Harvest Index as a Function of Date of Anthesis
Marvin J. Pitts and Garry W. Stutte

Multivariable Empirical Modeling of ALS Systems Using Polynomials
David A. Vaccari and Julie Levri

Phasic Temperature and Photoperiod Control for Soybean Using a Modified CROPGRO Model
James Cavazzoni, Tyler Volk, Bruce Bugbee, and Tracy Dougher

Coupling Machine Vision and Crop Models for Closed-Loop Plant Production in Advanced Life Support Systems
James Cavazzoni and Peter P. Ling

Theoretical and Practical Considerations of Staggered Crop Production in a BLSS
G. W. Stutte, C. L. Mackowiak, N. C. Yorio, and R. M. Wheeler

Carbon Dioxide Transport by Proteic and Facilitated Transport Membranes
Michael C. Trachtenberg, C. K. Tu, Robert A. Landers, Richard C. Wilson, Martin L. McGregor, Philip J. Laipis, John F. Kennedy, Marion Paterson, David N. Silverman, Daniel Thomas, Russell L. Smith, and Frederick B. Rudolph

Volume 6 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 6, NUMBER 3, 1999

Insects at Low Pressure: Applications to Artificial Ecosystems and Implications for Global Windborne Distribution
Charles Cockell, David Catling, and Hilary Waites

Composting on Mars or the Moon: I. Comparative Evaluation of Process Design Alternatives
Melvin S. Finstein, Peter F. Strom, John A. Hogan, and Robert M. Cowan

Composting on Mars or the Moon: II. Temperature Feedback Control With Top-Wise Introduction of Waste Material and Air
Melvin S. Finstein, John A. Hogan,John C. Sager, Robert M. Cowan, and Peter F. Strom

Experimental Microcosms as Models of Natural Ecosystems for Monitoring Survival of Genetically Modified Microorganism
L. Yu Popova, N. S. Pechurkin, E. E. Maksimova, T. V. Kargatova, T. Yu Krylova, T. I. Lobova, and A. N. Boyandin

Strucutral and Functional Changes in Photosynthetic Apparatus of Wheat Under Exposure to Sulfur Dioxide Fumes
O. V. Parshina and V. Ye Rygalov

Hydrogen Bacteria as a Potential Regenerative LSS Component and Producer of Ecologically Clean Degradable Plastic
Tatyana Volova, Josef Gitelson, Ivan Terskov, and Fedor Sidko

Small Artificial Ecosystems: Response to Variation of Environmental Factors (CO2 Enrichment)
L. A. Somova, N. S. Pechurkin, A. B. Sarangova, T. I. Pisman, V. I. Polonsky, and G. M. Sadovskay

A Method for the Imbibition and Germination of Wheat Seeds in Space
Howard G. Levine and William C. Piastuch

Crop Biomass Leaching for Nutrient Recycling in a CELSS
Edie S. Sears and Paul N. Walker

Assessment of Oxygen Levels in Alternative Designs of Semiclosed Underwater Breathing Apparatus
M. L. Nuckols, J. R. Clarke, and W. J. Marr

Advanced Dive Monitoring System
Wayne I. Sternberger and Stuart A. Goemmer

VOLUME 6, NUMBER 2, 1999

Extraction and Use of Nutrients From Composted Wheat and Potato Plants
Cheryl F. Atkinson, Jumoke K. Alim, Colleen A. Loader, and John C. Sager

Computer Model of Hydroponics Nutrient Solution pH Control Using Ammonium
Marvin Pitts and Gary Stutte

Development of Expanded Extrusion Food Products for an Advanced Life Support System
Dimitriy V. Zasypkin and Tung-Ching Lee

Ground-Based Studies and Space Experiment With Potato Leaf Explants
Theodore W. Tibbitts, Judith C. Croxdale, Christopher S. Brown, Raymond M. Wheeler, and Gregory D. Goins

Zinc Bioavailability in Young Adult Rats Fed Sweet Potato Greens Containing Phytic Acid
Sheldon E. Gordon, Aurea M. Almazan, Samuel O. Adeyeye, Raphenia D. Pace

From Biosphere to Noosphere
I. I. Gitelson

Optium Control of Closed Ecological Systems: Mathematical Aspects
Sergey I. Bartsev

Experimental Models of Small Closed Systems With Spatially Separated Unicellular Organism-Based Components
T. I. Pis'man, N. S. Pechurkin, A. B. Sarangova, and L. A. Somova

Direct Recycling of Human Hygiene Water Into Hydroponic Plant Growth Systems
Colleen A. Loader, Jay L. Garland, Lanfang H. Levine, Kim L. Cook, Cheryl L. Mackowiak, and Hollie R. Vivenzio

Recycling of Na in Advanced Life Support: Strategies Based on Crop Production Systems
G. V. Subbarao, Cheryl Mackowiak, and Raymond M. Wheeler

VOLUME 6, NUMBER 1, 1999


Nutrition and Food Concerns for Long-Term Space Travel: Recommendations for Research
Adria R. Sherman and Yael Vodovotz

Nutritional Biochemistry of Space Flight
Scott M. Smith and Helen W. Lane

Food Systems for Space Travel
Charles T. Bourland

Physiological Adaptations to Space Flight
Helen W. Lane and Scott M. Smith

Perspective on the Consequences of Short- and Long-Duration Space Flight on Human Physiology
M. F. Holick

Long-Term Acceptability of Limited Diets
Zata Vickers

Psychological and Behavioral Health Issues of Long-Duration Space Missions
Daniel J. Eksuzian

Food Processing on a Space Station: Feasibility and Opportunities
Dmitriy V. Zasypkin and Tung-Chung Lee

Engineering Concepts for Food Processing in Bioregenerative Life Support Systems
Jean B. Hunter

Food Safety and Sanitation During an Extended Mission
Dawn L. Hentges