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VOLUME 7, NUMBER 1, 2000

Note: Volume 7, Number 1 is a special abstract issue from the 4th International Conference on Life Support and Biosphere Science held in Baltimore, Maryland, August 6-9, 2000. Abstracts were presented in the following areas:

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 1, 2000

AEMC 1-5

Microgravity Compatible Reagentless Instrumentation for Detection of Dissolved Organic Acids and Alcohols in Potable Water
James R. Akse, John Holtsnider, and Ray Wheeler

Evaluation of Fieldbus and OPC for Advanced Life Support
Richard P. Boulanger

Advanced Techniques for Automated Control and Monitor of Bioregenerative Life Support Environments
William Little

A New Technique for Long-Term monitoring of Airborne Contaminants
Dr D E Slavin and Dr DiNardi

BLSS 6-62

Mars Base Zero
Ray R. Collins

Mechanical Stimulation of Tomato Stem Increases Yield in a Fixed-Height Production System
Thomas J. Gianfagna, Logan Logendra, and Harry W. Janes

Controlling Root Growth of Radish Plants in an Aeroponic System
M. Lefsrud1, G. Giacomelli, and H. Janes

Leaf Removal of Romaine Lettuce for Continuous Harvest within the Salad Machine
M. Lefsrud, G. Giacomelli, H. Janes, and E. Stiles

Seed Planting and Germination Protocols for Microgravity Applications
Howard G. Levine and Kristie Louie

Improving Tomato Crop Yield for Fixed-Height Production Systems
Logan Logendra, Thomas J. Gianfagna, and Harry W. Janes

Spaceflight Results from an Experimental Closed Life Support System
Taber K. MacCallum, Grant A. Anderson, Jane E. Poynter, Yoji Ishikawa, Kensei Kobayashi, Kotaro Seki, Hiroshi Mizutani, Yukishige Kawasaki, Junpei Koike, Kenichi Ijiri, Masamichi Yamashita, Katsura Sugiura, Louis S. Stodiecklo, and David M. Klauslo

Moisture Control in Microgravity-Rated Nutrient Delivery Systems
O. Monje and G.W. Stutte

Small Is Better: The Advantages of Super-Dwarf Crop Plants in ALS Research
Bruce Bugbee

Failure Analysis: Plant Recovery From Prolonged Darkness
Tracy A.O. Dougher, Jonathan Frantz, Steve Klassen, and Bruce Bugbee

Characterizing Super Dwarf Rice for Use in Advanced Life Support
Jonathan M. Frantz, Derek Pinnock, Steve Klassen, and Bruce Bugbee

Sucrose Regulation of ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Subunit Genes in Tomato Leaves and Fruits
Xiangyang Li, Thomas J. Gianfagna, Jinpeng Xing and Harry W. Janes

Advances in Understanding the Role of Leaf Extracellular Space in the Translocation of Photosynthetically-Derived Sugars
Mend T.H. Librande, Jason S.T. Deveau, and Bernard Grodzinski

Analysis and Cell Specific Expression of the Promoter of a Tomato ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Large Subunit Gene (S1) in Transgenic Plants
Jinpeng Xing, Thomas J. Gianfagna, and Harry W. Janes

Effects of Long Term Plant Production on Microbial Community Dynamics in Hydroponic Systems
J.L. Garland, J.L. Adams, M.S. Roberts, and J. Judkins

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Disinfection Agent for Hydroponic Systems
Keith E. Henderson, Denetia Bell Robinson, Daniel J. Barta, and Chris Carrier

Strategies for Enhancing Plant Performance in Bioregenerative Life Support Using a Common Microbial Symbiont
Mark A. Holland

Ultraviolet Radiation as a Remediation Technique in Controlling Root Diseases: A Case Study with Pythium
M.B. Johnstone, B. Grodzinski, H.Yu, and J. Sutton

Spatial Distribution of the Total, Ammonia Oxidizing, and Denitrifying Bacteria in Two Wastewater Treatment Reactors from Bioplex Using Molecular Tools
Lee Kerkhof and Yuko Sakano

Gas Exchange, Transpiration and Yield of Sweetpotato Grown in a Controlled Environment
Daniel J. Barta, Keith E. Henderson, Desmond G. Mortley, and Donald L. Henninger

An Open Chmber Design for the Analysis of Whole Plant Photosynthetic Rates
Ron Dutton, Geoffrey Cloutier, Rodger Tschanz, and Mike Dixon

Plant Productivity and Photosynthesis at Low Light: A Model Plant System for Controlled Environments
Jorge A. Gutierrez and Bernard Grodzinski

Differential Sensitivity of Crops to Ethylene and Interactions with Elevated CO2
Steve Klassen and Bruce Bugbee

A System for Measuring Canopy Gas Exchange at the NJ-NSCORT
Konomi Kumasaka, Gene Giacomelli, and Jim Cavazzoni

Performance of the Low Pressure Plant Growth System at Texas A&M University
Ron Lacey

Quantifying Differences Between Spaceflight and Ground Plant Experiments: Transpiration Measurements
O. Monje, G.E. Bingham, BK. Eames, J. Conlin, V. Sytchev, M.A. Levinskikh, and I. Podolsky

Yield and Photosynthetic Responses to Elevated CO2 and Relative Humidity in Peanut Grown in Nutrient Film Technique
D.G. Mortley, J. Anfield, D. Hilemen, J.H. Hill, C.K. Bonsi, W.A. Hill, and C.E. Morris

Ethylene 'Finger Prints': Emission Profiles from Crops Grown in NASA's Biomass Production Chamber
Raymond M. Wheeler, Barbara V. Peterson, and Gary W. Stutte

Hybrid Solar and LED Lighting for Lunar and Martian Bioregenerative Life Support
Joel L. Cuello, Yang Yu, Eiichi Ono, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Takashi Nakamura, and Kenneth Jordan

Hybrid Solar and Artificial Lighting (HYSAL) in the BIO-Plex Under Terrestrial and Martian Solar Conditions
Jamey Durbin, Johnny Hordge, Alan E. Drysdale and Joel L. Cuello

High Pressure Sodium Lamp Lighting Analysis and Design for The BIO-Plex Plant Growth Chamber
Shaun Gartenberg, Louis D. Albright, and Daniel J. Barta

Performance of Salad-type Plants Grown Under Narrow Spectrum Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) In a Controlled Environment
Gregory D. Goins

Development of Solar Plant Lighting System for Life Support in Space
Takashi Nakamura, John A. Case, Joel L. Cuello, Darren A. Jack, Brian Comaskey, and Milt Bell

Use of Solar Stationary Orbits over Mars for Biological Life Support
Eiichi Ono and Joel L. Cuello

Candidate lighting technologies for Advanced Life Support Biomass Production
J. Sager, G. Goins, S. Young, and C. Paty

Direct Recycling of Graywater Containing Different Surfactant Types in Plant Production Systems
J.L. Garland1, L.H. Levine, J. Judkins, J.L. Adams, and N.C. Yorio

Investigation of Greenhouse Grown Swiss Chard in Mixtures of Compost and Mars Regolith Simulant
Matthew R. Gilrain, John A. Hogan, Logan S. Logendra, and Robert M. Cowan

Microgravity Plant Nutrient Experiment: Year 1 Activities
Howard G. Levine and Thomas W. Dreschel

Interactions of Human Essential Nutrients with Crops and Nutrient Solutions in a Bioregenerative Life Support System
C.L. Mackowiak, P.R. Grossl, R.M. Wheeler, M. Grafe, and M. Eick

Nutrient Recovery and Biological Degradation of Inedible Biomass for Advanced Life Support Systems
Rebecca J. Manis, Christos Christodoulatos, and David A. Vaccari

The Long Term Effects of High Ammonium/Nitrate Ratios on Wheat Growth and Nitrification in Hydroponic Culture
D.J. Muhlestein, T. Hooten, J.M. Norton, and B. Bugbee

Nitrogen Supplied Through Rhizobial Dinitrogen Fixation for Hydroponic Peanut Production
A.A. Trotman, C.A. Hamilton, and R. Grider

Nitrogen as a Controlling Parameter In Bioregenerative Life Support System-Nitrification/Denitrification Under High Nitrogen Concentration
Dragoljub Bilanovic, Joost Groeneweg, and Joan Mata-Alvarez

Characteristics and Operational Parameters for an Automated Bioreactor System for Biological Degradation of Inedible Crop Residue
M. Calhoun, A.A. Trotman, and H. Aglan

A Bioconverter for Advance Life Support System Solid Wastes
Cheryl Frazier-Atkinson, James Wright, and John C. Sager

Composting of Advanced Life Support Plant Inedible Biomass: Use of Compost as a Plant Growth Medium and Biofiltration of Exhaust Gases
John A. Hogan, Matthew R. Gilrain, Javier Ramirez, Robert M. Cowan, and Peter F. Strom

Composting of Advanced Life Support Plant Inedible Biomass: Process Behavior and Exhaust Trace Air Contaminant Analysis
John A. Hogan, Weerasak Lertsiriyothin, Robert M. Cowan, and Peter F. Strom

Profiling of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) Emissions during Cooking Extrusion of Wheat and Rice Flour Products
Weerasak Lertsiriyothin

Biofiltration of an Advanced Life Support Ersatz Gas Mixture
Wei Li, Robert M. Cowan, John A. Hogan, Peter F. Strom, and Chelsea Brook

Crop Production Area Requirements Based on Optimized Menus for Advanced Life Support
Geoffrey R. Cloutier, Mike A. Dixon, Jean B. Hunter, Ammar Olabi, and Christophe Lasseur

Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Removals in Immobilized Cell Packed Bed Bioreactors
M. Nashashibi-Rabah, C. Christodoulatos, and G. Korfiatis

Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds from Crops Grown in NASA's Biomass Production Chamber
Barbara V. Peterson, Raymond M. Wheeler, and Gary W. Stutte

Design of a Biofilter for Ammonia Removal
James F. Russell and John Hogan

Pretreatment Design for Resource Recovery from Inedible Biomass
Michael J. Selig, Theresa G. Cargioli, Jean B. Hunter, and Catherine Hoang

Nitrogen Limitation and Effect of Ammonium or Nitrate as Nitrogen Sources on the Removal of 1 ppm Ethylene in Air Using Biofiltration
Jyoti A. Tambwekar, John A. Hogan, Robert M. Cowan, and Peter F. Strom

Periodic Flow and its Effect on the Mass Transfer of Species
Aaron M. Thomas and Ranga Narayanan

High Efficiency, Stable Liquid Membranes for Gas Capture
Dr. Michael Trachtenberg

FPS 63-75

A Comparison of Peroxide Values and Sensory Evaluation (Aroma) of Seven Aqueous Extracted Peanut Oil and a Commercial Peanut Oil
C. Cathings and R. Pace

Development of a 'Gourmet' Menu Items for Long-Term Manned Space Missions in an ALSS Environment
Christopher M. Gregson and Tung-Ching Lee

Control of Food Safety Hazards During Food Processing and Storage in the Bio-Plex
Dawn L. Hentges

Process Development for Single-Cell Oil Production from Inedible Biomass
Jean B. Hunter, Cheryl J. Greenwalt, and Michael Howeler

Artificial Gut Bioassay System: Influence of Ascorbic Acid on the Bio-Availability of Iron from Hydroponic Spinach Using Human Caco-2 Cell Line
Corinne F. Johnson, Raymond P. Glahn, Gerald F. Combs, Ross M. Welch, Raymond M. Wheeler, and Robert W. Langhans

Description of an Extruder for a Mars Mission
Jozef L Kokini and Muthukumar Dhanasekharan

Acceptability of Near-Vegan ALS Foods in a 30-Day Diet Study
David Levitsky, Rupert Spies, Adriana P. Rovers, Ammar Olabi, and Jean B. Hunter

Comparison of Nutrient Uptake in Raphanus sativus with Recommended Dietary Allowance
Sabrina Maxwell and Leah Holt Grange

Lycopene Retention in Tomato-Based Food Products Designed for Long-Term Space Missions
Catalin Moraru and Tung-Ching Lee

Development of a Ten-Day Cycle Menu for Advanced Life Support
Katherine A. Ruminsky and Dawn L. Hentges

A Dynamic Menu Selection Model for The Optimization of Bioregenerative Diets
Carrie Vicens, Carolyn Wang, Ammar Olabi, Jean Hunter, and Peter Jackson

Sweet potato Bread for BIO-Plex: Effect of Crop Storage Time on Bread Functionality
Elena Vittadini and Yael Vodovotz

HF 76-83

The Human System as a Primary Driver in Long-Duration Vehicle Architecture
Constance M. Adams and M.Arch

Biomedical Aspects Of Early Mars Expeditions
John B. Charles

A Fatigue Management System for Long Duration Space Flight
Jon French, Kelly Neville, and Douglas Eddy

Human Considerations in the Design of Closed Environmental Systems
Ephimia Morphew, Jennifer Novak, Danielle Balmer, Terry Ballard, Kieran Smart, and Jason Kring

Telemedicine in Support of the Remote Operational Environment
Christian Otto

Medical Aspects of Antarctic Experience
Michele E. Raney

Human Factors Aspects of an Integrated Architecture for Human Exploration of the Moon and Near-Earth Planets
Nicholas Shields, Jr. and Brand Norman Griffin

Bionomic Design & Biospheres: Quantifying the Human Factors of Habitability
James A. Wise and Sheryl Bishop

MA 84-104

Conceptual Gas Exchange Model for Use of Hypobaric Atmospheres in Plant Growth Habitats on Mars
Kenneth A. Corey

System Design Techniques for Reducing the Power Requirements of Advanced Life Support Systems
Cory Finn, Julie Levri, Chris Pawlowski, and Sekou Crawford

A Biomass Production Model for Sweetpotato Grown in Controlled Environments
J. H. Hill, A. H. B. M. Wijte, D. Z. Douglas, and D. G. Mortley

A Simulation Study Comparing Incineration and Composting in a Mars-based Advanced Life Support System
John Hogan, Sukwon Kang, Jim Cavazzoni, Julie Levri, and Cory Finn

A Scalable Predictive Model of Food Preparation Labor
Ammar Olabi, Jean Hunter, and Peter Jackson

Optimization of Ingredient Processing in a Bioregenerative Diet
Randy Rivera, Grace Fung, Ammar Olabi, Jean Hunter, and Peter Jackson

Applying Technology Ranking and Systems Engineering in Advanced Life Support
Harry Jones

Modeling of Composting for Waste Processing and Resource Recovery in Advanced Life Support Systems
S. Kang, J. A. Hogan, and K. C. Ting

Application of Energy Integration Techniques to the Design of Advanced Life Support Systems
Julie Levri and Cory Finn

Total Mission Wastes and Resource Management
Sabrina Maxwell

Modeling Nutrient Availability From Composting Inedible Sweetpotato Biomass
A.A. Trotman, H. Walton, and J. Vaughn

A Simulation Study of Using Solar Insolation for a Mars Greenhouse
Jim Cavazzoni

Top-level Crop Models for Advanced Life Support System Studies
Jim Cavazzoni

Non-Parametric Approaches to Modeling Plant Canopy Gas Exchange Dynamics in Closed Environments
Geoffrey Cloutier and Mike Dixon

Modeling Nutrient Dynamics in Advanced Life Support Systems Using the Concept of Steady-State Nutrition
Geoffrey Cloutier, Chistophe Lasseur, and Mike Dixon

Crop Modeling for Multiple Crop Production for ALSS
David H. Fleisher, Jim Cavazzoni, Gene Giacomeli, and K. C. Ting

Modeling Separate and Combined Atmospheres in BIO-Plex
Harry Jones, Cory Finn, Xianmin Kwauk, and Charles Blackwell

Modeling Food Processing within Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS)
Sukwon Kang, Hsienhsing Hsiang, and Kuan-Chong Ting

Requirements for Mechanization, Automation, and Robotics System (MARS) within Biomass Production Systems (BPS) of an Advanced Life Support System (ALSS)
Sukwon Kang, Yuriko Ozaki, and Kuan-Chong Ting

Impact of Carbon Dioxide Reduction and Oxygen Supply Options on Air Revitalization Systems for Long Duration Missions
Sabrina Maxwell and Alan Drysdale

Review of Uncertain Data Handling Methods for Systems Analysis and Modeling
L. F. Rodriguez and K. C. Ting

PC 105-116

Application of Sublimation Purification Technology to Long Duration Space Flight
N. V. Coppa, G. J. Maffia, and R. W. Schaeffer

Methanol Production on Mars
Hal Couch, Joe Genovese, Hamilton Sundstrand, Joe Trevathan

A Smart Toilet: Astronaut Health Monitoring by Real-Time Chemical Analysis of Urine
Stuart Farquharson, Yuan-Hsiang Lee, and Petrie Rainey

Evaluation of Incinerating Toilet as a Solid Waste Processor for a Closed Ecological Life Support System
John E. Feighery

A New Photocatalytic Reactor for Trace Contaminant Control-A Water Polishing System
A. Gonzalez-Martin, J. Kim, R. Sidik, J. Van Hyfte, L. A. Rutherford, C. Andrews, and M. Flusche

The Study of Magnetically Assisted Fluidization in Microgravity and Variable Gravity: Simulation and Experiment
Goran N. Jovanovic, Thana Sornchamni, Joaquin Pinto Espinoza, James E. Atwater, and James R. Akse

Electrochemical Removal of Ammonium Ions from Bioreactor Effluent
J. Kim, C. Salinas, L. A. Rutherford, and -A. Gonzalez-Martin

Toward a Reverse Osmosis Membrane System for Recycling Space Mission Wastewater
Dr. Sangho Lee and Prof. Richard M. Lueptow

A Water Reuse System for Pikes Peak, Colorado
Leslie Parker, Dr. Tom Sanders, and Marybeth Edeen

E-BEAM Water Treatment System for Removal of Organic Contamination
Piotr Lubicki and Friedemann Freund

Pre-processing Technologies for Application in Space Missions
George M. Savage and Luis F. Diaz

Preliminary Design Guidelines for Rotating Taylor-Couette Filtration
John A. Schwille, Deepanjan Mitra, and Richard M. Lueptow

T 117-120

Phase Separation by Passively Induced Centrifugal Forces
Mr. Cable Kurwitz

Heat Pump Technology Development for Space Station Thermal Management
V. C. Mei, R. E. Domitrovic, F. C. Chen, T. Chung, and R. Sharp

Thermal Sensitivity with a Liquid Cooling Garment: Optimization of Automatic Thermal Control in a Space Suit
Karen L. Nyberg

Theoretical Study of the Performance of A Heat Pipe Architecture for Extra-Vehicular Life Support in Cold Convective Environments
Rube B. Williams

UW 121

Supercritical Air as a Gas Supply and Coolant in Warm Water Diving
JR Clarke, D Doerr, B Shykoff, and D Warkander