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Intracanopy Lighting Reduces Electrical Energy Utilization by Closed Cowpea Stands
J. M. Frantz, R. J. Joly, and C. A. Mitchell

On-Line Removal of Volatile Fatty Acids From CELSS Anaerobic Bioreactor via Nanofiltration
Guillermo Conlón and John C. Sager

Electrolytic Removal of Nitrate From Crop Residues
Guillermo Conlón and John C. Sager

Effect of Environment on the Free and Peptide Amino Acids in Rice, Wheat, and Soybeans
D. J. Ahn, O. Adeola, and S. S. Nielsen

Issues in Life Support and Human Factors in Crew Rescue From the ISS
Kieran Smart

Some Influences of the Physical Environment on Human Cognition
Valerie L. Shalin

Volume 7 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 3, 2000

Feasibility of substituting Sodium for Potassium in Crop Plants for Advanced Life Support Systems
Guntur V. Subarao, Raymond M. Wheeler, and Gary W. Stutte

Analysis of Edible Oil Processing Options for the BIO-Plex Advanced Life Support System
Cheryl J. Greenwalt and Jean Hunter

Ozonation and Alkaline-Peroxide Pretreatment of Wheat Straw for Cryptococcus curvatus Fermentation
Cheryl J. Greenwalt, Jean B. Hunter, Shuwei Lin, Scott McKenzie, and Adrian Denvir

Toward a Reverse Osmosis Membrane System for Recycling Space Mission Wastewater
Sangho Lee and Richard M. Leuptow

Silica Deposition on the Leaves of Mir- and Earth-Grown Super Dwarf Wheat
William F. Campbell, David L. Bubenheim, Frank B. Salisbury, Gail E. Bingham, William R. McManus, H. D. Biesinger, D. T. Strickland, Margarita Levinskikh, Vladimir N. Sytchev, Igor Podolsky, Irene Ivanova, Lola Chernova, and Gary Jahns

Artificial Biospheres as a Model for Global Ecology on Planet Earth
John Allen

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 2, 2000

Mapping and Monitoring the Health and Vitality of Coral Reefs From Satellite: A Biospheric Approach
Phillip Dustan, Supriya Chakrabarti, and Abigail Alling

A Hierarchial Approach to the Sustainable Management of Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems: Part 1, an Ecological and Engineering Synthesis
Christopher W. Pawlowski and David M. Auslander

A Hierarchial Approach to the Sustainable Management of Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems: Part 2, System Realization and Analysis
Christopher W. Pawlowski and David M. Auslander

Safety Analysis and Hazard Control During Food Processing and Storage in the BIO-Plex Interconnecting Transfer Tunnel
Dawn L. Hentges

Development of a 10-Day Cycle Menu for Advanced Life Support
Katherine A. Ruminsky and Dawn L. Hentges

Preliminary Development and Evaluation of an Algae-Based Air Regeneration System
James A. Nienow

Pythium Invasion of Plant-Based Life Support Systems: Biological and Control Sources
D. G. Jenkins, K. L. Cook, J. L. Garland, and K. F. Board

Methodology of Biospherics for Theoretical Sciences and Practical Use
N. S. Pechurkin and T. Maryasova