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Understanding the Selectivity of Fumagillin for the Methionine Aminopeptidase Type II
Christian D. P. Klein and G. Folkers

In Vitro Antitumor SAR of threo/cis/threo/cis/erythro bis-THF Acetogenins: Correlations With Their Inhibition of Mitochondrial Complex I
Inmaculada Royo, Nuria DePedro, Ernesto Estornell, Diego Cortes, Fernando Peláez, and José R. Tormo

SAR: Flavonoids and COX-2 Inhibition
Herbert S. Rosenkranz and Bhavani P. Thampatty

Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Basic Ethers of 1,2-Dihydropyrrolo[1,2-a]indole, 6H-Isoindolo[2,1-a]indole, and 6H-Benz[5,6]isoindolo[2,1-a]indole
Jean Guillaumel, Stéphane Léonce, Alain Pierré, Pierre Renard, Bruno Pfeiffer, Laure Peruchon, Paola B. Arimondo, and Claude Monneret

Molecular and Functional Characterization of the Extracellular Calcium-Sensing Receptor in Human Colon Cancer Cells
Enikö Kállay, Elisabeth Bonner, Friedrich Wrba, Rajesh V. Thakker, Meinrad Peterlik, and Heide S. Cross

Synergistic Interaction Between Cyclophosphamide or Paclitaxel and the Bioreductive Compound NLCPQ-1, In Vivo
M. V. Papadopoulou, M. Ji, and W. D. Bloomer

Volume 13 Subject and Author Index


Laboratory Research

Novel Sigma Binding Site Ligands as Inhibitors of Cell Proliferation in Breast Cancer
Federica Barbieri, Anna Sparatore, Angela Alama, Federica Novelli, Cristina Bruzzo, and Fabio Sparatore

Flavonoids as Inhibitors of MRP1-Like Efflux Activity in Human Erythrocytes. A Structure-Activity Relationship Study
Malgorzata Bobrowska-Hägerstrand, Anna Wróbel, Lucyna Mrówczynska, Thomas Söderström, Yoshiaki Shirataki, Noboru Motohashi, Joseph Molnár, Krystyna Michalak, and Henry Hägerstrand

Three-Dimensional Pharmacophore Mapping of Certain Anticancer a-Methylene-g-Butyrolactones
Kuan-Han Lee and Bor-Ruey Huang

Detection of Labile Anthracycline-DNA Adducts By Real-Time PCR
Damian M. S. Spencer, Suzanne M. Cutts, Ken-ichi Kimura, Peter J. Gray, and Don R. Phillips

Mode of Cell Death Induced in Chinese Hamster Cells by Sequence-Selective DNA Minor Groove Binding Nitrogen Mustards: Comparison With Untargeted Mustards and With Hoechst 33342
Glenn Whiteside, Lynnette R. Ferguson, William A. Denny, and Iona E. Weir

Synthesis and Antimelanoma Activity of Tertiary Amide Analogues of N-Acetyl-4-S-cysteaminylphenol
Vikki C. Pearson, Jillian Ferguson, Paul M. Rogers, Lloyd R. Kelland, and David J. Robins



Asterios S. Tsiftsoglou and Bing Lim, Guest Editors

Commentary: Nuclear Reprogramming and the Redirection of Cell Fate in Xenopus
John B. Gurdon

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
Ian Wilmut and Lesley Paterson

Cloned Mice and Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Generated From Adult Somatic Cells by Nuclear Transfer
Teruhiko Wakayama

Developmental Origins of Hematopoietic Stem Cells
C. Robin, K. Ottersbach, M. de Bruijn, X. Ma, K. van der Horn, and E. Dzierzak

RhoGTPases and Their Role in Cancer
Xiaoyu Li and Bing Lim

Analyzing Tumor Suppressor Activities in the Murine Small Intestine
Alan R. Clarke and Owen J. Sansom

The Developmental Program of Murine Erythroleukemia Cells
Asterios S. Tsiftsoglou, Ioannis S. Pappas, and Ioannis S. Vizirianakis

Small Molecule Regulation of Phosphatase-Dependent Cell Signaling Pathways
John S. Lazo and Peter Wipf

Isolation and Characterization of Normal Adult Human Epithelial Pluripotent Stem Cells
James E. Trosko and Chia-Cheng Chang

Functional Cloning of IGFBP-3 From Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells Reveals its Novel Role in Promoting Proliferation of Primitive CD34+CD38- Hematopoietic Cells In Vitro
Li-Qin Liu, Margaret Sposato, Hai-Yan Liu, Tracy Vaudrain, Meng-Jiao Shi, Kristin Rider, Zack Stevens, Jan Visser, Hong-Kui Deng, and Morey Kraus

Insights Into the Role of DNA Methylation in Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Using a Modified Tetracycline-Inducible Gene Expression System
Timothy Chevassut and Bing Lim

Emerging Interest in the Kallikrein Gene Family for Understanding and Diagnosing Cancer
Georgia Sotiropoulou, Vassilios Rogakos, Theodoros Tsetsenis, Georgios Pampalakis, Nikolaos Zafiropoulos, George Simillides, Athanassios Yiotakis, and Eleftherios P. Diamandis

Identification of Keratinocyte Proteins That Mark Subsets of Cells in the Epidermal Stratum Basale: Comparisons With the Intestinal Epithelium
Sally Dabelsteen, Jesper T. Troelsen, and Jorgen Olsen

Cisplatin Resistance in an Ovarian Carcinoma Is Associated With a Defect in Programmed Cell Death Control Through XIAP Regulation
Abdellah Mansouri, Qingxiu Zhang, Lon D. Ridgway, Ling Tian, and Francois-Xavier Claret

A New Method for Determining the Status of p53 in Tumor Cell Lines of Different Origin
Andrei L. Gartel, Claudine Feliciano, and Angela L. Tyner

Brk, Srm, Frk, and Src42A Form a Distinct Family of Intracellular Src-Like Tyrosine Kinases
Michael S. Serfas and Angela L. Tyner

Structural Genomics of Lipid Signaling Domains
Yosuke Tsujishita

Differentially Expressed Downstream Genes in Cells With Normal or Mutated p53
Hao Xu and M. Raafat El-Gewely

Oncoselective Parvoviral Vector-Mediated Gene Therapy of Cancer
Marc Zeicher, Pierre Spegelaere, Marie Horth, David Gancberg, Abdelatif Karim, and Francis Dupont

Control of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cell Fate by Transforming Growth Factor-b
Nicolas Olivier Fortunel, Jacques Alexandre Hatzfeld, Marie-Noëlle Monier, and Antoinette Hatzfeld


Laboratory Research

Differential Ability of Cytostatics From Anthraquinone Group to Generate Free Radicals in Three Enzymatic Systems: NADH Dehydrogenase, NADPH Cytochrome P450 Reductase, and Xanthine Oxidase
Jolanta Pawlowska, Jolanta Tarasiuk, C. Roland Wolf, Mark J. I. Paine, and Edward Borowski

Involvement of ERK1/2 in Invasiveness and Metastatic Development of Rat Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
Tuangporn Suthiphongchai, Piradee Promyart, Sariya Virochrut, Rutaiwan Tohtong, and Prapon Wilairat

Significant Experimental Decrease of the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence in C3H/Sy Mice After Long-Term Administration of EB1089, a Vitamin D Analogue
Despina Sahpazidou, Pelagia Stravoravdi, Theano Toliou, George Geromichalos, George Zafiriou, Konstantinos Natsis, and Panagiotis Gigis

Cytotoxicity and Cell Cycle Effects of Novel Indolo[2,3-b]quinoline Derivatives
Rita Humeniuk, Lukasz Kaczmarek, Wanda Peczynska-Czoch, and Ewa Marcinkowska

Resistance of Decoy PNA-DNA Chimeras to Enzymatic Degradation in Cellular Extracts and Serum
Monica Borgatti, Alessandra Romanelli, Michele Saviano, Carlo Pedone, Ilaria Lampronti, Laura Breda, Claudio Nastruzzi, Nicoletta Bianchi, Carlo Mischiati, and Roberto Gambari

Clinical Research

Phosphorylation, But Not Overexpression, of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Is Associated With Poor Prognosis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Takanori Kanematsu, Seiji Yano, Hisanori Uehara, Yoshimi Bando, and Saburo Sone


Laboratory Research

Synthesis of 6-Dialkylaminoalkylamino Pyrano[2,3-c]Acridones and Benzo[b]Pyrano[3,2-h]Acridones: Soluble Acronycine Analogues With Increased Cytotoxic Activity
Nadine Costes, Abdelhakim Elomri, Hanh Dufat, Sylvie Michel, Elisabeth Seguin, Michel Koch, François Tillequin, Bruno Pfeiffer, Pierre Renard, Stéphane Léonce, and Alain Pierré

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel bis-Aziridinylnaphthoquinone Derivatives
Sheng-Tung Huang, Hsien-Shou Kuo, Chun-Mao Lin, Hsin-Da Tsai, Yi-Chen Peng, Chien-Tsu Chen, and Yuh-Ling Lin

Evaluation of O6-Methylguanine DNA Methyltransferase Activity in Patients With Gastric Cancer
Yïldïz Dinçer, Tülay Akçay, Osman B. Tortum, Zeynep Alademir, Sinan Önen, and Gülen Dogusoy

Modeling Plasma and Saliva Topotecan Concentration Time Course Using a Population Approach
Maud Boucaud, Frédéric Pinguet, Stéphane Culine, Sylvain Poujol, Cécile Astre, Roberto Gomeni, and Françoise Bressolle

Synthesis and Antitumor Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Novel Pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine Imidazole Containing Polyamide Conjugates
Rohtash Kumar and J. William Lown

Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells Can Kill Target Cells Not Only by Early Killing But Also by Late Killing, and the Late Killing Level Against Autotumor Cell Line
Fumio Komatsu and Kiyomi Ishiguro




Development of Polyamine Analogs as Cancer Therapeutic Agents
Thresia Thomas, Srivani Balabhadrapathruni, Michael A. Gallo, and T. J. Thomas

Laboratory Research

Constitutive Production of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein (PTHrP) by Fibroblasts Derived From Normal and Pathological Human Breast Tissue
Magali Cros, Christophe Cataisson, Yong Mee Cho, Yolande Berthois, Oana Bernard-Poenaru, Maryannick Denne, Anne-Marie Graulet, Marie-Christine De Vernejoul, John Foley, and Zhor Bouizar

Embryonal Mass and Hormone-Associated Effects of Pregnancy Inducing a Differential Growth of Four Murine Tumors
Oscar D. Bustuoabad, Pedro D. di Gianni, Marcela Franco, Edith C. Kordon, Silvia I. Vanzulli, Roberto P. Meiss, Lorena C. Grion, Graciela S. Díaz, Sergio H. Nosetto, Pablo Hockl, M. Gabriela Lombardi, Christiane Dosne Pasqualini, and Raúl A. Ruggiero

Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma With Hepatitis C Virus by Suppression Subtractive Hybridization
Masayo Kotaka, George G. Chen, Paul B. S. Lai, Wan Y. Lau, Paul K. S. Chan, Thomas W. T. Leung, and Arthur K. C. Li

A Sensitive Bioassay for Measuring Blood Levels of 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) in Patients: Preliminary Pharmacokinetic Studies
Xiao Xing Cui, Richard L. Chang, Xi Zheng, Donald Woodward, Roger Strair, and Allan H. Conney

Antitumor Polycyclic Acridines. Part 12. Physical and Biological Properties of 8,13-Diethyl-6-methylquino[4,3,2-kl]acridinium Iodide: A Lead Compound in Anticancer Drug Design
Sotiris Missailidis, Johnson Stanslas, Chetna Modi, Michael J. Ellis, R. Adrian Robins, Charles A. Laughton, and Malcolm F. G. Stevens


Laboratory Research

Stimulatory Effect of Topical Application of Caffeine on UVB-Induced Apoptosis in Mouse Skin
Yao-Ping Lu, You-Rong Lou, Xiang-Hong Li, Jian-Guo Xie, Yong Lin, Weichung Joe Shih, and Allan H. Conney

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronan Induces Malignant Mesothelioma Cell (MMC) Proliferation and Haptotaxis: Role of CD44 Receptor in MMC Proliferation and Haptotaxis
Najmunnisa Nasreen, Kamal A. Mohammed, Joyce Hardwick, Robert D. Van Horn, Kerry Sanders, Hasmeena Kathuria, Farzad Loghmani, and Veena B. Antony

Adherence of Ovarian Cancer Cells Induces Pleural Mesothelial Cell (PMC) Permeability
P. S. Sriram, Kamal A. Mohammed, Najmunnisa Nasreen, Joyce Hardwick, Robert Van Horn, Kerry Sanders, and Veena B. Antony

Glucocorticoids Induce Neuroendocrine Cell Differentiation and Increase Expression of N-myc in N-type Human Neuroblastoma Cells
Robert A. Ross, Anne M. Hein, John A. Braca, III, Barbara A. Spengler, June L. Biedler, and Jonathan G. Scammell

Uptake of the Antivascular Agent 5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-Acetic Acid (DMXAA) and Activation of NF-kB in Human Tumor Cell Lines
See-Tarn Woon, Bruce C. Baguley, Brian D. Palmer, John D. Fraser, and Lai-Ming Ching

Immunoglobulin Superfamily Expression in Primary Retinoblastoma and Retinoblastoma Cell Lines
Michele C. Madigan, Philip L. Penfold, Nicholas J. C. King, Francis A. Billson, and Robert M. Conway

The Possible Correlation Between Activation of NF-kB/IkB Pathway and the Susceptibility of Tumor Cells to Paclitaxel-Induced Apoptosis
Yi Huang, Yong Fang, Jennifer M. Dziadyk, James S. Norris, and Weimin Fan



Oncology Research Incorporating Anti-Cancer Drug Design
Stephen Neidle and Alan C. Santorelli


Pigmentation in Melanomas: Changes Manifesting Underlying Oncogenic and Metabolic Activities
Ruth Halaban

Laboratory Research

Dose and Timing of Total-Body Irradiation Mediate Tumor Progression and Immunomodulation
Glen M. Miller, Eric H. Kajioka, Melba L. Andres, and Daila S. Gridleya

Exposure to Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Cellular Phone Radiofrequency Alters Gene Expression, Proliferation, and Morphology of Human Skin Fibroblasts
Stefania Pacini, Marco Ruggiero, Iacopo Sardi, Stefano Aterini, Franca Gulisano, and Massimo Gulisano

Verapamil Reverts Resistance to Drug-Induced Apoptosis in Ki-ras-Transformed Cells by Altering the Cell Membrane and the Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potentials
Daniela Spalletti-Cernia, Igea D'Agnano, Rosanna Sorrentino, Gabriella Zupi, Giancarlo Vecchio, Giuseppe Portella, and Paolo Laccetti

Inhibition of Mouse Skin Tumor Promotion by Anti-Inflammatory Diarylheptanoids Derived From Alpinia oxyphylla Miquel (Zingiberaceae)
Kyung-Soo Chun, Kwang-Kyun Park, Jeewoo Lee, Myungshim Kang, and Young-Joon Surh

Synergistic Enhancement of the Antitumor Effect of Taxol by the Bioreductive Compound NLCQ-1, In Vivo: Comparison With Tirapazamine
Maria V. Papadopoulou, Ming Ji, and William D. Bloomer

Clinical Research

Epithelioid Granulomas as Main Clinical Manifestation at the Outset of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Report of Two Cases
Roberto Lerza, Emanuela Schenone, Bianca Paola Barsotti, Marco Botta, Eleonora Arboscello, Mauro Truini, Giuseppe Bogliolo, and Ivo Pannacciulli