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Laboratory Research

Anticancer Effect of a Novel 2-Arylidene-4,7-dimethyl indan-1-one Against Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line by G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest
R. Prasanna and C. C. Harish

The Inhibitor of Growth 1 (ING1) Is Involved in Trichostatin A-Induced Apoptosis and Caspase 3 Signaling in p53-Deficient Glioblastoma Cells
Mona Tamannai, Sonja Farhangi, Matthias Truss, Brigitte Sinn, Reinhard Wurm, Pinaki Bose, Guenter Henze, Karl Riabowol, Andreas von Deimling, and Gesche Tallen

Intrinsic Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Change and Associated Events Mediate Apoptosis in Chemopreventive Effect of Diclofenac in Colon Cancer
Jasmeet Kaur and S. N. Sanyal

Clinical Research

Zoledronate Stimulates gd T Cells in Prostate Cancer Patients
Michio Naoe, Yoshio Ogawa, Kumiko Takeshita, Jun Morita, Takeshi Shichijo, Khozo Fuji, Takashi Fukagai, Sanju Iwamoto, and Shuji Terao

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Use of Four-Dimensional CT for Target Localization and Assessment of Intrafractional Motion
Zhi-Wei Liao, Xun-Xing Guan, Feng-Yan Li, Zhen-Yu He, Ming Xue, Xiao-Yan Huang, and Li-xin Chen

Allelic Loss of the ING Gene Family Loci Is a Frequent Event in Ameloblastoma
Silvia S. Borkosky, Mehmet Gunduz, Levent Beder, Hidetsugu Tsujigiwa, Ryo Tamamura, Esra Gunduz, Naoki Katase, Andrea P. Rodriguez, Akira Sasaki, Noriyuki Nagai, and Hitoshi Nagatsuka


Laboratory Research

Distinct DNA Methylation Profiles Between Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Human Uterine Cervix
Eun-Ju Lee, Michael McClelland, Yipeng Wang, Fred Long, Sang-Ho Choi, and Je-Ho Lee

In Vivo Effect of a-Bisabolol, a Nontoxic Sesquiterpene Alcohol, on the Induction of Spontaneous Mammary Tumors in HER-2/neu Transgenic Mice
Laura Costarelli, Marco Malavolta, Robertina Giacconi, Catia Cipriano, Nazzarena Gasparini, Silvia Tesei, Sara Pierpaoli, Fiorenza Orlando, Hisanori Suzuki, Luigi Perbellini, Francesco Piacenza, Monica Emanuelli, and Eugenio Mocchegiani

The Importance of Release of Proinflammatory Cytokines, ROS, and NO in Different Stages of Colon Carcinoma Growth and Metastasis After Treatment With Cytotoxic Drugs
Roman Paduch, Martyna Kandefer-Szerszen, and Tomasz Piersiak

Clinical Research

Meta-Analysis of Chemotherapy With Irinotecan or Oxaliplatin-Involved Regimen for Untreated Metastatic Advanced Colorectal Cancer
Luhong Zhuang, Jianling Bai, Huaying Huang, Cuiju Tang, Jinsong Yang, Baoning Zhou, Yongling Gong, Zhong Duanmu, and Jinfei Chen

Prognostic Value of E-Cadherin Expression in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Gefitinib
Eun Hee Kook, Yeo Myeong Kim, Hyeon Tae Kim, Jae Soo Koh, Yun Jung Choi, Jin Kyung Rho, Hye-Ryoun Kim, Cheol Hyeon Kim, and Jae Cheol Lee

p53 Codon 72 and p21 Codon 31 Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Cervical Adenocarcinoma in Korean Women
Ju-Won Roh, Bu Kyung Kim, Chae Hyeong Lee, Jongseung Kim, Hyun Hoon Chung, Jae Weon Kim, Noh-Hyun Park, Yong-Sang Song, Sang-Yoon Park, and Soon-Beom Kang


Laboratory Research

Lentivirus-Mediated Knockdown of Cyclin Y (CCNY) Inhibits Glioma Cell Proliferation
YongGang Xu, Zhi Wang, Jie Wang, JianHua Li, HongWei Wang, and Wu Yue

Cell Survival or Apoptosis: Rooperol's Role as Anticancer Agent
Gerhardt J. Boukes, Brodie B. Daniels, Carl F. Albrecht, and Maryna van de Venter

Survivin shRNA Induces Caspase-3-Dependent Apoptosis and Enhances Cisplatin Sensitivity in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue
Jian-Hui Xu, An-xun Wang, Hong-Zhang Huang, Jian-Guang Wang, Chao-Bin Pan, and Bin Zhang

The Effect of the PPAR-g Agonist Rosiglitazone on Neuroblastoma SK-N-SH Cells in a Metastatic Xenograft Mouse Model
Nina Krieger-Hinck, Udo Schumacher, Alexander Müller, and Ursula Valentiner

Clinical Research

Frequency of Polymorphisms pro198leu in GPX-1 Gene and ile58thr in MnSOD Gene in the Altitude Ecuadorian Population With Bladder Cancer
César Paz-y-Miño, María José Muñoz, Andrés López-Cortés, Alejandro Cabrera, Adriana Palacios, Bernardo Castro, Nelson Paz-y-Miño, and María Eugenia Sánchez


Laboratory Research

Treadmill Exercise-Dependent Tumor Growth Retardation in T-Cell Lymphoma-Bearing Host Displays Gender Dimorphism
Vinod Kumar Verma, Vivek Singh, Mahendra Pal Singh, and Sukh Mahendra Singh

Arsenic Trioxide and Promyelocytic Leukemia Protein-Adenovirus Synergistically Inhibit In Vitro and In Vivo Growth of a Hepatoma Cell Line
Liming Cui, Shide Zhang, Weizhe Zhang, Zhanliang Hu, Zhigang Cao, and Tao Li

The Attenuation of MG132, a Proteasome Inhibitor, Induced A549 Lung Cancer Cell Death by p38 Inhibitor in ROS-Independent Manner
Yong Hwan Han, Hwa Jin Moon, Bo Ra You, and Woo Hyun Park

The Relationship Between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Gastric Adenocarcinoma in Northern Iran
Zivar Salehi, Hamidreza Mollasalehi, Mohammad Halimi Jelodar, Masoud Kazemi, and Rasoul Zahmatkesh

Genetic Variants of DNA Repair Gene XPC Modulating Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer in North India
Ruchika Gangwar, Balraj Mittal, Shruti Srivastava, Hariom Singh, and Rama Devi Mittal

Clinical Research

The UGT1A1*28 Genotype and the Toxicity of Low-Dose Irinotecan in Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer
Tomohide Sugiyama, Takashi Hirose, Sojiro Kusumoto, Takao Shirai, Toshimitsu Yamaoka, Kentaro Okuda, Tsukasa Ohnishi, Tohru Ohmori, and Mitsuru Adachi

The CYP1A1 Ile462Val Polymorphism and Platinum Resistance of Epithelial Ovarian Neoplasms
Martin Heubner, Pauline Wimberger, Kathrin Riemann, Sabine Kasimir-Bauer, Friedrich Otterbach, Rainer Kimmig, and Winfried Siffert

Genetic Polymorphisms in GSTA1, GSTP1, GSTT1, and GSTM1 and Gastric Cancer Risk in a Vietnamese Population
Thai V. Nguyen, Marcel J. R. Janssen, Martijn G. H. van Oijen, Saskia M. Bergevoet, Rene H. M. te Morsche, Henri van Asten, Robert J. F. Laheij, Wilbert H. M. Peters, and Jan B. M. J. Jansen


Laboratory Research

Evaluation of Molecular Markers in Canine Mammary Tumors: Correlation With Histological Grading
G. Vinothini, C. Balachandran, and S. Nagini

Inhibition of TC-1 Tumor Progression by Cotransfection of Saxatilin and IL-12 Genes Mediated by Lipofection or Electroporation
Y. S. Park, K. S. Kim, Y. K. Lee, J. S. Kim, J. Y. Baek, and L. Huang

Changes of Telomerase Activity by Alternative Splicing of Full-Length and b Variants of hTERT in Breast Cancer Patients
Sun Young Rha, Hei Cheul Jeung, Kyu Hyun Park, Jin Ju Kim, and Hyun Cheol Chung

ATP Depletion as a Consequence of Hypoxia Enhances Tamoxifen Antiproliferative Effects in T47D Breast Carcinoma Cells
M. Seyedabadi, M. H. Ghahremani, and S. N. Ostad

Targeting of Multiple Signaling Pathways by the Hsp90 Inhibitor SNX-2112 in EGFR Resistance Models as a Single Agent or in Combination With Erlotinib
John W. Rice, James M. Veal, Amy Barabasz, Briana Foley, Patrick Fadden, Anisa Scott, Ken Huang, Paul Steed, and Steven Hall

Na+-Stimulated Na+/H+ Exchange and an Unfavorable Ca+ Homeostasis Initiate the Cycloxygenase-2 Inhibitors-Induced Apoptotic Signals in Colonic Epithelial Cells During the Early Stage of Colon Carcinogenesis
Shailender Singh Kanwar, Karnati R. Roy, Bimla Nehru, Pallu Reddanna, and Sankar Nath Sanyal

Anticancer Activity and Apoptotic Effects of Bulnesia sarmienti Against Human Lung Cancer H460 Cells
Mohammad Lalmoddin Mollah, Jae-Chan Song, Chang-Ho Park, Gee-Dong Lee, Joo-Heon Hong, Zae Young Ryoo, Sanggyu Lee, Kyu-Tae Chang, and Kil-Soo Kim

Role of the Adiponectin Leptin Ratio in Prostate Cancer
Michael E. Grossmann, Nancy K. Mizuno, Melissa J. L. Bonorden, Amitabha Ray, Irina Sokolchik, Meena L. Narasimhan, and Margot P. Cleary

Clinical Research

Prognostic Factors in Women With Early Stage Small Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
Chao-Yuan Huang, Yu-Li Chen, Tieh-Chi Chu, Wen-Fang Cheng, Chang-Yao Hsieh, and Ming-Chieh Lin

Brief Communication

Dynamic CD8 T-Cell Responses to Tumor-Associated Epstein-Barr Virus Antigens in Patients With Epstein-Barr Virus-Negative Hodgkin's Disease
Holbrook Kohrt, Alexandre Johannsen, Richard Hoppe, Sandra J. Horning, Saul A. Rosenberg, Ranjana Advani, and Peter P. Lee


Laboratory Research

FXYD3 Expression in Gliomas and its Clinicopathological Significance
Ming-Wei Wang, Ping Gu, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Zhen-Long Zhu, Yuan Geng, Hany Kayed, Hanswalter Zentgraf, and Xiao-Feng Sun

Expression Patterns of Aurora Kinase B, Heat Shock Protein 47, and Periostin in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Yong-Jae Kwon, Seog Joo Lee, Jae Soo Koh, Sung Han Kim, Young-Joon Kim, and Jong Ho Park

Expression of the Fluoropyrimidine-Metabolizing Enzymes in Bladder Cancers as Measured by the Danenberg Tumor Profile
Michio Naoe, Yoshio Ogawa, Jun Morita, Takeshi Shichijo, Khozo Fuji, Kumiko Takeshita, Miki Kushima, Shuji Terao, Toshiko Yamochi, and Hidekazu Ota

Antitumor Effects and Cytotoxicity of Recombinant Plant Nucleases
Jaroslav Matousek, Tomás Podzimek, Pavla Poucková, Jan Stehlík, Jirí Skvor, Josef Soucek, and Josef Matousek

Bioactive Lipids Lysophosphatidic Acid and Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Mediate Breast Cancer Cell Biological Functions Through Distinct Mechanisms
Ahmed Boucharaba, Benoit Guillet, Farid Menaa, Mohamed Hneino, Andre J. van Wijnen, Clézardin Philippe, and Peyruchaud Oliver

Clinical Research

Status of p16INK4a and E-Cadherin Gene Promoter Methylation in Moroccan Patients With Cervical Carcinoma
Mohammed Attaleb, Wail El hamadani, Meriem Khyatti, Laila Benbacer, Nadia Benchekroun, Abdellatif Benider, Mariam Amrani, and Mohammed El Mzibri


Laboratory Research

Identification of Genes With Differential Expression in Chemoresistant Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Using High-Density Oligonucleotide Microarrays
Woong Ju, Byong Chul Yoo, Il-Jin Kim, Jae Weon Kim, Seung Cheol Kim, and Hyo Pyo Lee

Association Between MTHFR Polymorphism (C677T) With Nonfamilial Colorectal Cancer
Mahdi Montazer Haghighi, Ramin Radpour, Touraj Mahmoudi, Seyed Reza Mohebbi, Mohsen Vahedi, and Mohammad Reza Zali

Polymorphism of FGFR4 Gly388Arg Does Not Confer an Increased Risk to Breast Cancer Development
R. Naidu, Y. C. Har, and N. A. Taib

Combined Effect of Rapamycin and Cisplatin on Survival of Hep-2 Cells In Vitro
Wenbin Lei, Tao Jia, Zhenzhong Su, Weiping Wen, and Xiaolin Zhu

v-3 and v-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Enhance Arsenic Trioxide Efficacy in Arsenic Trioxide-Resistant Leukemic and Solid Tumor Cells
Melanie Wirtitsch, Erich Roth, Thomas Bachleitner-Hormann, Barbara Wessner, and Sanda Sturlan

The Inhibitor of Growth 1 (ING1) Proteins Suppress Angiogenesis and Differentially Regulate Angiopoietin Expression in Glioblastoma Cells
Gesche Tallen, Sonja Farhangi, Mona Tamannai, Nikola Holtkamp, Dorothea Mangoldt, Sitar Shah, Keiko Suzuki, Matthias Truss, Guenter Henze, Karl Riabowol, and Andreas von Deimling

Kiss-1 Suppresses MMP-9 Expression by Activating p38 MAP Kinase in Human Stomach Cancer
Kyung Hee Lee and Jae-Ryong Kim

Clinical Research

VEGF165 Promotes the Osteolytic Bone Destruction of Ewing's Sarcoma Tumors by Upregulating RANKL
Hui Guan, Zhichao Zhou, Ying Cao, Xiaoping Duan, and Eugenie S. Kleinerman

Brief Communication

Is Cyclin D2 a Marker of B-CLL Cell Activation?
Agata Kosmaczewska, Lidia Ciszak, Aleksandra Szteblich, Anna Laba, Marcin Wojtowicz, Dariusz Wolowiec, and Irena Frydecka


Laboratory Research

The Anticancer Effects of Sodium Selenite and Selenomethionine on Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cell Lines in Nude Mice
Yang Yang, Fang Huang, Yun Ren, Lu Xing, Ying Wu, Zhushi Li, Huazhen Pan, and Caimin Xu

Dexamethasone Downregulates BCRP mRNA and Protein Expression in Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Fatemeh Elahian, Fatemeh Kalalinia, and Javad Behravan

Membrane Fluidity and Surface Changes During Initiation of 1,2 Dimethylhydrazine-Induced Colon Carcinogenesis: Protection by Zinc
Vijayta Dani Chadha and D. K. Dhawan

TP53 Codon 72 Polymorphism and Breast Cancer in Northern Iran
Masood Kazemi, Zivar Salehi, and Roohi Jamal Chakosari

Fas Expression in Metastatic Osteosarcoma Cells Is Not Regulated by CpG Island Methylation
Gangxiong Huang, Nadezhda V. Koshkina, and Eugenie S. Kleinerman

Role of TGF-b1 (-509C>T) Promoter Polymorphism in Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer
Hariom Singh, Meenu Jain, and Balraj Mittal