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Strategic Alliances and Destination Marketing: Thre Greater Mekong Subregion
Joan Henderson

Alpine Adventurers in the Pacific Rim: The Motivations and Experiences of Guided Mountaineering Clients in New Zealand's Southern Alps
Anna Carr

"Farming the Tourist": The Social Benefits of Farm Tourism in Southland, New Zealand
Lise Hogh

Visitor Perception of Natural Hazards at New Zealand Tourism Attractions
Stephen R. Espiner

Planning for Sustainable Tourism
Lisa Testoni

Statutory Authorities in Whose Interests? The Case of Tourism New South Wales, the Bed Tax, and "The Games"
John Jenkins

Volume 4 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 4, NUMBERS 2/3, 2000

Local Perspectives on Global Tourism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region: Introduction
Heidi Dahles and Toon Van Meijl

Bali: A Paradise Globalized
Michael Hitchcock

Trade and Ethnicity: Street and Beach Sellers from Raas on Bali
Huub De Jonge

Dusun Sade: Local Tourist Guides, the Provincial Government, and the (Re)Presentation of a Traditional Village in Central Lombok
Karin Bras

Tourism in the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea: Favoring the Local Over the Global
Eric Kline Silverman

Huli Wigmen Engage Tourists: Self-Adornment and Ethnicity in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
Jaap Timmer

Tales of Tiwiness: Tourism and Self-Determination in an Australian Aboriginal Society
Eric Venbrux

VOLUME 4, NUMBER 1, 2000

Small Scale Tourism and Sustainability in Niue
Heidi de Haas and Judith Cukier

Tourism in Antarctica: A Unique Undertaking in Development and International Environmental Management
Jeffrey Benson

Australism and Mattering Maps: Web Sights of the South Pacific
Garry Gillard

The Fiji Islands: The One Truly Relaxing Tropical Getaway
Peter Wiltshier

Interpreting Tour Experiences: The Case of Structured Backpacker Tours in New Zealand
Dominic Moran

Pacific Rim Cuisine
Fleur Cutforth