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VOLUME 3, 1999

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 3/4, 1999

Special Issue on Mega-Events and Tourism
David B. Weaver


Sharing the Spirit? Sociospatial Polarization and Expressed Enthusiasm for the Olympic Games
Gordon Waitt and Philippe Furrer

Olympic Locations and Legacies: A Study in Geography and Tourism
Stephen Essex and Brian Chalkley

Fire and Festival: Authenticity and Visitor Motivation at an Australian Folk Festival
Mike Raybould, Justine Digance, and Caroline McCullough

The Presence of a Mega-Event: Effects on Destination Image and Product-Country Images
Lena L. Mossberg and Annika Hallberg

Leveraging Tourism Benefits From the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Bill Faulkner and Carmen Tideswell

Determining Key Success Criteria for Attracting Hallmark Sporting Events
Lynley Ingerson and Hans M. Westerbeek


Volume 3 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 2, 1999


Vaka Pasifika: A Regional Approach to Tourism Training in the South Pacific Region
Peter M. Burns

Wine Tourists: A Missed Opportunity or a Misplaced Priority?
Mike Breverland

Tourism as a Feasible Option for Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Nauru as a Case Study
Michael Fagence

The Accommodation Motivations and Accommodation Usage Patterns of International Independent Pleasure Travelers
Rose Johnston-Walker

"I Hated Mondays...": An Investigation of the Visitor Experience at the Otago Settlers Museum
Richard D. Mitchell

Measuring Tourism Penetration in Small Islands
Jerome L. McElroy and Klaus de Albuquerque

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1, 1999

Trevor Sofield


Trap-Line-Based Tours as Indigenous Tourism Products in Northern Canada
J. W. Colton and T. D. Hinch

"Tiger on a Bicycle": The Growth, Character, and Dilemmas of International Tourism in Vietnam
Annabel Biles, Kate Lloyd, and William S. Logan

Tourism Impacts on Small Islands: A Longitudinal Study of Community Attitudes to Tourism on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Jack Carlsen

Environmental Impacts of Tourism in the Australian Alps: The Thredbo River Valley
Justine Digance and Richard Norris

Visitors to National Parks: Attitudes of Walkers Toward Commercial Horseback Tours
Sue Beeton


How Do Scuba Diving Operators in Vanuatu Attempt to Minimize Their Impact on the Environment?
Jonathon L. Howard


Antarctic Tourism: Activities, Impacts, Management Issues, and a Proposed Research Agenda
Peter A. Mason and Stephen J. Legg


A Guide to Methodological Best Practices. Call for Papers for Ongoing Series
John C. Crotts

Toward Consistent Measurement: World Tourism Organization Standards for Tourism Statistics
Douglas C. Frechtling

Utilizing Mixed Method Approaches in Tourism Research
Harold Richins