Cell Transplantation 19(9-12) Tables of Contents

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Bone Marrow and Pancreatic Islets: An Old Story With New Perspectives
Fabio Ciceri and Lorenzo Piemonti

Pancreatic Islet Culture and Preservation Strategies: Advances, Challenges, and Future Outlook
Jamal Daoud, Lawrence Rosenberg, and Maryam Tabrizian

Original Contributions

Antiproinflammatory Effects of Iodixanol (OptiPrep)-Based Density Gradient Purification on Human Islet Preparations
A. Mita, C. Ricordi, S. Messinger, A. Miki, R. Misawa, S. Barker, R. D. Molano, R. Haertter, A. Khan, S. Miyagawa, A. Pileggi, L. Inverardi, R. Alejandro, B. J. Hering, and H. Ichii

Choice of Immunosuppression Influences Cytomegalovirus DNAemia in Cynomolgus Monkey (Macaca fascicularis) Islet Allograft Recipients
Dongmei Han, Dora M. Berman, Melissa Willman, Peter Buchwald, Daniel Rothen, Norman M. Kenyon, and Norma S. Kenyon

Lack of Evidence for Recipient Precursor Cells Replenishing β-Cells in Transplanted Islets
Yoshiyuki Hamamoto, Tomoyuki Akashi, Akari Inada, Susan Bonner-Weir, and Gordon C. Weir

Assessment of Human Islet Labeling With Clinical Grade Iron Nanoparticles Prior to Transplantation for Graft Monitoring by MRI 1573
Frederic Ris, Matthieu Lepetit-Coiffe, Paolo Meda, Lindsey A. Crowe, Christian Toso, Mathieu Armanet, Nadja Niclauss, Géraldine Parnaud, Laurianne Giovannoni, Domenico Bosco, Philippe Morel, Jean-Paul Vallee, and Thierry Berney

Intraoperative Intracerebral MRI-Guided Navigation for Accurate Targeting in Nonhuman Primates
Marina E. Emborg, Valerie Joers, Ronald Fisher, Kevin Brunner, Victoria Carter, Chris Ross, Raghu Raghavan, Martin Brady, James Raschke, Ken Kubota, and Andrew Alexander

Impact of Escaped Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells on Extracardiac Organs After Intramyocardial Implantation in a Rat Myocardial Infarction Model
Wei Wang, Peifeng Jin, Lei Wang, Zhikai Yang, Shengshou Hu, Bingren Gao, and Hao Zhang

Characterization of Tolerance Induction Through Prenatal Marrow Transplantation: The Requirement for a Threshold Level of Chimerism to Establish Rather Than Maintain Postnatal Skin Tolerance
Jeng-Chang Chen, Ming-Ling Kuo, Liang-Shiou Ou, Pei-Yeh Chang, Marcus O. Muench, Chia-Rui Shen, Hsueh-Ling Chang, Hsiu-Yueh Yu, and Ren-Huei Fu

Evaluation of Alginate Microspheres for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Engraftment on Solid Organ
E. Trouche, S. Girod Fullana, C. Mias, C. Ceccaldi, F. Tortosa, M. H. Seguelas, D. Calise, A. Parini, D. Cussac, and B. Sallerin

Human Cord Blood-Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Their Conditioned Media Exhibit Therapeutic Equivalence for Diabetic Wound Healing
Ji Yeon Kim, Sun-Hwa Song, Koung Li Kim, Jeong-Jae Ko, Ji-Eun Im, Se Won Yie, Young Keun Ahn, Duk-Kyung Kim, and Wonhee Suh

Delivery of a Therapeutic Protein by Immune-Privileged Sertoli Cells
Katelyn Halley, Emily L. Dyson, Gurvinder Kaur, Payal Mital, Peter M. Uong, Brinda Dass, Sherry N. Crowell, and Jannette M. Dufour

Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy Assessment of Renal Protection Efficacy of siRNA for p53 in Experimental Rat Kidney Transplantation Models
Ryoichi Imamura, Yoshitaka Isaka, Ruben M. Sandoval, Asaf Ori, Swetlana Adamsky, Elena Feinstein, Bruce A. Molitoris, and Shiro Takahara

Volume 19 Subject and Author Index


Original Contributions

Liposomal Formulations of Thrombomodulin Increase Engraftment After Intraportal Islet Transplantation
Wanxing Cui, Julianty Angsana, Jing Wen, and Elliot L. Chaikof

The Mobilization and Effect of Endogenous Bone Marrow Progenitor Cells in Diabetic Wound Healing
Paolo Fiorina, Giorgio Pietramaggiori, Saja S. Scherer, Mollie Jurewicz, Jasmine C. Mathews, Andrea Vergani, Gebhard Thomas, Elena Orsenigo, Carlo Staudacher, Stefano La Rosa, Carlo Capella, Adelaide Carothers, Hans-Gunter Zerwes, Livio Luzi, Reza Abdi, and Dennis P. Orgill

Evaluation of 28 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines for Use as Unrelated Donors in Stem Cell Therapy: Implications of HLA and ABO Genotypes
Jeoung Eun Lee, Myung Seo Kang, Myoung Hee Park, Sung Han Shim, Tae Ki Yoon, Hyung Min Chung, and Dong Ryul Lee

Cardiac Cell Generation From Encapsulated Embryonic Stem Cells in Static and Scalable Culture Systems
Donghui Jing, Abhirath Parikh, and Emmanuel S. Tzanakakis

Cell Therapy, a New Standard in Management of Chronic Critical Limb Ischemia and Foot Ulcer
V. Procházka, J. Gumulec, F. Jalůvka, D. Šalounová, T. Jonszta, D. Czerný, J. Krajča, R. Urbanec, P. Klement, J. Martinek, and G. L. Klement

Beneficial Effects of VEGF Secreted From Stromal Cells in Supporting Endothelial Cell Functions: Therapeutic Implications for Critical Limb Ischemia
Gilda Cobellis, Ciro Maione, Chiara Botti, Antonietta Coppola, Andrea Silvestroni, Stefano Lillo, Vincenzo Schiavone, Anna Maria Molinari, and Vincenzo Sica

An Efficient Approach to Isolation and Characterization of Pre- and Postnatal Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells for Clinical Applications
R. Gonzalez, L. Griparic, M. Umana, K. Burgee, V. Vargas, R. Nasrallah, F. Silva, and A. Patel

Transplantation of Human Wharton’s Jelly-Derived Stem Cells Alleviates Chemically Induced Liver Fibrosis in Rats
Shinn-Zong Lin,1 Yao-Jen Chang, Jen-Wea Liu, Li-Fu Chang, Li-Yi Sun, Yuan-Sheng Li, Geng-Hong Luo, Chia-Hui Liao, Pin-Hsin Chen, Tse-Min Chen, Ru-Ping Lee, Kuo-Liang Yang, Horng-Jyh Harn, and Tzyy-Wen Chiou

The Assessment of Human Erythroid Output in NOD/SCID Mice Reconstituted With Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Jun Hayakawa, Matthew M. Hsieh, D. Eric Anderson, Oswald Phang, Naoya Uchida, Kareem Washington, and John F. Tisdale

Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in 48 Patients With End-Stage Chronic Liver Diseases
Hosny Salama, Abdel-Rahman Zekri, Mark Zern, Abeer Bahnassy, Samah Loutfy, Sameh Shalaby, Cheryl Vigen, Wendy Burke, Mohamed Mostafa, Eman Medhat, Omar Alfi, and Elizabeth Huttinger

Brief Communication

-Acetylcysteine Improves the Viability of Human Hepatocytes Isolated From Severely Steatotic Donor Liver Tissue
Filippos G. Sagias, Ragai R. Mitry, Robin D. Hughes, Sharon C. Lehec, Ameet G. Patel, Mohamed Rela, Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, Nigel D. Heaton, and Anil Dhawan

Editorial Commentary

Stem Cell Research in Cell Transplantation: Sources, Geopolitical Influence, and Transplantation
David J. Eve, Randolph W. Fillmore, Cesar V. Borlongan, and Paul R. Sanberg



Adipocyte Transplantation and Stem Cells: Plastic Surgery Meets Regenerative Medicine|
Carlo Tremolada, Giancarlo Palmieri, and Camillo Ricordi

Original Contributions

Purification and Characterization of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells From Patients With Lipoaspirate Transplant
Valentina Folgiero, Emilia Migliano, Marinella Tedesco, Stefano Iacovelli, Giulia Bon, Maria Luisa Torre, Ada Sacchi, Mario Marazzi, Stefania Bucher, and Rita Falcioni

Autologous Bone Marrow Infusion Activates the Progenitor Cell Compartment in Patients With Advanced Liver Cirrhosis
Ja Kyung Kim, Young Nyun Park, Jin Seok Kim, Mi-Suk Park, Yong Han Paik, Jae-Yeon Seok, Yong Eun Chung, Hyun Ok Kim, Kyung Sik Kim, Sang Hoon Ahn, Do Young Kim, Myeong-Jin Kim, Kwan Sik Lee, Chae Yoon Chon, Soo Jeong Kim, Shuji Terai, Isao Sakaida, and Kwang-Hyub Han

Human Bone Marrow-Derived CD133+ Cells Delivered to a Collagen Patch on Cryoinjured Rat Heart Promote Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis
M. Pozzobon, S. Bollini, L. Iop, P. De Gaspari, A. Chiavegato, C. A. Rossi, S. Giuliani, F. Fascetti Leon, N. Elvassore, S. Sartore, and P. De Coppi

Nonsenescent Hsp27-Upregulated MSCs Implantation Promotes Neuroplasticity in Stroke Model
Shih-Ping Liu, Dah-Ching Ding, Hsiao-Jung Wang, Ching-Yuan Su, Shinn-Zong Lin, Hung Li, and Woei-Cherng Shyu

Treatment of Ocular Surface Injuries by Limbal and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Growing on Nanofiber Scaffolds
Alena Zajicova, Katerina Pokorna, Anna Lencova, Magdalena Krulova, Eliska Svobodova, Sarka Kubinova, Eva Sykova, Martin Pradny, Jiri Michalek, Jana Svobodova, Marcela Munzarova, and Vladimir Holan

Immortalized Human Fetal Retinal Cells Retain Progenitor Characteristics and Represent a Potential Source for the Treatment of Retinal Degenerative Disease
Shazeen M. Hasan, Anthony A. Vugler, Erik A. Miljan, John D. Sinden, Stephen E. Moss, and John Greenwood

Glutamatergic Excitation and GABA Release From a Transplantable Cell Line
Jana Mejía-Toiber, José Abraham Márquez-Ramos, Mauricio Díaz-Muñoz, Fernando Peña, Manuel B. Aguilar, and Magda Giordano

Synergistic Effect of Neural Stem Cells and Olfactory Ensheathing Cells on Repair of Adult Rat Spinal Cord Injury
Gan Wang, Qiang Ao, Kai Gong, Huancong Zuo, Yandao Gong, and Xiufang Zhang

Use of a Collagen-Elastin Matrix as Transport Carrier System to Transfer Proliferating Epidermal Cells to Human Dermis In Vitro
Taco Waaijman, Melanie Breetveld, Magda Ulrich, Esther Middelkoop, Rik J. Scheper, and Susan Gibbs

Plasticity of Fetal Cartilaginous Cells
Aurelie Quintin, Constantin Schizas, Corinne Scaletta, Sandra Jaccoud, Lee Ann Applegate, and Dominique P. Pioletti


Original Contributions

Injectable VEGF Hydrogels Produce Near Complete Neurological and Anatomical Protection Following Cerebral Ischemia in Rats
Dwaine F. Emerich, Eduardo Silva, Omar Ali, David Mooney, William Bell, Seong Jin Yu, Yuji Kaneko, and Cesar Borlongan

Changes in Host Blood Factors and Brain Glia Accompanying the Functional Recovery After Systemic Administration of Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Ischemic Stroke Rats
Ming Yang, Xiaotao Wei, Jing Li, Lynn A. Heine, Robert Rosenwasser, and Lorraine Iacovitti

Ectopic Dopaminergic Progenitor Cells From En1+/Otx2lacZ Transgenic Mice Survive and Functionally Reinnervate the Striatum Following Transplantation in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Christina Hackl, Anna Papazoglou, Claudia Ganser, Alexander Klein, Nilima Prakash, Wolfgang Wurst, and Guido Nikkhah

Analysis of Dosing Regimen and Reproducibility of Intraspinal Grafting of Human Spinal Stem Cells in Immunosuppressed Minipigs
Dusan Usvald, Peter Vodicka, Jana Hlucilova, Radek Prochazka, Jan Motlik, Karolina Kuchorova, Karl Johe, Silvia Marsala, Miriam Scadeng, Osamu Kakinohana, Roman Navarro, Marian Santa, Michael P. Hefferan, Tony L. Yaksh, and Martin Marsala

Suspension Culture of Mammalian Cells Using Thermosensitive Microcarrier That Allows Cell Detachment Without Proteolytic Enzyme Treatment
Hee Seok Yang, Oju Jeon, Suk Ho Bhang, Soo-Hong Lee, and Byung-Soo Kim

Effectiveness of a Web-Based Automated Cell Distribution System
Joyce C. Niland, Tracey Stiller, James Cravens, Janice Sowinski, John Kaddis, and Dajun Qian

In Vitro and In Vivo Analysis of Endothelial Progenitor Cells From Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord Blood: Are We Ready for Clinical Application?
Valérie Vanneaux, Fida El-Ayoubi, Catherine Delmau, Catherine Driancourt, Séverine Lecourt, Aurore Grelier, Audrey Cras, Wendy Cuccuini, Jean Soulier, Jean-Jacques Lataillade, Marie-Caroline Lebousse-Kerdiles, Jean François Oury, Olivier Sibony, Jean-Pierre Marolleau, Marc Benbunan, Georges Uzan, and Jéróme Larghero

Transplantation of Human Amnion Epithelial Cells Reduces Hepatic Fibrosis in Immunocompetent CCl4-Treated Mice
Ursula Manuelpillai, Jorge Tchongue, Dinushka Lourensz, Vijesh Vaghjiani, Chrishan S. Samuel, Alison Liu, Elizabeth D. Williams, and William Sievert

Genetic Modification of Donor Hepatocytes Improves Therapeutic Efficacy for Hemophilia B in Mice
Yao-Ming Wu, Chung-Yang Kao, Yu-Jen Huang, I-Shing Yu, Hsuan-Shu Lee, Hong-Shiee Lai, Po-Huang Lee, Chia-Ni Lin, and Shu-Wha Lin

Efficient Genetic Modification of Cynomolgus Monkey Embryonic Stem Cells With Lentiviral Vectors
Weiqiang Li, Chang Liu, Jie Qin, Li Zhang, Rui Chen, Jing Chen, Xinbing Yu, Guifu Wu, Bruce T. Lahn, Yongshui Fu, and Andy Peng Xiang

Deficiency of Either P-Glycoprotein or Breast Cancer Resistance Protein Protect Against Acute Kidney Injury
Miriam Huls, Joost P. H. Schoeber, Catherine M. Verfaillie, Aernout Luttun, Fernando Ulloa-Montoya, Aswin L. Menke, Lars R. van Bolderen, Rob M. Woestenenk, Gerard F. M. Merkx, Jack F. M. Wetzels, Frans G. M. Russel, and Rosalinde Masereeuw

Brief Communication

The Porcine Circovirus Type 1 in Porcine Kidney 15 Cell Line Is Not Transferred to Mice Lymphoid Cells After Xenoimplantation Into the Peritoneal Cavity
P. Hernández Jáuregui, M. Anaya Ruiz, F. Romero Pastrana, G. Delgado López, A. Pimentel Morales, E. Tena Betancourt, and E. Gómez Conde