Event Management 14(1-4) Tables of Contents

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Celebrating the Edges of the World: Tourism and Festivals of the Coast and Sea
Gudrun Helgadottir, Anna Karlsdottir, and Philip Long, Guest Editors

Emergent Vikings: The Social Ordering of Tourism Innovation
Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson

“Dancing Around the Ring of Fire”: Social Capital, Tourism Resistance, and Gender Dichotomies at Up Helly Aa in Lerwick, Shetland
Rebecca Finkel

The Spectacle of Piety on the Brittany Coast
Maura Coughlin

Reveillon in Rio de Janeiro
Gerald Greenfield

Come on Home: Visiting Friends and Relatives—The Cape Breton Experience
Keith G. Brown

Volume 14 Subject and Author Index


Building Association Attendance: Differences Between Chapter, Regional, and Annual Meetings From the Perception of the Association Members
Jill Fjelstul, Kimberly Severt, and Deborah Breiter

Effects of Hosting a Mega-Sport Event on Country Image
Geir Gripsrud, Erik B. Nes, and Ulf H. Olsson

Consumer Satisfaction and Event Quality Perception: A Case of US Open Taekwondo Championship
Yong Jaea Ko, Min Kil Kim, Yu Kyoum Kim, Jeoung-Hak Lee, and Kevin Cattani

Food Safety at Fairs and Festivals: Vendor Knowledge and Violations at a Regional Festival
Ji-Eun Lee, Barbara A. Almanza, and Douglas C. Nelson

Safety and Hostility at Special Events: Lessons From Australian Gay and Lesbian Festivals
Kevin Markwell and Stephen Tomsen

Examining Corporate Sponsorship of Charitable Events in the Greater Charleston Area
Sharon Nadav, Wayne W. Smith, and Andrea Canberg


Exploring the Connection Between Anthropology and Tourism: Patrimony and Heritage Tourism in Perspective
Maximiliano E. Korstanje


Residents’ Perception of the Social-Cultural Impacts of the 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix
Elaine Cheng and Nigel Jarvis

A Critical Analysis of the Motivational Factors That Influence Event Attendance in Family Groups
Katie Foster and Peter Robinson

Are You Proud?: The Influence of Sport and Community Identity and Job Satisfaction on Pride of Mega-Event Volunteers
May Kim, Min Kil Kim, and Michael A. Odio

Determinants of Visitor Expenditure at the Aardklop National Arts Festival
Martinette Kruger, Melville Saayman, and S. M. Ellis

Summer Camps as a Means to Recruit Prospective College Students
Linchi Kwok, Deborah C. Fowler, and Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan

The Economic Impact of College Sporting Events: A Case Study of Division I-A Football Games
Sangkwon Lee, John Harris, and Mark Lyberger

An Analysis of Service Provision and Visitor Impacts Using Participant Observation and Photographic Documentation: The National Cherry Blossom Festival
Minkyung Park, Margaret J. Daniels, Russell Brayley, and Laurlyn K. Harmon


Scale Development and Testing: A New Measure of Cognitive Satisfaction in Sports Tourism
David S. Martin and Martin O’Neill

Crafting a Social License to Operate: A Case Study of Vancouver 2010’s Cypress Olympic Venue
Ian F. Ponsford and Peter W. Williams

Value Creation Through Stakeholder Participation: A Case Study of an Event in the High North
Nina Katrine Prebensen

Managing Hindu Festivals in Pilgrimage Sites: Emerging Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges
Kiran A. Shinde

FESTPERF: A Service Quality Measurement Scale for Festivals
Aaron Tkaczynski and Robin Stokes

An Analysis of Event Managers’ Problem-Solving Propensity: Applying the Problem-Solving Inventory (PSI) to the Field of Event Management
Dana V. Tesone, Mary Jo Ross, and Randall Upchurch