Table of Contents


Volume 12, Number 1

Note From the Editors
Astrid Dickinger and Daniel Fesenmaier

The Journal of Information Technology & Tourism: A Content Analysis of the Past 10 Years
Dan Wang, Daniel R. Fesenmaier, Hannes Werthner, and Karl Wöber

Usage Patterns of Advanced Analytical Methods in Tourism Research 1988–2008: A Six Journal Survey
Josef A. Mazanec, Amata Ring, Brigitte Stangl, and Karin Teichmann

Innovation in the Web Marketing Programs of American Convention and Visitor Bureaus
Florian Zach, Ulrike Gretzel, and Zheng Xiang

Mobile Business in Air Travel: Results From an Explorative Workshop
Patrick Merten, Martin Steinert, and Stephanie Teufel

An Empirical Study of Agritourism Evolution and e-Commerce Adoption Challenges
Salvatore Ammirato

Volume 12, Number 2

Note From the  Editors
Astrid  Dickinger and Daniel Fesenmaier 


Intelligent Persuasive Technologies: Prospects for Tourism
Marco Guerini and Oliviero Stock

Theorizing Web 2.0 Phenomena in Tourism: A Sociological Signpost
Roman Egger

Antecedents and Impacts of Trust in Travel-Related Consumer-Generated Media
Kyung Hyan Yoo and Ulrike Gretzel

Online Travelers' Decision Makings: A New Equation Model to Evaluate Impacts of Website, Search Intention, and Trust
Ivan Wen

Context-Based Adaptation of Mobile Applications in Tourism
Wolfram Höpken, Matthias Fuchs, Markus Zanker, and Thomas Beer


Information Systems for Managers: Texts and Cases (Gabriele Piccoli)
Faiz I. Anuar

Advances in Tourism Decision Marketing–Managing Networks (Metin Kozak, Juergen Gnoth, and Luisa L. A. Andreu, editors)
Maria Lexhagen

Web 2.0: The Business Model (Miltiadis Lytras, Ernesto Damiani, and Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, editors)
Marianna Sigala