Tourism Review International 13(3-4) Tables of Contents

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Volume 13, Number 4


From the Publisher

Introduction the Special Issue: Tourism in a Time of Crisis
Wesley R. Roehl

In the Line of Fire: The Challenges of Managing Tourism Operations in the Victorian Alps
Dale Sanders and Jennifer Laing

Tourist Response to Climate Change: Regional and Metropolitan Diversity
Elspeth Frew and Caroline Winter

Destination Management Organizations and Tourism Crisis Management Plans in Florida
Lori Pennington-Gray, Ignatius Cahyanto, Brijesh Thapa, Elaine McLaughlin, Cindy Willming, and Sandy Blair

Vacations as Sweepstake Prizes: Tourism in the Service of Selling
Adam Weaver


Domestic Tourism in Asia: Diversity and Divergence
(Shalini Singh, editor)
David Harrison

Volume 13 Subject and Author Index

Volume 13, Number 3

Veblen and the Theory of the Backpacker Leisure Class: Status Seeking and Emulation in the Australian Contemporary Tourist Economy
Wendy Hillman

A Comparison of Student Spring Break and Their “Normal” Behaviors: Is the Hype Justified?
Stephen W. Litvin

Predictors of Customer Preference for Online Versus Offline Air Travel Booking
Zu-Hsu Lee and Kuangnen Cheng

College Students’ Destination Selection Behaviors: Gender-Focused Marketing Approach
Kakyom Kim and Ick-Keun Oh


The Study of Tourism: Anthropological and Sociological Beginnings (Dennison Nash)
David Harrison

Tourism Policy and Planning: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (D. L. Edgell, M. D. Allen, G. Smith, and J. R. Swanson)
Shalini Singh

Tourism and Transport: Modes, Networks and Flows (David Timothy Duval)
Gui Lohmann