Event Managment 15(1-4) Tables of Contents

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Guest Editor: Laura Jane Lawton

Introduction: Special Issue on Sustainability in the Event Management Sector
Laura Jane Lawton

Eliciting the Dynamics of Leading a Sustainable Event: Key Informant Responses
John Ensor, Martin Robertson, and Jane Ali-Knight

Risk Management: Event Managers’ Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceived Constraints
Sacha Reid and Brent Ritchie

The Blended Festivalscape and its Sustainability at Nonurban Festivals
David Gration, Charles Arcodia, Maria Raciti, and Robyn Stokes

Green Business Events: Profiling Through a Case Study
Bill Merrilees and Kathryn Marles

Potential Conservation Benefits of Wildlife Festivals
Glen T. Hvenegaard

Community Involvement in Festivals: Exploring Ways of Increasing Local Participation
Phil Rogers and Constantia Anastasiadou

Volume 15 Subject and Author Index

Volume 15, Number 3

Residents’ Support of Mega-Events: A Reexamination
Soyoung Boo, Qijing Wang, and Larry Yu

Event Attendance Motivation and Place Attachment: An Exploratory Study of Young Residents in Adelaide, South Australia
Eliza J. Hixson, Vivienne S. McCabe, and Graham Brown

Relationship Between Corporate Image and Purchase Behavior: Moderating Effects of Personal Characteristics and Situational Factors
Jun Woo Kim, Brian Crow, and Yu Kyoum Kim

Event Attributes and the Structure of Satisfaction: A Case Study of Golf Spectators
Brian D. Krohn and Sheila J. Backman

Are Media Reports Representative of Host Community Support for Mega-Events? The Case of Sydney World Youth Day 2008
Mirrin Locke and Anne Zahra

Assessing the Influences of Festival Quality and Satisfaction on Visitor Behavioral Intentions
Seon Mi Son and Kyong Mo Lee

MEETING AND EVENT ANALYSIS Tales From the Trenches. Abstracts

Case Study 8. SAP International Annual Users Conference—Streets of Philadelphia (Andrea Michaels)

Case Study 9. Night Wedding Shows at Bridal Stage DuO (Angelia Taylor)

Case Study 10. Behind the Scenes . . . (Lisa Moy)

Case Study 11. A Day at the (Classic Car) Races (Annie Revel)

Case Study 12. Pirates of Shenzhen (Kile Ozier)

Volume 15, Number 2

Intercommunity Sport Events: Vehicles and Catalysts for Social Capital in Divided Societies
Nico Schulenkorf, Alana Thomson, and Katie Schlenker

Tao Residents’ Perceptions of Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism in Lan-Yu, Taiwan
Kenneth F. Backman, Cheng-Hsuan Hsu, and Sheila J. Backman

The Economic Effects of Cultural Events: The Pintoricchio Exhibition in Perugia
Bruno Bracalente, Cecilia Chirieleison, Massimo Cossignani, Luca Ferrucci, Marina Gigliotti, and M. Giovanna Ranalli

A Taste of Tourism: Visitors’ Motivations to Attend a Food Festival
Wanching Chang

Impact of Past Experience on Perceived Value, Overall Satisfaction, and Destination Loyalty: A Comparison Between Visitor and Resident Attendees of a Festival
Jinyang Deng and Chad Pierskalla

New Investment: An Exploratory Case Study of Three Mature Edinburgh Festivals and Their Future Funding Opportunities
Kuan-Wen Lin, Patrick Stein, and Joe Goldblatt

The Influence of Culture on Community Perceptions: The Case of Two South African Arts Festivals
E. Slabbert and M. Saayman


Tourist, Tourism and Good Life (Philip Pearce, Sebastian Filep, and Glenn Ross)
Yu-Chih Huang and Sheila J. Backman


A History of Quebec—Branded: The Staging of the New France Festival
Alexandra Arellano

A Taste of Tourism: Visitors’ Motivations to Attend a Food Festival
Wanching Chang and Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan

Measuring Event–Brand Congruence
Jan Drengner, Steffen Jahn, and Cornelia Zanger

An Analysis of Image and Loyalty in Convention and Exhibition Tourism in China
Tracy (Ying) Lu and Liping A. Cai

Service Quality Dimensions Perceived by Film Festival Visitors
Jowon Park, Guiok Lee, and Minkyung Park

Sporting Events and the Use of Alcohol by University Students: Managing the Risks
Shane Pegg, Ian Patterson, and Megan Axelsen

Segmenting Event Attendees Based on Travel Distance, Frequency of Attendance, and Involvement Measures: A Cluster Segmentation Technique
Rodney B. Warnick, David C. Bojanic, Apurv Mathur, and Deepak Ninan


Commentary on Quest for Excitement: Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process. Revisiting the Perspective of E. Dunning and N. Elias
Maximiliano E. Korstanje

MEETING AND EVENT ANALYSIS Tales From the Trenches. Abstracts

Chapter 1. An Unexpected Challenge (Thomas B. Anderson)
Chapter 2. Newly Merged International Company Plans Meeting (Philip W. Arbuckle)
Chapter 3. Fundraiser: Razed by Tornado (Sandy Biback)
Chapter 4. You’re Never Too Old to Learn (Linda M. Robson)
Chapter 5. The Dos & Don’ts of Exhibiting on a Small Budget (Molly Suzanne Wolfsehr)
Chapter 6. Hot Times in Portland (Mark Yonskie)
Chapter 7. Where’s the Truck? (Mark Yonskie)