Event Management 16(1-4) Tables of Contents

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Will They Stay or Will They Go? A Study of Volunteer Retention at Film/Music Festivals in the Southwest United States
George W. Love, Kenneth Sherman, and Rob Olding

Determinants of Arts Festival Participation: An Investigation of Macao Residents
Wengsi (Clara) Lei and Weibing Zhao

An Assessment of Food Safety Risk at Fairs and Festivals: A Comparison of Health Inspection Violations Between Fairs and Festivals and Restaurants
Jin-Kyung Choi and Barbara Almanza

More Than Words: Analyzing the Media Discourses Surrounding Dance Music Events
Dewi Jaimangal-Jones

Decision-Making Factors in Selecting Virtual Worlds for Events: Advocacy, Computer Efficacy, Perceived Risks, and Collaborative Benefits
Arhlene A. Flowers and Kimberly Gregson

Sponsorship Change and the Ghost of Sponsorship Past
Wayne W. Smith and Stephen W. Litvin

Effect of Identification on Attendance at Team Sporting Events
Leon J. Mohan and Lionel Thomas

Understanding Segmented Spectator Markets of a Minor League Baseball (MiLB) Team
Cindy Lee and Doyeon Won

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Risk Management in Major Sporting Events: A Participating National Olympic Team’s Perspective
Dag Vidar Hanstad

The Use of Events in the Development of the Tourism Industry: The Case of Cyprus
Kakia Avgousti

Strong Ties Within Cultural Organization Event Networks and Local Development in a Tale of Three Festivals
Francesco Isso, Enrico Bonetti, and Barbara Masiello

The Attributes Influencing Wedding Reception Venue Selection
Margaret J. Daniels, Seungwon Lee, and Tessa Cohen

Disability, Access, and Inclusion in the Event Industry: A Call for Inclusive Event Research
Simon Darcy

Book Review

Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia (C. Gibson and J. Connell)
Jarrett R. Bachman



Events Management Research: State of the Art
Rhodri Thomas and Glenn Bowdin, Guest Editors

Events and Festivals: Fit for the Future?
Calvin Jones

Sustainable Mega-Events: Beyond the Myth of Balanced Approaches to Mega-Event Sustainability
C. Michael Hall

A Review of Business Events Literature
Judith Mair

How Sponsorships Work: The Sponsorship Engagement Model
Kirk L. Wakefield

How do Meeting Organizers Choose Convention Sites Based on Different Types of Meetings? An Empirical Analysis of the Italian Meetings Industry
Giacomo Del Chiappa

Event Studies: Discourses and Future Directions
Donald Getz


How Local Festivals Affect the Destination Choice of Tourists
Min-Jung Oh and Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee

Towards the Development of an Evaluation Questionnaire for Academic Conferences
Clifford Lewis and Greg Kerr

A Case Study of Recreational Golfers’ Interest in the 2008 Ryder Cup
John Harris, Sangkwon Lee, and Mark Lyberger

Management Attitudes Towards Event Impacts in the Tourist Destination: The Case of Istria, Croatia
Klara Trošt and Ines Milohnić

Mental Accounting and Festival Visitors’ Expenditures: An Exploration for New Factors
Michelle Y. Mosely and Charles Chancellor

Antecedents and Consequences of Tourist Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: A Case Study of a Festival in Korea
Siyoung Ryu, Seoho Um, and Timothy J. Lee

Capacity Building and the Contribution of Public Festivals: Evaluating “Cardiff 2005”
Nick Clifton, Diane O’Sullivan, and David Pickernell

Key Characteristics of Multicultural Festivals: A Critical Review of the Literature
Insun Sunny Lee, Charles Arcodia, and Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee