Tourism Research

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  • Event Management
    Event Management >>Meets the research and analytic needs of a rapidly growing profession focused on events.
  • Information Technology & Tourism
    Information Technology & Tourism >>The first scientific interdisciplinary journal focusing on the nature and role of information technology within the context of tourism, travel and hospitality.
  • Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism
    Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism >>A multidisciplinary journal inviting research contributions that imaginatively and comprehensively investigate dimensions of food and eating in relation to travel and tourism.
  • Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism (Back Issues)
  • Pacific Tourism Review
    Pacific Tourism Review >>The tremendous changes in outbound and inbound travel patterns in the wider Pacific area and their associated effects on the economy and environment demand a publication that specifically focuses on this area.
  • Tourism Analysis
    Tourism Analysis >>A forum for practitioners and academicians in the fields of Leisure, Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Tourism Culture & Communication
    Tourism Culture & Communication >>International in its scope, this journal places no restrictions upon the range of cultural identities covered, other than the need to relate to tourism and hospitality.
  • Tourism in Marine Environments
    Tourism in Marine Environments >>An interdisciplinary journal dealing with a variety of management issues in marine settings.
  • Tourism Research Package
    Tourism Research Package >>Includes these 5 journals: Tourism Analysis, Tourism Culture & Communication, Tourism in Marine Environments, Tourism Review International, Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism
  • Tourism Review International
    Tourism Review International >>A peer-reviewed journal that advances excellence in all fields of tourism research, promotes high-level tourism knowledge and nourishes cultural awareness in all sectors of the tourism industry by integrating industry and academic perspectives.