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Tourism Review International (TRI) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of scholarly and managerially-oriented knowledge throughout all fields of tourism. In doing so, the journal's content reflects a broad-based portfolio approach that includes: (1) Theme-based research, (2) General research, (3) Literature reviews (all types), (4) Invited essays and commentaries from thought leaders in the discipline, (5) Research notes that clarify concepts, theories, definitions, and/or methods, (6) Book and software reviews, and (7) Technical reports from distinguished research groups. All manuscripts submitted in TRI are reviewed by recognized scholars using a double-blind procedure. Although the journal has an international focus, manuscripts need not be cross-cultural to be considered for publication. Instead, the primary criterion for publication is the extent to which the manuscript demonstrates a meaningful contribution to the literature in tourism and tourism-related activities. Authors are encouraged to contact the editor-in-chief through email if they have any questions.

Review Themes

In order to enable researchers to develop appropriate research papers, Review Themes will be announced up to 18 months in advance. The quality of the papers will be assessed through a double-blind peer review process that will include acknowledged leaders in that particular thematic field.


Instructions for Contributors

Manuscript submission: Authors should submit Word document manuscripts electronically by email to: Gyan Nyaupane, Ph.D., Professor, School of Community Resources & Development, Arizona State University, 411 N. Central Avenue, Ste. 550, Phoenix, AZ 85004-0690, USA. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Follow the guidelines below to prepare the manuscript, figures, and tables.

General manuscript preparation: Manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document, double spaced, with all pages numbered. A cover page with the title only should be included because manuscripts are sent out for blind review. Include figures and tables at the end of the file or provide figures and tables in a separate file attachment. Do not incorporate the figures and tables within the manuscript text. Main and secondary headings should be clearly identifiable.

Title page: This should contain the title, all author names and corresponding affiliation(s) for each author, which includes Department, Institution, City (State), Country. The corresponding author must be clearly designated and a complete mailing address and email address for the corresponding author must be included (phone and fax numbers are optional). A short title of approximately 40 characters (or less) should also be included.

Abstract and Key words: Provide an abstract of up to 300 words. It should contain an abbreviated representation of the content of the manuscript. Major results, conclusions, and/or recommendations should be given, followed by supporting details of method, scope, or purpose as appropriate. Do not cite references in the abstract. Supply 3 to 5 keywords suitable for indexing.

Text: Clearly indicate all main and subheadings. Follow the APA Publication Manual (6th edition) guidelines for citing references in the text (see below) and for the reference list. All figures and tables must be cited in the text in the order in which they appear (do not incorporate figures and tables within the body of the text). The file should be arranged as: title-only cover page, title page (with names and affiliations), abstract and key words, main body text, reference list, figure legends, tables, and figures (or provide figures and tables in a separate file).

References: The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order. Follow APA Publication Manual (6th edition) for text and reference list citations, per the examples below. Include in the reference list only those cited in the text and ensure that all text citations have an entry in the reference list.

Text citations: (Gunn, 1990) or (Fesenmaier et al., 1994; Mazanec, 1992, 1993; UysalGitelson, 1994) or (Crompton, 1979, p. 411) (for quoted material). Note that names are to be alphabetical within the parenthetical, NOT by date order.

Journal article:
Chen, C.-C., Lin, Y.-H., & Petrick, J. F. (2012). International stereotype and the collective construction of destination image. Tourism Analysis, 17(1), 55–66.

Book: Goeldner, C., & Ritchie, B. (2011). Tourism: Principles, practices, philosophies (12th ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Book chapter in edited book: Hall, C. M., & Jenkins, J. (2004). Tourism and public policy. In A. Lew, C. M. Hall, & A. Williams (Eds.), A companion to tourism (pp. 425–540). Oxford, UK: Blackwell.

Internet source: United Nations World Tourism Organization. (2017). Tourism highlights: 2017 edition. Retrieved from

Please note that citations such as “personal communication” should be cited parenthetically in the text only. Do not include in the reference list.

Figures: All figures should be provided in .doc, .jpg, .tif, or .pdf format, at high resolution. Do not incorporate figures within the text of the manuscript. Figures should be prepared without color unless the figure is to be printed in color (note there is a charge for printing figures in color). Avoid light shading that will not reproduce well. Labeling and figure detail must be large enough to be legible after reduction to fit page parameters. Each figure must be cited in the text and legends for all illustrations should be included at the end of the manuscript file. Do not incorporate the figure legend or figure number as part of the figure itself.

Table material should not duplicate the text. Include each table on a separate page at the end of the manuscript or as a separate file. Include a title for each table (do not incorporate tables within the text of the manuscript). Avoid overly wide or long tables that would not fit printed page parameters.

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Page Proofs/Offprints: Page proofs will be sent electronically to the designated corresponding author prior to publication. Minor changes only are allowed at this stage. The designated corresponding author will receive one free copy of the issue in which the article is published.

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made by the publisher and editorial board to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement appears in this Journal, they wish to make it clear that the data and opinions appearing in the articles and advertisements herein are the sole responsibility of the contributor or advertiser concerned. Accordingly, the publisher, the editorial board, editors, and their respective employees, officers, and agents accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement.

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Volume 22, Number 2

Introduction 97
Kenneth R. Bartkus

Sociodemographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral Correlates of Fun in the Destination Context 99
Asli D. A. Tasci and Wei Wei

Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Adoption in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Malawi 117
Grace Kamanga and Felix G. Bello

The Relationship of Perceived Service Quality With Revisitation and Subjective Well-Being of Chinese Tourists: The Role of Emotions and Destination Identification 131
Lujun Su, Scott R. Swanson, and Xiaohong Chen

Special Section
Wine Tourism

Guest Editor: Byron Marlowe

Conceptualizing Terroir Wine Tourism 143
Byron Marlowe and Sojung Lee

Wine Tourists in Emerging Wine Regions: A Study of Tasting Room Visitors in the Great Lakes Region of the US 153
Dan McCole, Don Holecek, Crystal Miller-Eustice, and Jenni Soohee Lee

Volume 22, Number 1

Introduction 1
Kenneth R. Bartkus

Tourism, Macroeconomics, Growth, and the St. Louis Equation 3
Manuel Vanegas Sr.

How Hotel Responses to Negative Online Reviews Affect Customers’ Perception of Hotel Image and Behavioral Intent: An Exploratory Investigation 23
Fang Meng, Robin B. Dipietro, John H. Gerdes Jr., Sheryl Kline, and Tiffany Avant

The Effect of Delisting a Hotel Market From Online Travel Agency Websites: Evidence From Columbus, Georgia 41
Brumby McLeod, Stephen W. Litvin, Kirk C. Heriot, Andres Jauregui, and Erin Dempsey

Assessing the Sustainability of Tourism Systems: A Social–Ecological Approach 49
Gyan P. Nyaupane, Surya Poudel, and Dallen J. Timothy

Special Section
Wine Tourism
Guest Editor: Byron Marlowe

The Wine Tourism Experience in New Zealand: An Investigation of Chinese Visitors’ Interest and Engagement 67
Joanna Fountain

Wine Tourism in Burgundy, France: An Analysis of Marketing Practices 81
Liz Thach and Laurence Cogan-Marie

Volume 21, Number 4

Introduction 331
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Editor-in-Chief

Empowerment in Tourism: A Review of Peer-Reviewed Literature 333
Yeganeh Aghazamani and Carter A. Hunt

Tapping the Chinese Market: An Examination of Chinese Tourists’ Images and Constraints Towards Cruising 347
Suiwen (Sharon) Zou and James F. Petrick

Approaching the Adoption of Lean Thinking Principles in Food Operations in Hotels in Egypt 365
Abuelkassem A. A. Mohammad

The Interaction of Tourism and Cyclone Activity in East Asia: Sustainability and Disasters 379
Tam Bang Vu, Eric Iksoon Im, Roy R. Thompson, and Tom DeWitt

The Relative Influence of Travel Favorability and Importance on Travel Behavior 395
Chun-Chu Chen

An Essay on the Touristic Representations of India Presented in Three Postcolonial Travelogues 407
Archana ParasharMukesh Kumar, and Vineeta Saluja

Resident Attitudes Toward Future Tourism Development: “It’s a Question of Trust” 417
David A. Cárdenas, Fang Meng, Simon Hudson, and Karen Thal

Volume 21 Subject And Author Index 431

Volume 21, Number 3

Guest Editor: Susan Houge Mackenzie

Introduction 221
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Editor-in-Chief

Travel and Insight on the Limen: A Content Analysis of Adventure Travel Narratives 223
Jasmine M. Goodnow and Samit Bordoloi

Perceived Resource Quality as a Framework to Analyze Impacts of Climate Change on Adventure Tourism: Snow, Surf, Wind, and Whitewater 241
Ralf Buckley

Trail Accreditation as a Mechanism to Enhance Hikers’ Confidence During Decision-Making 255
Liandi Slabbert and Elizabeth Ann Du Preez

Examining the Behavioral Intentions of Bungee Jumping Tourists at the Macau Tower: A Quantitative Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling 275
Hung-Che Wu, Ching-Chan Cheng, and Yi-Chang Chen

An Ecological Dynamics Perspective on Adventure Tourism 307
Suzanne Peacock, Eric Brymer, Keith Davids, and Michelle Dillon

Additional Article for Research in Africa, Part 2 (Volume 21, Number 2)
(Guest Editors: Christian M. Rogerson and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn)

Tourist Photographs and Destination Imagery on Social Media: Reading the Stellenbosch Winelands Through a Tourist Lens 317
Louise A. Bordelon and Sanette L. A. Ferreira

Volume 21, Number 2

Introduction 99
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Editor-in-Chief

Residents’ Perceptions of Resettlement for Nature-Based Tourism: A Case Study of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, China 101
Kai Wang, Brent D. Moyle, and Zhimiao Li

An ARDL Approach: How Robust Is Guatemala’s International Tourism Demand? 121
Manuel Vanegas

Special Section
Research in Africa, Part 2
Guest Editors: Christian M. Rogerson and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

The Contribution of Tourism Revenue to Financing Protected Area Management in Southern Africa 139
Andrew Rylance, Susan Snyman, and Anna Spenceley

Airbnb: The Emergence of a New Accommodation Type in Cape Town, South Africa 151
Gustav Visser, Inge Erasmus, and Matthew Miller

Festival Processes, Innovation, and Locality Response: Evidence From South Africa’s Rage Youth Festival 169
Devin Harmer and Jayne M. Rogerson

Business Tourism in Africa: The Case of Cameroon 181
Tembi Maloney Tichaawa

City Tourism in South Africa: Diversity and Change 193
Christian M. Rogerson and Jayne M. Rogerson


A Case Study Into the Preparedness of White-Water Tourism to Severe Climatic Events in Southern Africa 213
Julia K. Giddy, Jennifer M. Fitchett, and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Volume 21, Number 1

Introduction 1
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Editor-in-Chief

Examining the Effects of Perceived Quality, Value, Satisfaction, and Destination Loyalty in Shiogama, Japan 3
Kohsuke Matsuoka, Rob HallakTakatoshi Murayama, and Atsushi Akiike

Exploring Learning Outcomes of Domestic Travel Experiences Through Mothers’ Voices 17
Matthew J. Stone and James F. Petrick

Tourists’ Psychological Connection to Pop Culture Tourism: A Perspective of Psychological Continuum Model 31
Seojin Lee, Woojin Lee, and Hyeong-Yeon Jeon

Special Section

Research in Africa, Part 1
Guest Editors: Christian M. Rogerson and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Managing Tourism Firms in South Africa for Competitiveness: An Innovation Perspective 49
Irma Booyens and Christian M. Rogerson

A Quantitative Methodology for Assessing Sustainable Tourism Potentials 63
Matthew Biniyam Kursah

Benefits and Challenges of Community-Based Ecotourism in Park-Fringe Communities: The Case of Mesomagor of Kakum National Park, Ghana 81
Ishmael Mensah

Volume 20, Number 2/3

Introduction 71
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Editor-in-Chief

An Analysis of Push and Pull Motivators Investigated in Medical Tourism Research Published From 2000 to 2016 73
Surej P. John and Roy Larke

Expenditure-Based Segmentation: A Case Analysis of Attendees to a Youth Festival in South Africa 91
Martinette Kruger and Melville Saayman

From Perception to Action: A Segmentation Study Based on Local Residents’ Attitude Toward Tourism Development 103
Bình Nghiêm-Phú

Tourists’ Experiences of Recreation Spaces in Australia’s Wet Tropics 123
Amy M. Osmond and Tingzhen Chen

Qatar World Cup 2022: Awareness of the Event and its Impact on Destination and Country Character Perceptions in the US Tourism Market 143
Kyriaki (Kiki) Kaplanidou, Ahmed Al-Emadi, Stavros Triantafyllidis, Michael Sagas, and Abdoulaye Diop


Inbound, Expat, and Domestic Climbers: A Segment-Based Expenditure Analysis of Mount Fuji’s Summer Season 155
Thomas E. Jones, Yang Yang, and Kiyotatsu Yamamoto

Beyond Access: Accessibility-Related Online Information 165
Isabel Sanchez and Carla A. Santos

Volume 20, Number 1

Introduction 1
Kenneth R. Bartkus

Comparing Expenditure Patterns and Travel Characteristics Among NFL Fans With Different Levels of Team Identification 3
Chengming Hu and Shu Cole

Does Culture Influence Risk Perceptions? 11
Hany Kim, Ashley Schroeder, and Lori Pennington-Gray

Understanding the Benefits of School Travel: An Educator’s Perspective 29
David A. Cárdenas, Simon Hudson, Fang Meng, and Pei Zhang

Women’s Self-Determination in Cooperative Tourism Microenterprises 41
Chantell LaPan, Duarte B. Morais, Tim Wallace, and Carla Barbieri

How Can Small and Medium-Sized Hotels Compete With International Hotel Chains? Egypt as a Case Study 57
Abuelkassem A. A. Mohammad

Volume 19, Number 4


Tourism, Aesthetics, and Touristic Judgment 179
Daniel C. Knudsen, Michelle M. Metro-Roland, and Jillian M. Rickly

Aesthetic Awareness and Spectacle: Communicated Images of Novi Sad (Serbia), the Exit Festival, and the Petrovaradin Fortress 193
Nicholas Wise and Ivo Mulec

Reflections on Judgment: An Analysis of Tourists’ Contributions to Guest Books 207
Emily Moskwa

The Nature of Aesthetics: How Consumer Culture Has Changed Our National Parks 225
Stephen L. Wearing, Matthew McDonald, Jo Ankor, and Stephen Schweinsberg


Tourism by Design: Signature Architecture and Tourism 235
Greg B. C. Shaw

Volume 19 Subject and Author Index 243

Volume 19, Number 3

Exploring the Differences Between Educational and Escapist Experience Stagers: A Multiperspective Approach 105
Shengnan Zhao, Gyan P. Nyaupane, and Kathleen Andereck

Selling Spirituality: Issues in Tourism 123
Kate Bone

Participant Perceptions of a Sport Event, Destination Competitiveness, and Intended Future Behavior: The Case of the Thunder Road Marathon in North Carolina 133
Kakyom Kim and Giri Jogaratnam

Gender Differences in Vacation Behavior 147
May Kristin Vespestad and Mehmet Mehmetoglu

Rapid Growth and Density of Liquor Licenses in a Heritage Tourism Destination: Charleston’s Emerging “Entertainment District” 163
Stephen W. Litvin, Ellison B. Wofford, and Wayne W. Smith


The Discriminant Effect of Perceived Value on Travel Intention: Visitors Versus Nonvisitors of Florida Keys 175
Chun-Chu Chen and James F. Petrick

Volume 19, Number 1-2

Heritage Tourism Within a Capital City: Symbolism and Dissonance 1
Margaret J. Daniels, Laurlyn K. Harmon, Marielle Barrow, Minkyung Park, Russell E. Brayley, and Rodney Vese

Examining the Perceptions of Mobility-Impaired Travelers: An Analysis of Service Expectations, Evaluations, and Travel Barriers 19
Sila KaracaogluMedet Yolal, and Dogan Gursoy

Accessibility of Travel and Hospitality Services as Perceived by Travelers With Mobility Impairments 31
Yeon Woo Park, Shu Cole, and Ye Zhang

Wildlife Conservation Through Tourism Microentrepreneurship Among Namibian Communities 43
Duarte B. MoraisBirendra K. C., Yuchen Mao, and Alfons Mosimane


Ecological Slums? Initial Notes on Tourism and Ecology in Brazilian Favelas 63
Camila Maria Dos Santos Moraes

“Breaking The Silence”: Local Perceptions of Slum Tourism in Dharavi 75
Nieck Slikker and Ko Koens

Making Slums Into Attractions: The Role of Tour Guiding in the Slum Tourism Development in Kibera and Dharavi 87
Fabian Frenzel and Stephanie Blakeman


Stereopticon: Entry to a Life of Travel and Tourism Research (Valene L. Smith) 101
Sharon Gmelch

Volume 18, Number 4


Slum Tourism: State of the Art 237
Fabian FrenzelKo KoensMalte Steinbrink, and Christian M. Rogerson

Smart Tourism Investment: Planning Pathways to Break the Poverty Cycle 253
Moustafa A. Mekawy

Reimagining the Geography of the Favelas: Pacification, Tourism, and Transformation in Complexo Do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro 269
Emily LeBaron

Touring the Demolished Slum? Slum Tourism in the Face of Delhi’s Gentrification 283
Tore Holst

“So, Child Protection, I’ll Make a Quick Point of it Now”: Broadening the Notion of Child Abuse in Volunteering Vacations in Siem Reap, Cambodia 295
P. Jane Reas

Volume 18 Subject and Author Index 311

Volume 18, Number 3

Guest Editor: C. Michael Hall

Second Home Tourism: An International Review 115
C. Michael Hall

Ongoing and Future Relationships of Second Home Owners With Places in Coastal Australia: An Empirical Case Study From Eastern Victoria 137
Nick Osbaldiston and Felicity Picken

Economically Detached? Second Home Owners and the Local Community in Poland 153
Adam Czarnecki

VFR Travel and Second Home Tourism: The Missing Link? The Case of South Africa 167
Christian M. Rogerson and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Globalization and the Impacts of Leisure-Induced Mobilities: Lessons From Tafí Del Valle (NW Argentine Andes) 179
Gerhard Rainer and Samuel Bedrich Morales Gaitán

Advertising Stories of Second Homes in the Swedish Welfare State 193
Ingrid Persson

Generation Y and Second Homes: Continuity and Change in Finnish Outdoor Recreation 207
Kati PitkänenRiikka PuhakkaJussi Semi, and C. Michael Hall

Governing Second Homes: A Study of Policy Coherence of Four Policy Areas in Finland 223
Janne RinneAsta KietäväinenSeija Tuulentie, and Riikka Paloniemi


Guest Editor: Matthew Lamont

Introduction: Cycling and Tourism
Matthew Lamont

Mountain Bike Tourism and Community Development in British Columbia: Critical Success Factors for the Future
Ray Freeman and Eugene Thomlinson

Pedaling Through the Past: Sport Heritage, Tourism Development, and the Tour of Flanders
Gregory Ramshaw and Tim Bottelberghe

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses of the Potential Local Economic Impact of Tourism and Leisure Cycling and the Development of an Evidence-Based Market Segmentation
Mike Weed, Chris Bull, Mat Brown, Suzanne Dowse, Jane Lovell, Louise Mansfield, and Ian Wellard

Linking Tourism Products to Enhance Cycle Tourism: The Case of the Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand
Arianne C. Reis, Brent Lovelock, and Carla Jellum

Cycling Into Sensoria: Embodiment, Leisure, and Tourism
Karen M. Fox, Barbara Humberstone, and Michael Dubnewick

Cycling Charity Challenge Events: Can They Contribute to the Lifestyle Medicine Movement?
Alexandra Coghlan


The Relationship Between Cycle Tourism and Sustainable Transport in the UK
Mike Weed, Chris Bull, Mat Brown, Suzanne Dowse, Jane Lovell, Louise Mansfield, and Ian Wellard

Assessing Usage of Rural Cycle Ways—Problems and Issues: A Case Study of the Hauraki Cycle Trail, North Island New Zealand
Chris Ryan, Thu Thi Trinh, Minghui Sun, and Ping Li


Community Expectations From Rural Tourism Development at Lekhubu Island, Botswana
Monkgogi Lenao, Joseph E. Mbaiwa, and Jarkko Saarinen

An Analysis of Critical Success Factors in Managing the Tourist Experience at Kruger National Park
W. H. Engelbrecht, M. Kruger, and M. Saayman

Global Imaging and Branding: Source Market Newspaper Reporting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Sanette L. A. Ferreira and Ronnie Donaldson

Tourism Visioning: Implementing a Primary Stakeholder Approach
Cody Morris Paris, Richard C. Knopf, and Kathleen Andereck

Happiness, Satisfaction, and Risk Perception
Sebastian Filep, Louise Munk Klint, Paul Whitelaw, Dale Dominey-Howes, and Terry DeLacy


Competitive Advantage for Brand Positioning: The Case of Sun City in South Africa
Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji, Prisca M. Lete, Maisa Correia, and Anna-Marie Taylor

Volume 17 Subject and Author Index


Growing Tourism in a Hostile Environment: A Case of Iran
Mahmood Bahaee and Mahmoud Saremi

Previsitation and Posttour Awareness and Ratings of Tourism Attractions of Yankari and Cross River National Parks
Paulinus Chukwuemeka Ngoka and Glory Mba-Abasi Ngoka

Climate Change and Sustainable Tourism: Carbon Mitigation by Environmentally Certified Tourism Enterprises
Heather Zeppel and Narelle Beaumont

Critical Ecotourism Factors Applicable to National Parks: A Visitor Perspective
Leonie De Witt, Peet Van Der Merwe, and Melville Saayman

Visitor Awareness of Local Issues at Emerging Destinations: Experiences Gleaned From a Study Abroad Course in Ghana
Carol Kline, Laura Johnson, and Kofi Boone

Tourism to the Battlefield Memorials in Fromelles
Caroline Winter


The Use of Urban Built Heritage for Boutique Hotels: Examples From Malaysia and Singapore
Joan C. Henderson, Geraldine Liew, Jonathan Ong, and Benjamin Quek

The Perceived Risks of Traveling Overseas: Evidence From Korea
Sarah Ryu, Brian King, and Segu Zuhair

Pricing Guidelines for Graded Hotels and Guesthouses in South Africa
Engelina Du Plessis and Melville Saayman

Community Tourism Awareness Campaign: Eden District Municipality, South Africa’s Example
T. Ramukumba

Sagarmatha National Park (Mount Everest) Visitor Survey and Analysis (Everest Visitor Survey)
Paolo Caroli, Daniele Panzeri, and Barry Haack


Policy and Tourism Development as Exemplified by the Lublin Region (Southeast Poland)
Andrzej Tucki and Andrzej Świeca


Crises Effects Management: A New Policy to Manage Tourism Crises in Egypt
Sabreen G. Abd El-Jalil

Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Nature-Based Tourism in Maun in the Okavango Delta Area, Botswana: How Prepared Are the Tourism Businesses?
Wame L Hambira, Jarkko Saarinen, Haretsebe Manwa, and Julius R. Atlhopheng

Can Online Surveys Substitute Traditional Modes? An Error-Based Comparison of Online and On-Site Tourism Destination Surveys
Namhyun Kim, Xiaojuan Yu, and Zvi Schwartz

Analyzing the Complex and Dynamic Nature of Brand Loyalty in the Hotel Industry
Dwi Suhartanto, Michael Clemes, and David Dean


Spring Break Travel: Thirty Years of Scholarly Evidence, 1980–2010
Nuno F. Ribeiro and Benjamin D. Hickerson

Comparing Customer Ratings From Multiple Reputation Systems: The Case of New York City Hotels
Douglas Sanford and James Otto

Human Rights and Human Travel? Modeling Global Travel Patterns Under an Ethical Tourism Regime
Brent Lovelock

The Characteristics and Travel Behaviors of Senior Leisure Travelers: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between China and the US
Sandy C. Chen

Casino Travel Motivations of Chinese Tourists: Differences in Visitation Attributes
IpKin Anthony Wong

Towards New Tourism Policies: The Role of Fiscal Policy In Increasing Competitiveness
Valentina Feliziani and Salvatore Monni

Research Note

Tourists’ Indulgence Towards Unplanned Expenditure: A Study in an Emerging Destination
Uttam K. Baruah and Mrinmoy K. Sarma

Volume 16 Subject and Author Index 247



Introduction: Media and Tourism
Jennifer Laing, Warwick Frost, Glen Croy, and Sue Beeton, Guest Editors

Advancing Social Sustainability in Film Tourism
Anne Buchmann

Films and Audiovisual Potentiality in Tourism Destination Promotion: A European Perspective
Francesco Di Cesare, Anthony A. La Salandra, and Elena Craparotta

Michael Palin’s Himalaya: Potential Impact of Television Travel Diaries on Destination Image
Petra Glover

Missing Identity: Relocation of Budapest in Film-Induced Tourism
Anna Irimiás

Film Tourism Event Longevity: Lost in Mayberry
Stefanie Benjamin, Paige P. Schneider, and Derek H. Alderman

Book Review

Places of the Imagination: Media, Tourism, Culture (Stijn Reijnders)
Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing


Can Community-Based Tourism Enterprises Alleviate Poverty? Toward a New Organization
Mathekga Isaac Malatji and Oliver Mtapuri

State Representations of the Other: The Case of China’s Matriarchy
Yasong (Alex) Wang and Duarte B. Morais

Community-Based Tourism: An Exploration of the Concept(s) From a Political Perspective
Andrea Giampiccoli and Oliver Mtapuri

Understanding Tourist Perspectives on Geotourism Experience: Implications for Destination Development
Aise Kyoungjin Kim and Graham Brown

A Comparative Analysis of the Perceived Effects of Two Economic Recessions on Event Organizations
Seungwon “Shawn” Lee, Joe J. Goldblatt, and Margaret J. Daniels

Research Notes

Slum Tourism: Ethical or Voyeuristic
Deepak Chhabra and Akshat Chowdhury

The Impact on Tourism of Mega-Sporting Events: The Stakes of Foreign Spectators
Eric Barget and Jean-Jacques Gouguet

Book Review

Carbon Management in Tourism—Mitigating the Impacts on Climate Change (Stefan Gössling)
Mohit Vij


An Exploration of Social Stimuli Influencing the Student Sightseeing Tour Experience
Stuart E. Levy and Donald Getz

Holidays as Health: Exploring the No Leave, No Life Campaign via the Theory of Planned Behavior
Sue Beeton

Potential of Ecotourism Development in Bangladesh Coast: An Overview
M. R. Islam, M. S. Iftekhar, and M. W. Islam

“It’s a Challenge, it’s Hard to Get a Wave”: The Impact of Constraints on Women Surf Tourists
Laura Sophia Fendt and Erica Wilson

Research Notes

Analysis of the Serviced Apartments Sector and its Prospects in Southeast Asia
Joan C. Henderson and Russell Arthur Smith

Tourism and Microcluster in Aysén, Chile
Wolfgang Scholz, Jürgen Breuste, Fabien Bourlon, Jorge Rojas Hernandez, and Robinson Torres Salinas

Volume 15 Subject and Author Index


Guest Editors: Jennifer Laing, Warwick Frost, Glen Croy, and Sue Beeton

Introduction: Tourism and the Media
Jennifer Laing, Warwick Frost, Glen Croy, and Sue Beeton

Media Convergence: Tourist Attractions in the Making
Maria Månsson

Film Tourism Locations and Experiences: A Popular Korean Television Drama Production Perspective
Sangkyun Kim and Noëlle O’Connor

Brunellopoli: A Wine Scandal Under the Tuscan Sun
Alessio Cavicchi and Cristina Santini

From Filmic Heritage to Long-Lasting Induced Tourism: The Singular Italian Case of the Once Unknown and Anonymous Brescello
Roberto C. Provenzano

Media-Induced Voluntourism in Yunnan, China
Jun Shao, Michelle Scarpino, Yoonjung Lee, and Ulrike Gretzel


Is Film Tourism all the Same? Exploring Zhang Yimou’s Films’ Potential Influence on Tourism in China
Yuqun Ji and Sue Beeton


Guest Editors: Christian M. Rogerson and Gustav Visser

Current Themes in Tourism and Development in Southern Africa
Christian M. Rogerson and Gustav Visser

Current Paths in South African Tourism Research
Gustav Visser and Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Tourism Food Supply Linkages in Zambia: Evidence From the African Safari Lodge Sector
Christian M. Rogerson

Low-Income Earners as Second Home Tourists in South Africa?
Gijsbert Hoogendoorn

Ilha de Moçambique: Conserving and Managing World Heritage in the Developing World
Vanessa Dantas é Sá and Charles Mather

The Tourism Global Commodity Chain in Namibia: Industry Concentration and its Impacts on Transformation
Renaud Lapeyre

Rethinking South African Urban Tourism Research
Christian M. Rogerson and Gustav Visser

South African Tourism Road to Economic Recovery: 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup as Vehicle
Sanette Ferreira

The Changing All-Suite Hotel in South Africa: From “Extended Stay” to African “Condo Hotel”
Jayne M. Rogerson

Youth Tourism in South Africa: The English Language Travel Sector
Maisa Correia

Using Sustainable Tourism Indicators to Measure the Sustainability of a Community-Based Ecotourism Venture: Malealea Lodge & Pony Trek Centre, Lesotho
Kevin F. Mearns

Tourism Development and Local Communities: The Direct Benefits of Tourism to OvaHimba Communities in the Kaokoland, Northwest Namibia
Jarkko Saarinen

Community-Based Natural Resource Management and Tourism: Nata Bird Sanctuary, Botswana
Moren T. Stone and Christian M. Rogerson

The Effects of CBNRM Integration Into Local Government Structures and Poverty Alleviation in Botswana
Kutlwano Mulale and Joseph E. Mbaiwa

Tourism, Second Homes, and an Emerging South African Postproductivist Countryside
Gijsbert Hoogendoorn and Gustav Visser

Niche Tourism Policy and Planning: The South African Experience
Christian M. Rogerson

Tourism Research Within the Southern African Development Community: Production and Consumption in Academic Journals, 2000–2010
Christian M. Rogerson and Jayne M. Rogerson

Volume 14, Number 2/3

Guest Editors: Michael Lück, Mark B. Orams, and Jill Poulston

Introduction to the NZTHRC 2010 Special Issue
Mark B. Orams, Michael Lück, and Jill Poulston

VRF Travelers: How Long Are They Staying?
Elisa Backer

A Cultural Framing of Nature: Chinese Tourists’ Motivations for, Expectations of, and Satisfaction With, Their New Zealand Tourist Experience
Joanna Fountain, Stephen Espiner, and Xiaoyan Xie

I Can’t Do Everything! Competing Priorities as Constraints in Triathlon Event Travel Careers
Matthew Lamont and Millicent Kennelly

Swimming With an Endemic and Endangered Species: Effects of Tourism on Hector’s Dolphins in Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand
Emmanuelle Martinez, Mark Bryan Orams, and Karen Ann Stockin

Impediments to Tourism Investment in Australia: A Scoping Study
Aaron Tkaczynski, Sally Driml, Jacqueline Robinson, and Larry Dwyer

Effects of Emotional Labor on Adventure Tour Leaders’ Job Satisfaction
Monica Torland


Strategy for Tourism (John Tribe)
Nimit Chowdhary

Volume 14, Number 1

From the Editor
Sue Beeton

The Group Package Tour and Sociability: Contesting Meanings
Bente Heimtun

Cruise Line Industry and Caribbean Tourism: Guests’ Motivations, Activities, and Destination Preference
Victor Teye and Cody Morris Paris

Economic Impacts of Domestic Tourism in the Rural Developing World: A Case Study of Zhangjiajie City, China
Fengyuan Xie, R. Geoffrey Lacher, and Sanjay K. Nepal


Whether a Shock Has a Temporary or Permanent Effect on Visitor Arrivals in Singapore 43
Chew Ging Lee


Good, Better, or Best: Selecting the Right Strategy
Stephen W. Litvin


Development Tourism: Lessons From Cuba (Rochelle Spencer)
David Harrison

Volume 13, Numbers 3-4

Volume 13, Numbers 1-2

Volume 12, Numbers 1-4

Volume 11, Numbers 1-4

Volume 10, Numbers 1-4

Volume 9, Numbers 1-4

Volume 8, Numbers 1-4

Volume 7, Numbers 1-4


Kenneth R. Bartkus, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing
Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
3555 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84332-3555
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gyan Nyaupane, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA

David Cárdenas, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
Chun-Chu Chen, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
Shu Cole, Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA
Larry Dwyer, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Dogan Gursoy, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA
Kam Hung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China
Kiki Kaplanidou, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Brian King, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Christian Laesser, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Woojin Lee, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Stephen W. Litvin, The College of Charleston, Charleston, SC, USA
Duarte B. Morais, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
Cristian Morosan, University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA
Stephen Page, University of Bournemouth, Poole, UK
Chris Ryan, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Carla Santos, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, USA
Pauline Sheldon, University of Hawaii-Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA
Matthew Stone, California State University - Chico, Chico, CA, USA
Moren Tibabo Stone, University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana
Arch Woodside, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA
Kyle Woosnam, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
Mr. Yang Yang, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Kathy Andereck, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Pierre Benckendorff, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia
Frederic Dimanche, SKEMA Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France
Cathy Hsu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Maximiliano Korstanje, University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Xiang (Robert) Li, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
Lori Pennington-Gray, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
James F. Petrick, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA

Author & Subject Indexes: Volumes 7-19  (Scroll down)

Volume 21: Author Index

Aghazamani, Y., 333
Akiike, A., 3

Bartkus, K. R., 1, 99, 221, 331
Booyens, I., 49
Bordelon, L. A., 317
Bordoloi, S., 223
Brymer, E., 307
Buckley, R., 241

Cárdenas, D. A., 417
Chen, Chun-Chu, 395
Chen, Yi-Chang, 275
Cheng, Ching-Chan, 275

Davids, K., 307
DeWitt, T., 379
Dillon, M., 307
Du Preez, E. A., 255

Erasmus, I., 151

Ferreira, S. L. A., 317
Fitchett, J. M., 213

Giddy, J. K., 213
Goodnow, J. M., 223

Hallak, R., 3
Harmer, D., 169
Hoogendoorn, G., 213
Hudson, S., 417
Hunt, C. A., 333

Im, E. I., 379

Jeon, Hyeong-Yeon, 31

Kumar, M., 407
Kursah, M. B., 63

Lee, Seojin, 31
Lee, Woojin, 31
Li, Zhimiao, 101

Matsuoka, K., 3
Meng, Fang, 417
Mensah, I., 81
Miller, M., 151
Mohammad, A. A. A., 365
Moyle, B. D., 101
Murayama, T., 3

Parashar, A., 407
Peacock, S., 307
Petrick, J. F., 17, 347

Rogerson, C. M., 49, 193
Rogerson, J. M., 169, 193
Rylance, A., 139

Saluja, V., 407
Slabbert, L., 255
Snyman, S., 139
Spenceley, A., 139
Stone, M. J., 17

Thal, K., 417
Thompson, R. R., 379
Tichaawa, T. M., 181

Vanegas, M., 121
Visser, G., 151
Vu, T. B., 379

Wang, Kai, 101
Wu, Hung-Che, 275

Zou, Suiwen (Sharon), 347

Volume 21: Subject Index

Adventure tourism, 213, 241, 255, 307
Affordances, 307
Africa, 181
Airbnb, 151
Anees Jung, 407
Attitude, 395
Autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL), 121

Behavioral intentions, 275
Business tourism, 181

Cameroon, 181
Cape Town, 151
Chinese tourists, 347
City tourism, 193
Climate change, 213, 241
Communities, 333
Community, 81
Community-based ecotourism (CBE), 81
Conservation finance, 139
Content analysis, 223
Cost of travel, 121
Cruise tourism, 347
Cyclone damage, 379

Destination imagery, 317
Destination images, 347
Destination preferences, 63
Development, 101
Dimensions of experiential quality, 275

Ecological dynamics, 307
Educational travel, 17
Effectivities, 307
Egypt, 365
Empowerment, 333
Experiential learning, 17
Experiential quality, 275
Experiential satisfaction, 275
Extreme weather, 213

Family travel, 17
Fan, 31
Festival process, 169
Festival tourism, 169
Flickr, 317
Food and beverage operations, 365

Gender, 333
Ghana, 81
Graham Huggan, 407
Guatemala, 121

Hiking, 255
Hotel economy, 181
Hotels, 365

Impacts, 241
Innovation, 169
Innovation determinants, 49
Innovation orientation, 49
Insight, 223
Instagram, 317

Japan, 3

Kakum National Park (KNP), 81

Lean service, 365
Lean thinking, 365
Liminality, 223
Local development, 193
Local residents, 333
Loyalty, 3

Metropolitan areas, 193
Multiple regression, 3

Northeast Asia, 379

Perceived impacts, 417
Perceived quality, 3
Perceived value, 3
Pop culture tourism, 31
Postcolonial discourse, 407
Protected areas (PA), 139
Psychological continuum model (PCM), 31

Relationships, 307
Relocation, 101
Representation, 317
Resident, 101
Resident attitudes, 417
Resource quality, 241
Revenue, 139
Revenue sharing, 81
Risk perception, 255

Sarah McDonald, 407
Satisfaction, 3
Scaled-item model, 63
Secondary cities, 193
Segmentation, 31
Sharing economy, 151
Short- and long-run elasticity values, 121
Snow, 241
South Africa, 151, 169, 193, 317
Southeast Asia, 379
Southern Africa, 139, 213
Stellenbosch, 317
Surf, 241
Sustainability, 379
Sustainable tourism, 63

Tourism, 101, 139, 333
Tourism accommodations, 151
Tourism competitiveness, 49
Tourism experience, 31
Tourism innovation, 49
Tourism potential, 63
Tourism potential index (TPI), 63
Tourism price, 121
Tourist gaze, 317
Tourist motivation, 63
Tourists, 407
Trail accreditation, 255
Travel behavior, 395
Travel benefits, 17
Travel constraints, 347
Travel importance, 395
Travel information search, 395
Travel intentions, 347
Travel knowledge, 395
Travel learning, 17
Travel narrative, 223
Travelogues, 407
Trust, 417
Trustworthiness, 417
Two-way causality, 379

V. S. Naipaul, 407

Whitewater, 241
White-water rafting, 213
Wind, 241
World Heritage, 101

Youth tourism, 169

Volume 19: Author Index

Andereck, K., 105
Ankor, J., 225

Barrow, M., 1
Birendra K. C., 43
Blakeman, S., 87
Bone, K., 123
Brayley, R. E., 1

Chen, Chun-Chu, 175
Cole, S., 31

Daniels, M. J., 1

Frenzel, F., 87

Gmelch, S., 101
Gursoy, D., 19

Harmon, L. K., 1

Jogaratnam, G., 133

Karacaoglu, S., 19
Kim, Kakyom, 133
Knudsen, D. C., 179
Koens, K., 75

Litvin, S. W., 163

Mao, Y., 43
McDonald, M., 225
Mehmetoglu, M., 147
Metro-Roland, M. M., 179
Moraes, C. M. d. S., 63
Morais, D. B., 43
Mosimane, A., 43
Moskwa, E., 207
Mulec, I., 193
Nyaupane, G. P., 105

Park, Minkyung, 1
Park, Yeon Woo, 31
Petrick, J. F., 175

Rickly, J. M., 179

Schweinsberg, S., 225
Shaw, G. B. C., 235
Slikker, N., 75
Smith, W. W., 163

Vese, R., 1
Vespestad, M. K., 147

Wearing, S. L., 225
Wise, N., 193
Wofford, E. B., 163

Yolal, M., 19

Zhang, Ye, 31
Zhao, Shengnan, 105

Volume 19: Subject Index

Accessibility, 31
Accidental, 235
Activities, 147
Aesthetics, 179, 193, 225, 235
Architourism, 235
Attraction making, 87
Awareness, 193

Cognitive dissonance, 1
Commodification, 123
Communal conservancies, 43
Community development, 163
Company attributes, 147
Consumer culture, 225
Contact with nature, 207
Core, 235
Cultural tourism, 105

Destination attributes, 147
Destination competitiveness, 133
Dharavi, 75
Disabled tourists, 19

Ecology, 63
Entertainment zone, 163
Exit Festival, 193
Expectations, 19
Experience economy, 105

Favela, 63
Florida Keys, 175
Future behavior, 133

Gender, 147
Guest books, 207

Heritage tourism, 1
Hotels, 19

Ideology, 179
Image, 193
Incidental, 235
Information, 31
Intimacy, 87

Landscape, 179, 225
Local perceptions, 75

Marketing, 123
Mass media, 225
Mixed-use neighborhoods, 163
Mobility impairment, 19
Motivation, 147
National parks, 225
Nighttime establishments, 163
Novelty, 175
Novi Sad, Serbia, 193

Organizational structures, 87

Past travel experience, 175
People-First Tourism, 43
Perceived value, 175
Perceptions, 105
Peripheral, 235
Physical feature, 31

Quality of life, 163

Resident perspective, 75

Satisfaction, 133
Semiotics, 179
Service problems, 31
Slum tourism, 75, 87
Social ties, 87
Sociodemographic characteristics, 105
Spectacle, 193
Spirituality, 123
Sport events, 133
Symbolic interactionism, 1

Tour guiding, 87
Tourism, 63, 123
Tourism ethics, 75
Tourism management, 163
Tourist experiences, 207
Touristic judgment, 179
Tourist reflections, 207
Travelers with disabilities, 31
Travel intention, 175
Travel patterns, 105
Turkey, 19

Wellness tourism, 123
Wildlife tourism microentrepreneurship, 43
Wildlife value orientations, 43

Volume 18: Author Index

Bottelberghe, T., 23
Brown, M., 37, 99
Bull, C., 37, 99

Coghlan, A., 87
Czarnecki, A., 153

Dowse, S., 37, 99
Dubnewick, M., 71

Fox, K. M., 71
Freeman, R., 9
Frenzel, F., 237

Hall, C. M., 115, 207
Holst, T., 283
Hoogendoorn, G., 167
Humberstone, B., 71

Jellum, C., 57

Kietäväinen, A., 223
Koens, K., 237

Lamont, M., 1
LeBaron, E., 269
Li, P., 105
Lovell, J., 37, 99
Lovelock, B., 57

Mansfield, L., 37, 99
Mekawy, M. A., 253
Morales Gaitán, S. B., 179

Osbaldiston, N., 137
Paloniemi, R., 223
Persson, I., 193
Picken, F., 137
Pitkänen, K., 207
Puhakka, R., 207

Ramshaw, G., 23
Ranier, G., 179
Reas, P. J., 295
Reis, A. C., 57
Rinne, J., 223
Rogerson, C. M., 167, 237
Ryan, C., 105

Semi, J., 207
Steinbrink, M., 237
Sun, M., 105

Thomlinson, E., 9
Trinh, T. T., 105
Tuulentie, S., 223

Weed, M., 37, 99
Wellard, I., 37, 99

Volume 18: Subject Index

Advertisements, 193
Advertising, 193
Australia, 137
Autoethnography, 71

Belgium, 23

Cambodia, 295
Charity challenge events, 87
Child abuse, 295
Coastal tourism, 137
Community, 57
Cottage, 115
Counting usage, 105
Critical success factors, 9
Cycle tourism, 57, 99
Cycle trails, 105
Cycling, 23, 99, 105
Cycling tourism, 37

Destination slum concept, 253
Development, 23, 237

Economic impact, 37
Economic relationships, 153
Environment, 99
Exploitation, 295

Favela tourism, 269
Finland, 207, 223

Generation Y, 207
Globalization of the countryside, 179
Governance, 223

Health, 87
Heritage, 23
Holiday home, 115
Human–nature relationship, 207

Imaginative geographies, 269
India, 283
Intepretivism, 253

Leisure spacetimes, 71
Lifestyle magazine, 193
Lifestyle medicine, 87
Lifestyle migration, 137, 179
Lifestyle movements, 87
Local economy, 153
Long-distance bicycle touring, 71

Meta-analysis, 37, 99
Mobilities, 237
Modernity, 193
Mountain bike tourism, 9
Multifunctional development, 153
Multiple dwelling, 223

New mobilities, 179
New Zealand, 105

Outdoor recreation, 207

Pacification, 269
Penetration, 253
Periurban, 115
Planning framework, 9
Planning pathways, 253
Poland, 153
Policy coherence, 223
Policy integration, 223
Poverty, 283
Poverty alleviation, 237
Poverty cycle, 253
Poverty tourism, 269
Prefabricated, 193
Rail trail, 57
Rural areas, 153

Salaam Baalak Trust, 183
Second homes, 137, 153, 167, 179, 193, 223
Second home tourism, 207
Sensoria, 71
Slums, 283
Slum tourism, 237
Smart tourism investment (STI), 253
Social exchange, 57
Sociology of coastal lifestyles, 137
Sport, 23
Sports tourism, 37
Stakeholder, 57
State of the art, 237
Stories, 193
Subaltern studies, 283
Summer home, 115
Sustainable tourism, 9, 57
Sustainable transport, 99
Systematic review, 37

Tourism, 23, 67, 179
Tourism development, 9

Vacation home, 115
Visiting friends and relatives (VRF) tourism, 167
Volunteer tourism, 295

Welfare state, 193
Wooden, 193

Youth, 207

Volume 17: Author Index

Abd El-Jalil, S. G., 1
Andereck, K., 267
Atlhopheng, J. R., 19

Bahaee, M., 137
Beaumont, N., 161
Boone, K., 195

Caroli, P., 115
Clemes, M., 47
Correia, M., 299

Dean, D., 47
DeLacy, T., 283
De Witt, L., 179
Dominey-Howes, D., 283
Donaldson, R., 253
Du Plessis, E., 89

Engelbrecht, W. H., 237
Ezeuduji, I. O., 299

Ferreira, S. L. A., 253
Filep, S., 283

Haack, B., 115
Hambira, W. L., 19
Henderson, J. C., 63

Johnson, L., 195

Kim, N., 31
King, B., 75
Kline, C., 195
Klint, L. M., 283
Knopf, R. C., 267
Kruger, M., 237

Lenao, M., 223
Lete, P. M., 299
Liew, G., 63

Manwa, H., 19
Mbaiwa, J. E., 223

Ngoka, G. M.-A., 151
Ngoka, P. C., 151

Ong, J., 63

Panzeri, D., 115
Paris, C. M., 267

Quek, B., 63

Ramukumba, T., 103
Ryu, S., 75

Saarinen, J., 19, 223
Saayman, M., 89, 179, 237
Saremi, M., 137
Schwartz, Z., 31
Suhartanto, D., 47
Świeca, A., 131

Taylor, A.-M., 299
Tucki, A., 131

van der Merwe, P., 179

Whitelaw, P., 283
Winter, C., 211

Yu, X., 31

Zeppel, H., 161
Zuhair, S., 75

Volume 17: Subject Index

Accommodation sector, 89
Adaptation strategy, 19
Adaptive reuse, 63

Battlefields, 211
Benefits of tourism, 103
Botswana, 223
Boutique hotel, 63
Brand image, 47
Brand loyalty, 47
Built heritage, 63

Capability, 299
Capacity building, 267
Carbon mitigation, 161
Case study, 267
Climate change, 19, 161
Communication mediums, 103
Community-based tourism (CBT), 223
Community development, 267
Community expectations, 223
Community goals, 267
Community tourism, 103
Competitive advantage, 299
Conservation, 63
Crises management, 1
Critical success factors (CSFs), 237
Cross River National Park (CRNP), 151
Cross-disciplinary, 195
Customer satisfaction, 47

Data comparability, 31
Destination choice, 75
Destination image, 253
Developing economies, 137

Ecoefficiency actions, 161
Economic development, 137
Ecotourism, 179
Egypt, 1
Environmental certification, 161

Factor analysis, 179, 237
Fromelles, 211

Ghana, 195
Grading, 89

Hallmark event, 253
Happiness, 283
Himalayas, 115
Hotel industry, 47

Image agents, 253
Impacts, 1
International tourism, 137
Iran, 137

Key success factors, 299

Local authority, 131
Local issues, 195

Measurement error, 31
Model, 1
Mount Everest, 115

National park management, 237
National parks, 179
Nature-based tourism, 19, 237
Nepal, 115
Newspapers, 253
Nigeria, 151
Nonresponse error, 31

Okavango Delta, Botswana, 19
Online survey, 31
On-site face-to-face survey, 31

Perceived value, 47
Perceptions, 179
Poland, 131
Policy, 1
Postvisitation, 151
Previsitation, 151
Price competitiveness, 89
Price methods, 89
Price strategies, 89
Printed media, 253

Questionnaire, 115

Ratings, 151
Resources, 299
Revolution, 1
Risk factors, 75
Risk perceptions, 283
Rural tourism development, 223

Sagarmatha, 115
SANParks, 179
Satisfaction, 283
Service quality, 47
South Africa, 179, 253
Southeast Asia, 63
Strategy, 299
Study abroad, 195
Survey mode effect, 31
Sustainability, 237
Sustainable tourism, 161

Tourism, 115
Tourism attractions, 151
Tourism awareness, 223
Tourism impacts, 223
Tourism industry, 103
Tourism planning, 267
Tourist experience(s), 237, 283
Tourist policy, 131
Tourist satisfaction, 237
Travel risk, 75
Trekkers, 115
t Test, 89

Visitor awareness, 195
Visitor management, 211

War-distorted destination life cycle, 211

Yankari National Park (YNP), 151

Volume 16: Author Index

Alderman, D. H., 139

Barget, E., 75
Baruah, U. K., 239
Beeton, S., 87
Benjamin, S., 139
Brown, G., 45
Buchmann, A., 89

Chen, S. C., 203
Chhabra D., 69
Chowdhury, A., 69
Craparotta, E., 101

Daniels, M. J., 59
Di Cesare, F., 101

Feliziani, V., 227
Frost, W., 87, 151

Giampiccoli, A., 29
Glover, P., 113
Goldblatt, J. J., 59
Gouguet, J.-J., 75
Groy, G., 87

Hickerson, B. D., 153

Irimiás, A., 125

Kim, A. K., 45

La Salandra, A. A., 101
Laing, J., 87, 151
Lee, S. S., 59
Lovelock, B., 183

, M. I., 1
Monni, S., 227
Morais, D. B., 15
Mtapuri, O., 1, 29

Otto, J., 169

Ribeiro, N. F., 153

Sanford, D., 169
Sarma, M. K., 239
Schneider, P. P., 139

Vij, M., 83

Wang, Y., 15
Wong, I. A., 217

Volume 16: Subject Index

American senior traveler, 203

Base theory, 75

Casino, 217
Celebrity, 113
Change, 1
China, 15
Chinese, 217
Chinese senior traveler, 203
Cohesion, 1
College student travel behavior, 153
Community, 1
Community-based tourism, 29
Community development, 29
Components of tourists’ expenditure, 239
Critical discourse analysis, 15
Cross-cultural research, 203
Customer satisfaction, 169

Destination development, 45
Destination image, 113
Destination management, 101
Destination management organizations (DMOs), 101
Displacement, 125
Documentary, 113

Economic benefits, 239
Economic impact, 75
Economic recession, 59
Electronic word of mouth, 169
Empowerment, 1, 29
Ethical tourism, 183
Ethical travel, 183
Event organizations, 59
Expenditure profile, 75

Festivals, 139
Film commissions, 125
Film-induced tourism, 139
Film tourism, 89, 101
Fiscal policy, 227
Framework, 89

Geotourism, 45

Human rights, 183

Italy, 227

Length of stay, 217
Literature review, 153

Market segmentation, 45
Matriarchy, 15
Media, 113
Mega-sporting events, 75
Movie-induced tourism, 101

National identity, 15

Online customer ratings, 169
Online product reviews, 169
Other or unplanned expenditure, 239

Place identity, 125
Politics, 183
Poverty, 1

Repeat visit, 217
Representation, 15
Reputation systems, 169

Scenario modeling, 183
Self-reliance, 29
Senior tourism, 203
Slum tourism, 69
Social sustainability, 89
Spring break travel, 153
Sustainability, 139

Television, 113
Tourism, 1, 217, 227
Tourism benefits, 75
Tourism economies, 59
Tourist gaze, 69
Tourist motivations, 139
Tourist profiles, 139
Travel behavior, 203
Travel boycotts, 183
Travel expenditure, 239
Travel motivation, 217
Travel program, 113
Travel sanctions, 183

Voyeurism, 69

Youth tourism, 153

Volume 15

Author Index

Beeton, S., 225, 293, 313
Bourlon, F., 355
Breuste, J., 355

Cavicchi, A., 253
Correia, M., 123
Croy, G., 225

Dantas é , V., 51

Fendt, L. S., 337
Ferreira, S., 91
Frost, W., 225

Getz, D., 297
Gretzel, U., 277

Henderson, J. C., 349
Hernandez, J. R., 355
Hoogendoorn, G., 5, 37, 183

Iftekhar, M. S., 325
Islam, M. R., 325
Islam, M. W., 325

Ji, Y., 293

Kim, S., 243

Laing, J., 225
Lapeyre, R., 63
Lee, Y., 277
Levy, S. E., 297
Månsson, M., 227
Mather, C., 51
Mbaiwa, J. E., 171
Mearns, K. F., 135
Mulale, K., 171

O’Connor, N., 243

Provenzano, R. C., 269

Rogerson, C. M., 1, 21, 77, 159, 199, 213
Rogerson, J. M., 107, 213

Saarinen, J., 149
Salinas, R. T., 355
Santini, C., 253
Scarpino, M., 277
Scholz, W., 355
Shao, J., 277
Smith, R. A., 349
Stone, M. T., 159

Visser, G., 1, 5, 77, 183

Wilson, E., 337

Subject Index

Accommodation, 107
African “condo hotel”, 107
All-suite hotel, 107

Bangladesh, 325
Beach resorts, 349
Botswana, 159
Brunello, 253

China, 293
Coastal zone, 325
Community-based ecotourism, 135
Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), 171
Community-based tourism, 149, 159
Concentration, 63
Convergence, 227
Crisis management, 253
Cyberfandom, 277

, 243
Decentralization, 171
Destination, 269
Destination marketing, 227
Developing world, 77
Development, 5
Domestic tourism, 313

Economic clusters, 355
Economic recession, 91
Economic recovery, 91
Ecotourism, 325

Female surfers, 337
Film-induced tourism, 293
Film tourism, 243, 269, 293

Gender, 337
Global commodity chains, 63
Governance, 63
Group travel, 297

Heritage management, 51

Image, 269
Indigenous tourism, 149
Inflated expectations, 91
Infrastructure, 91
Island of Mozambique, 51

Key informant technique, 253

Language travel, 123
Leave accumulation, 313
Leisure constraints, 337
Lesotho, 135
Livelihood options, 325
Local government structures, 171
Location, 269
Low income, 37

Management, 325
Mega-event, 91
Migration, 37
Mobility, 37
Motivations, 277

Namibia, 63, 149
Nata Bird Sanctuary, 159
Nature tourism, 21
News media, 253
Niche tourism, 199

OvaHimba, 149

Popular cultural media products, 227
Postproductivism, 183
Poverty, 51
Product development, 293
Production values, 243
Push factor, 269

Relationship marketing, 297
Representations, 227
Research paths, 5

Second homes, 183
Second homes tourism, 37
Serviced apartments, 349
Sightseeing tours, 297
South Africa, 5, 37, 77, 107, 123, 183, 199
South Korea, 243
Southeast Asia, 349
Southern Africa, 135
Southern African Development Community (SACD), 213
Stakeholders, 355
Student travel, 297
Surf tourism, 337
Sustainable tourism indicators, 135

Television production and consumption, 243
The Da Vinci Code, 227
Time, 37
Tourism, 63, 277
Tourism–agriculture linkages, 21
Tourism benefits, 149
Tourism clusters, 355
Tourism development, 355
Tourism journals, 213
Tourism marketing, 313
Tourism policy, 199
Tourism research, 5
Tourism scholarship, 213
Tourism superstructure, 91
Travel motivations, 297
TV drama, 277

Urban development, 77
Urban tourism, 77

Volunteering, 277

Well-being, 313
Wine tourism, 253
World Heritage, 51

Youth tourism, 123

Zambia, 21

Volume 14

Author Index

Backer, E., 61
Bauer, T., 217
Beeton, S., 1
Boo, S., 145, 163
Bowen, H. E., 189

Chhabra, D., 215
Chowdhary, N., 143

Daniels, M. J., 189
Dewar, K., 218
Driml, S., 117
Dwyer, L., 117

Espiner, S., 71

Fountain, J., 71

Harrison, D., 55
Heimtun, B., 3
Henderson, J. C., 201

Kennelly, M., 85
Kim, J., 145

Lacher, R. G., 29
Lamont, M., 85
Lee, C. G., 43
Litvin, S. W., 47

Lück, M., 59
Martinez, E., 99

Nepal, S. K., 29

Orams, M. B., 59, 99

Paris, C. M., 17
Poulston, J., 59

Robinson, J., 117

Schmidt, K. R., 179
Stockin, K. A., 99

Teye, V., 17
Timothy, D. J., 179
Tkaczynski, A., 117
Torland, M., 129

Xie, F., 29
Xie, X., 71

Subject Index

Activities, 17
Adventure tourism, 129
Adventure tour leaders, 129
Akoroa Harbour, 99
Australia, 117

Behavior, 99
Bonding, 3

Caribbean, 17
Case study, 117
Charitable events, 145
China, 29
Chinese tourists, 71
Competing priorities, 85
Competitive environment, 47
Conflicts, 3
Constraints, 85
Cooked food hawking, 201
Corporate social responsibilities (CSR), 145
Cross-cultural awareness, 189
Cruise destination, 17
Cultural tourism, 71

Destination brand attitude, 163
Destination brand loyalty, 163
Diaspora, 179

Economic impact, 29
Effects, 99
Emotional labor, 129
Event travel career, 85
Expectations, 71

Fit theory, 145

Gender, 3
Genealogy, 179

Hector's dolphins, 99
Human resource management, 129

Immigrants, 179

Job satisfaction, 129

Land-based vacation, 17
Length of stay, 61

Mexico, 179
Midlife, 3
Mormons, 179
Motivation(s), 17, 71

National park, 29
Nature, 71
New Zealand, 71, 99
Nonstationarity, 43

Opportunity costs, 85
Personal heritage tourism, 179
Pricing, 47

Repeat visit destination, 163
Return travel, 179

Serious leisure, 85
Service management, 47
Shock, 43
Singapore, 43, 201
Single, 3
Social sponsorship, 145
Southeast Asia, 201
Spatial analysis, 163
Swim-with-dolphins, 99

Time series, 43
Tourism development, 29
Tourism investment, 117
Tourist satisfaction, 17

Visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel, 61
Visitor arrivals, 43

Youth hostels, 189
Zhangjiajie, 29

Volume 13

Author Index

Beeton, S., 83, 113
Best, G., 129
Blair, S., 247
Buchmann, A., 147

Cahyanto, I., 247
Cheng, K., 183
Chuang, M., 51
Croy, W. G., 83, 147
Cynthia, D., 113

D'Angelo, L., 103
Di Cesare, F., 103

Flanagan, S., 121
Frew, E., 237
Frost, W., 83, 85

Getz, D., 31
Gilbert, D., 121

Harrison, D., 213, 275
Hillman, W., 157

Iverson, T. J., 79

Kim, K., 201
Kontogeorgopoulos, N., 1

Laing, J., 223
Lee, Z.-H., 183
Liechty, T., 17
Litvin, S. W., 173
Lohmann, G., 216

Macionis, N., 93
McLaughlin, E., 247

O'Connor, N., 121
Oh, I.-K., 201
Otto, J., 51

Pennington-Gray, L., 247

Rech, G., 103
Ribeiro, N. F., 17
Roehl, W. S., 221

Sanders, D., 223
Sanford, D., 51
Singh, S., 215
Sparks, B., 93

Tasci, A. D. A., 65
Thapa, B., 247
Tomljenoviá, R., 31

Weaver, A., 263
White, L., 139
Willming, C., 247
Winter, C., 237

Yarnal, C. M., 17

Subject Index

Affective image, 65
Alternative tourism, 1
Australia, 129, 157, 237
Authenticity, 85
Automobility, 129

Backpackers, 157
Bush clothing, 139
Bushfires, 223

Car, 237
Choosing and purchasing process, 103
Classification and regression tree, 51
Cognitive image, 65
Collaboration, 113
Commercial nationalism, 139
Conspicuous consumption, 157
Conspicuous leisure, 157
Consumer marketing, 183
Crisis management, 223
Croatia, 31
Customer satisfaction, 51

Data mining, 51
Destination image, 65
Destination life cycle, 31
Destination management organization (DMO), 247
Destination selection, 201
Domestic holidays, 237

e-Commerce, 183
Ecotourism, 1
Edoras, 147

Film and tourist connections, 103
Film, 121, 129
Film-induced tourism, 85, 113
Film production, 113
Film tourist behavior, 93
Film tourist experience, 93
Florida, 247

Gender differences, 201
Government, 223
Group travel, 17

Heritage, 85
High Country tourism, 139
Hotel management, 51

Image, 129, 147
Image component, 65
Image dimension, 65
Image factor, 65
Impacts, 121
Influence of films, 103
Internet, 183

Japanese, 129
Journeys, 129

Landscape, 129
Leveraging, 113
Life cycle, 1
Linkages, 113
Location, 85
Lord of the Rings, 147

Marketing, 263
Media, 223
Motivation, 93

New Zealand, 147

Older women's travel, 17
Online customer ratings, 51
Online feedback, 51

Phuket, Thailand, 1
Positive emotions, 17

Recovery planning, 223
Runaway productions, 85
Rural, 147

Sensation seeking, 173
Service operations, 183
Spring break, 173
Stakeholder, 121
Student travel behavior, 173
Sweepstakes, 263

Television, 121
The Man from Snowy River, 139
Theming, 263
The theory of the leisure class, 157
Tourism, 129
Tourism crisis plan, 247
Tourism operators, 223
Train, 237
Transport, 237
Travel agency, 183
Travel benefits, 17
Travel motivation, 103

Vacation prize, 263
Veblen, 157
Visitors, 247

Well-being, 17
Wine tourism development, 31

Yorkshire, 121
Young travel market, 201

Author & Subject Indexes: Volumes 7-12

Author Index

Amelung, B., 5
Ankomah, P. K., 171

Barros, C. P., 303
Bowen, H. E., 89
Buckley, R., 71

Chen, M., 139
Cornelissen, S., 187

Daniels, M. J., 129
Dieke, P. U. C., 167, 303
Dodds, R., 57

Gössling, S., 1, 13

Holecek, D. F., 25

Ingram, L. J., 115

Jones, B., 43
Jones, E., 231, 275

Kelman, I., 57
Kieti, D. M., 275
Konopek, J., 43

Larson, T., 171

Manyara, G., 231
Moreno, A., 5

Nicholls, S., 25
Noy, C., 93

Okech, R. N., 243

Salazar, N. B., 259
Santos, C. M., 303
Scott, D., 1, 5, 13, 43
Sharpley R. A. J., 215

Teye, V. B., 203, 291
Timothy, D. J., 203

Warnick, R. B., 139
Wishitemi, B., 275
Wolfsegger, C., 13

Subject Index

Adaptation, 57
Adaptive capacity, 13
Africa, 203
African development, 187
Afrikatourism, 171
Angola, 303
Anthropology of tourism, 259
Aspirations of the poor, 275
Australia, 71
Austria, 13

Body, 93
Borders, 203
Business travel, 139

Calvi, 57
Canada, 43
Central region, 291
Climate change, 5, 13, 43, 57
Climate change damage, 71
Climate variability and change, 25
Coastal tourism, 71
Communities, 243
Community tourism, 275
Cowgirls, 115
Cruise ship travel, 139
Cultural tourism, 115
Culture, 243

Data envelopment analysis (DEA), 303
Decision-support, 25
Dependency theory, 231
Development, 259, 291
Domestic travel, 139

Economic communities, 203
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), 203
Economic development, 231, 275
Efficiency, 303
Ethnography, 259
Europe, 13
Experience, 93


Female travel, 139
Foreign travel, 139
Frequent flyer, 139
Funeral, 243

Gender, 139
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), 187
Ghana, 291
Global environmental change, 43

Heritage tourism, 115
History, 259
Hotels, 303
Human capacity, 171

Identity, 93
International, 291
Israeli society, 93

Kenya, 231

Language, 93
Local people, 275
Luanda, 303
Luhya, 243
Luo, 243

Malta, 57
Mediterranean, 57
Michigan, 25
Misperceptions, 71
Museums, 115

National parks, 43
Neocolonialism, 231
NGOs, 171

Perception, 13
Performance, 93
Pleasure travel, 139
Policy, 57
Poverty alleviation, 171

Regulation, 187
Road races, 129

Second home ownership, 139
Ski resorts, 13
Solo travelers, 129
Sport participation motivation, 129
Sub-Saharan Africa, 171
Supranationalism, 203

Tanzania, 259
Technological adaptation, 13
The Gambia, 215
Tourism, 231, 243, 291
Tourism development, 215
Tourism impacts, 5
Tourism liberalization, 187
Tourism planning, 215
Tourism stakeholders, 25
Trends, 139

USA, 115

Visitation, 43
Vulnerability, 57

Winter tourism, 13
Women, 115


Author Index

Beeton, S., 145
Billington, R., 97
Bohdanowicz, P., 115
Breen, H., 349
Broad, S., 225

Cadoppi, V., 97
Cain, L., 295
Carlsen, J., 205
Carmichael, B. A., 383
Carter, N., 97
Condon, K., 279
Cooper, M., 3, 9

Deery, M., 107, 155
Duval, D. T., 187
Dwyer, L., 91, 155

Eades, J., 9
Edwards, D., 167

Fraser, J., 279
Fredline, L., 155
Frost, W., 191

Gill, A., 133
Gruber, S., 279
Guichard-Anguis, S., 19
Gyimóthy, S., 85, 86

Hall, M. E., 365
Hannam, K., 407
Harrison, D., xxx
Hing, N., 349
Hitchcock, M., xxx
Hughes, M., 205
Hunter, C., 188

Inui, Y., 57

Jago, L., 107, 155
Jensen, J. M., 307
Jiang, Y., 237

Kim, K., 395
Klenosky, D. B., 317

Lankford, S. V., 57
Lovelock, B., 329
Lück, M., 237

Maksay, A., 33
Mason, P., 251
McClinchey, K. A., 383
Meritt, Jr., D., 295
Mohsin, A., 87
Moscardo, G., 213
Muloin, S., 265

Noy, C., xxx

Okata, Y., 57

Parsons, E. C. M., 237
Ponsford, I., 133
Prideaux, B., 45

Ravinder, R., 175
Roehl, W. S., 1, 191

Sasidharan, V., 365
Saunders, C. D., 317
Scholl, K., 57
Sheldon, P. J., 91
Shelton, E. J., 197
Shiga, H., 45
Smith, L., 225
Stewart, M., 107

Takai-Tokunaga, N., 67
Tucker, H., 197

Williams, P., 133

Zeppel, H., 265
Zhang, J., 89

Subject Index

Accountability, 97
Air Service Agreements, 175
Airlines, 175
Airports, 175
Alliances, 175
Animals, 279
Aquaria, 307
Attendance, 295
Attention, 225
Attraction management, 307
Australia, 33, 45, 265, 349
Awareness, 237

Backpackers, 45
Baths, 19
Blackstone Valley, USA, 97

Captive marine mammals, 237
Captive wildlife, 213
Case study, 365
Code of practice, 349
Commitment, 107
Community development, 145
Community participation, 365
Competition, 175
Computerized system development, 115
Conservation, 197, 213, 225, 237
Corporate social responsibility, 107, 133, 145, 155, 167
Cross-cultural studies, 45
Cultural tourism, 365

Demand, 295
Depopulation, 9
Destination, 329
Dialectics of tourist experience, 67

Ecotourism, 365
Education, 213, 225
Employees, 107
Endangered species, 197
Environmental history, 197
Environmental yield, 155
Ethical travel, 329
Ethics, 175, 329
Exhibit stay times, 225

Festivals, 395
Film corporations, 145
Film-induced tourism, 145
Financial yield, 155
Frequentation, 19

Gold Coast, 349

Hawaii, 57
Heritage, 9
Herzberg's two-factor theory, 307
Hilton Environmental Reporting, (HER), 115
Hilton International Scandic, 115
Hot springs, 19
Hotels, 115
Human rights, 329

Identity, 9
Image, 213
Immersion, 225
Importance-performance analysis, 57
Indigenous cultures, 265

Japan, 9, 19, 57
Japanese, 45
Japanese outbound tourism, 67
Japanese youth, 33

Laddering methodology, 317
Lodging, 19

Marine parks, 237
Means-end theory, 317
Metaphor use, 279
Mont Tremblant, Quebec, 133
Motivation, 395
Museums, 167

Narrative, 197
Nature, 279
Nature-based tourism, 197, 317
New Environmental Paradigm, 237
New Zealand, 197, 329
Nongovernmental organizations, 365

Performance benchmarking, 115
Performance reporting, 115
Planned sustainability, 97
Poetry, 279
Population change, 9
Price, 295
Public interest, 175

Qualitative research, 67, 317
Queensland, 45

Rare wildlife, 205
Resistance, 33
Responsible gambling, 349
Rituals, 33
Role of zoos, 251
Romania, 365
Rural images, 383
Rural tourism, 365, 383
Rurality, 383
Ryokan, 19

Satisfaction, 395
Seniors, 57
Senior travelers, 57
Social capital, 167
Social license to operate, 133
Social responsibility, 97
Social yield, 155
Stakeholder engagement, 133
Stakeholder involvement, 97
Subculture, 33
Sustainable development, 365

Theme park, 9
Tourism attractions, 265
Tourism "brokers," 383
Tourism entrepreneurs, 383
Tourism yield, 155
Tourist transformation, 67
Training, 107
Travel agent, 329

UK, 67
USA, 57
Visitation motives, 317
Visitor motivations, 251
Visitor satisfaction, 307
Volunteers, 167

Whistler B.C., 133
Wildlife, 279
Wildlife attractions, 251
Wildlife interpretation, 265
Wildlife management, 205
Wildlife representation, 205
Wildlife tourism, 205
Working holiday, 33

Zoological park, 317
Zoos, 205, 225, 251, 265, 279, 307
Zoo visitors, 317


Author Index

Beirman, D., 7
Bonn, M., 141

Canally, C., 217
Carlsen, J., 69
Carmichael, B., 217
Christensen-Redzepovic, E., 113
Cukier, J., 155
Cunliffe, S. K., 27

Deery, M., 91
Deslandes, D. D., 141
Dong, E., 131
Dwyer, L., 1, 47, 207

Ek, R., 189

Forsyth, P., 47, 207
Fredline, L., 91

Goldsmith, R. E., 141
Gurtner, Y., 57

Hampton, M., 191
Harrison, D., 193
Hede, A.-M., 241
Henderson, J., 169
Hilliard, T. W., 269
Hinch, T., 285

Jago, L., 91
Joseph, S., 141

Kaufman, T. J., 181
Krakover, S., 155
Krozer, Y., 113

Machin, A., 287
Mistilis, N., 39
Moisey, R. N., 289
Morais, D. B., 131
Morgan, D., 125


Neirotti, L. D., 269
Nicholls, S., 291

Scanlon, N. L., 103
Schott, C., 81
Severt, D. E., 181
Sheldon, P. J., 1, 39
Smith, W., 217
Spurr, R., 47, 207
Swarbrooke, J., 293

Tarlow, P. E., 17
Taylor, T., 257
Teed, K. C., 205
Toohey, K., 257

Weed, M., 227

Yang, G., 131

Zhu, C., 131

Subject Index

Athens, 269
Australia, 47, 125, 207, 241, 257

Bali, 57
Beaches, 125
Brand image, 141

Canada, 217
Casino resorts, 169
Casinos, 169
China, 131
Climate change, 103
Cluster analysis, 217
Community involvement, 131
Computable general equilibrium modeling, 47, 207
Consumer awareness, 81
Crisis management, 57

Destination case studies, 57
Destination image, 141
Destination management, 47
Domestic travel, 217
Drowning, 125

Ecolabels, 81
Economic impacts, 47, 207
Ecotourism, 131
Environment, 113
Environmental certification, 81
Event, 269

Gambling tourism, 169
Green Globe 21, 81

Hazard profile, 125
Heritage, 181
Historic site, 181

Indonesia, 57
Innovations, 113

Knowledge bases, 39
Knowledge management, 39

Liaison, 227

Maldives, 69
Measurement, 141
Mega-event, 241, 257
Motor racing, 207
Multitrait-multimethod matrix, 141

Net benefits, 207
New Zealand, 81, 155

Off-peak, 155
Olympic Games, 241, 269

Participatory rural appraisal, 131
Partnership, 227
Phuket, 57
Policy, 227
Preference, 181
Preservationist attitude, 181

Quality of life, 91
Quantas Australian Grand Prix, 207

Risks and benefits, 91
Rugby World Cup, 257

Safety, 125, 269
SARS, 47
Seasonality, 155
Security, 257, 269
Segmentation, 217
Services, 181
Shangri-La, 131
Shoulder season, 155
Singapore, 169
Small community, 91
Small islands, 113
Spectator, 269
Sport event(s), 207, 257
Sporting events, 217
Sports tourism, 227
Sport-tourism link, 227
Sport tourists, 217
Strategic response strategy, 103
Sustainability, 103
Sustainable development, 113

Tasmania, Australia, 91
Telecast, 241
Terrorism, 257
Thailand, 57
The Netherlands, 113
Tourism, 113
Tourism crisis/crises, 39, 47, 57
Tourism development, 241
Tourism disaster, 39
Tourism management, 91
Tourism strategy, 69
Tourist risk, 125
Travel, 269
Tsunami, 69

USA, 141, 181



Author Index

Agrusa, J., 261

Bohdanowicz, P., 7
Bowen, H. E., 119
Buffa, F., 33

Che, D., 349
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Chesworth, N., 391
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Debres, K., 379
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Elsrud, T., 123

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Fisher, D., 237
Franch, M., 33
Fredline, L., 69


Gerster, R., 293
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Little, D. E., 155
Lowry, K., 47


Martinac, I., 7
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Marzani, P., 33
McIntosh, A., 237
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Mitchell, R., 307
Murphy, A., 333

Nambu, T., 247
Nilsson, J. H., 231
Nummedal, M., 365

Obenour, W. L., 213

Richards, G., 39X

Sheldon, P., 1, 47
Shono, S., 237
Simanic, B., 7
Sloan, P., 61
Small, J., 139

Tanner, J., 261
Tussyadiah, I. P., 281

Vogt, C. A., 247

Wilson, E., 155

Subject Index

Accreditation, 61
Adventure, 123
African-American, 379
Agritourism, 349
Art museums, 21
Australia, 21, 95, 155, 177
Australian, 139
Authenticity, 213

Barbecue, 379
Bed and breakfast, 365
Branding, 349

Chora, 213
Communities, 69
Community destination model, 33
Constraints, 155
Content, 107
Cuisine, 281
Culinary tourism, 281, 349, 365, 379

Denmark, 107
Destination characteristics, 271
Discourse, 123
Dolomites, 33

Earth Sanctuaries Ltd., 95
Economic benefits, 261
Economic modeling, 47
Emancipation, 123
Empowered connectivity, 177
Endogenous regional development and cultural heritage, 333
Environmental assessment, 47
Environmental performance, 61
Environmental program, 7
Environmental sustainability, 7
Ethnography, 177
Experiences, 195

Female, 213
Femininity, 123
Feminist perspectives, 177
Festival, 379
Food quality, 349
Food safety, 349
Food tourism, 365

Gaze, 213
Gender, 155
German hotels, 61
Germany, 61
Gift giving, 247

Hawaii, 47
Heritage tourism, 293
Hermeneutic, 213
Honolulu Marathon, 261
Hotels, 61
Hotels, 7

Impacts of tourism, 79
Indicators, 47
Innovation, 107
Irony, 123
Italian Alps, 33
Italy, 33

Japan, 237, 281, 293
Japanese culture, 237
Japanese modernity and postmodernity, 293
Japanese tourists, 237, 247
Japanese travelers, 271
Journey, 213
Juneteenth, 379

Leisure, 155
Local food, 365
Logistic analysis, 271

Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 379
Marginalization, 213
Masculinity, 123
Mass ski tourism, 33
Memory-work, 139
Michigan, USA, 349
Mobile tourism services, 107
Mosel Valley, Germany, 333
Motherhood, 139
Multidestination travel decisions, 271
Museums, 21

Networks, 365
New Zealand, 365
Northern Europe, 123
Nostalgia, 293

Onsen, 281

Participant observation, 177
Performance and reporting, 95
Product, 307

Regional cultural variations, 281
Regional development, 307
Resident perceptions, 47
Resource consumption, 7
Retail, 247
Runners from Japan, 261

Scandic, 7
SMTEs, 33
Social impacts, 69
Social indicators, 69
Solo travel, 155, 195
Souvenirs, 247
Stakeholders, 47, 107
Sustainability, 21, 33, 79, 95
Sustainable tourism, 47, 107
Sweden, 7

Tourism, 293
Tourism industry, 79
Tourist experience, 139
Tourist experience, 155
Tourist gaze, 237
Travel, 293
Triple Bottom Line (TBL), 79, 95
Triple Bottom Line reporting, 79

UK, 195
USA, 47, 195, 247, 213, 261, 271

Vacations, 247
Visitor behavior, 307
Visitor experience, 307
Volunteer management, 21
Volunteers, 21

Wine tourism, 307, 333
Winescape, 333
Women, 139, 155
Women travelers, 195


Author Index

Ap, J., 339
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Goodall, B., 177

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Russell, H., 177
Ryan, C., 1

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Svoronou, E., 52

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Wang, S., 339
Wang, Y., 263
Weaver, D. B., 55
Williams, S. D., 85
Wilson, J., 57

Xie, P. F., 101

Yarnal, C., 281
Yen, I-Y., 281
Yuan, J., 297

Subject Index

Access improvements, 177
Accessibility, 195
Accessibility barriers, 239
Accessibility of tourism sectors, 239
Active sport tourism, 85
Activities, 57
ADA, 239
Africa, 127
America, 127
Antidiscrimination legislation, 211
Appalachian Trail, 221
Attitudinal barriers, 239
Australia, 33

Bali, 153
Barriers, 195
Barriers to access, 167
Behavior, 113
Benefits sought, 85
Business travelers, 17

China, 339
Conservation planning, 177
Constraint negotiation, 281
Constraints, 221, 281
Constraints to travel, 281
Crafts, 323
Creative tourism, 323
Cruising, 281
Cultural adaptation, 143
Cultural tourism, 323
Culture shock, 143

Destination image, 85, 339
Disability, 167, 211, 221
Disability discrimination legislation, 177
Domain-specific innovativeness (DSI) scale, 311

Economic impact, 153
Energy efficiency, 33
Excursion, 113
Experience, 57
Experiential learning, 101


Festival motives, 297
Field trip, 101
Finland, 323

Gay gaze, 249
Gay men, 249
Gender differences, 69
Greece, 323
Guestrooms, 17

Heritage tourism, 177
Hiking, 221
Historic environments, 177
Hong Kong, 17
Hotel IT facilities, 17

Inclusion, 211
Indiana, 297
Indonesia, 153
Information technology, 17
Innovativeness, 311
International students, 143
International travel, 85
Involvement, 85
Itineraries, 33

Leisure constraints, 249
Leisure travel, 249
List of Values (LOV), 311

Market segmentation, 297
Marketing managers, 17
Mature travelers, 263
Motivations, 57, 221

Negotiation, 249
New Zealand, 1
Niagara Falls, 101

Package tours, 33
Pearl River Delta, 339
People with disabilities, 195
Perceived risk, 85
Photo analysis, 101
Portugal, 323
Poverty, 127
Psychographics, 69

Regional development, 323
Representations, 127
Resident perceptions, 1
Restaurant marketing, 311

Satisfaction, 85
School, 113
Service provision, 167
Skiing and snowboarding, 85
Social inclusion, 167
Souvenirs, 323
Spending behavior, 153
Students, 85, 153
Student travel, 57
Study abroad, 127
Subregional destinations, 339

Term abroad, 153
Textiles, 323
Tourism, 113, 195
Tourism constraints, 263
Tourism development, 1
Tourism major, 101
Tourists with disabilities, 177
Travel, 113, 127, 195
Travel behaviors, 263
Travel distance, 33
Travelers with physical disabilities, 239
Travel journal, 101
Travel motivation, 297

UK, 167, 177
USA, 281, 297
Usage segmentation, 311

Wholesalers, 33
Wine festival, 297
Wine tourism, 297

Young travelers, 263
Youth travel market, 69




Author Index

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Subject Index

Adventure tourism, 143
Affectives, 153
Africa, 129
Ailments, 37
Asian financial crisis, 123
Attitudes, 153
Attributes, 153
Australia, 13, 67, 81, 95

Community development, 23

Destination image, 153
Dive tourism, 67

Ecotourism, 23
Educational tourism, 95
Extreme circumstances, 61

Failure, 13
Flow, 143
Forest-based tourism, 1
Fuzzy sets, 143

Gold Coast, 81

Healthcare, 111
Heritage attractions, 13
High altitude, 37
Hong Kong tourism demand, 123

Image constructs, 153
International students, 95
Involvement, 143

Kenya, 129

Loyalty, 153

Malaysia, 111
Male-female sexual services, 129
Male-male sexual services, 129
Malindi, 129
Manager skills, 67
Meals and hospitality, 61
Medical tourism, 111
Migrants, 51
Mobility, 51
Mountain sickness, 37

Nature-based tourism, 1
New Zealand, 51

Philippines, 51
Pimping services, 129
Protected area management, 23

Queensland, 81

Recreational scuba industry, 67
Return visits, 51
Rural development, 1
Rural, 13

Sex trade, 129
Singapore, 111
Small business management, 67
Southeast Asia, 23, 61
Spas, 111
Structural change, 123
Sustainable tourism, 1

Thailand, 111
Tibet, 37
Tourism businesses, 13
Tourist attractions, 81
Tourist experiences, 143
Tourist literature, 81
Travel health experience, 37

Unemployment, 129

Vietnam, 23

Waterfalls, 81
World War II, 61

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