Margaret Byrne Swain and Janet Henshall Momsen

ISBN: 1-882345-39-8


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Dean MacCannell


Chapter 1. Gender/Tourism/Fun(?): An Introduction
Margaret Byrne Swain

  • Feminism and Gender in Tourism
  • Theories and Definitions
  • Sex/Gender/Sexuality
  • Bodies
  • Hegemonic Masculinity
  • Structure of the Book
  • Conclusions

Chapter 2. Couples on Holiday: (En)Gendered or Endangered Experiences?
Tom Selänniemi

  • Introduction
  • (En)Gendered Experience
  • Endangered Experiences
  • Conclusion--The Serpent in Paradise
Chapter 3. Good and Bad Holiday Experiences: Women's and Girls' Perspectives
Jennie Small
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Participants
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
Chapter 4. Women's Travel Narratives in Northern Africa
M. Dolors Garcia-Ramon and Albet i Mas
  • Introduction
  • The Conceptual Framework
  • Complicity and Resistance in Aurora Bertrana's and Isabelle Eberhardt's Lives and Works
  • Final Remarks
Chapter 5. Magazines: Women's Indispensable Guides to Travel
Carla M. Dole
  • Introduction
  • Women's Magazines as Travel Partners
  • Women's Magazines as Culture Brokers
  • Conclusions
Chapter 6. Gender Aspects of Western European Tourists' Motivation and Attitudes Towards Alternative Kinds of Tourism
Lina Anastassova
  • Introduction
  • Sociodemographic Profile of Female Tourists From Western Europe
  • Gender Aspects of Tourist Motivation and Attitudes Towards Alternative Kinds of Tourism
  • Conclusions

Chapter 7. Women, Rural Tourism Employment, and Fun(?)
Jenny Phillimore

  • Introduction
  • Women in the Countryside
  • Tourism Employment
  • Women in Herefordhsire
  • Methodology
  • Gender and Work in Herfordshire's Tourist Attractions
  • Conclusion
Chapter 8. Rural Tourism, Gender, and Cultural Conservation in Spain and Portugal
Gemma Canoves and Montserrat Villarino Pérez
  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of Rural Tourism: A Series of Definitions
  • The Prominence of Women in Rural Tourism
  • Working Methodology
  • Rural Tourism in Catalonia, Galicia, and Northern Portugal
  • Women: Founders and Protagonists of Rural Tourism
  • Agritourism as a Source of Additional Income in a Multifaceted Economy
  • Agritourism and Gender Relations
  • Some Pending Problems
  • Conclusion
Chapter 9. A Nation of Lace Workers and Glass Blowers? Gendering of the Maltese Souvenir Handicraft Industry
Elsbeth Robson
  • Introduction
  • Tourism Globally and in Malta
  • Crafts and Tourism
  • Researching Maltese Crafts, Gender, and Tourism
  • Gender, Tourism, and Maltese Souvenir Handicrafts
  • Conclusions
Chapter 10. "Calling to the Money": Gender and Tourism in Peru
Jane Henrici
  • Introduction
  • The Artisan
  • Tourist Crafts in Pisac
  • Vendors
  • The Selling of Self
  • The Selling of Local Identity Within the Global Market
  • Authenticity and Authority
Chapter 11. Pushing the Margins: Fabrics From Sumba, Traders in Bali, and Tourists From Everywhere
Jill Forshee
  • Introduction
  • Fabrics and Traders From Sumba
  • Conclusion

Chapter 12. Ethnic Heterogeneity and Gender in the Yugoslav Seaside Tourist Region
Mirjana Devedzic

  • Introduction
  • Traditional History of Different Ethnic Groups and Regional Lifestyles
  • On Tourist Acculturation
  • Some Demographic Indicators of Changes
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
Chapter 13. Gender Differences in Perceptions of the Impacts of Tourism Development in a Resort Community
Bonnie S. Martin, William C. Bridges, Jr., and Anthony G. Sheppard
  • Introduction
  • Study Site
  • Growth Machine Theory
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusions
Chapter 14. Amoral and Available: Western Women Travelers in South Asia
Petri Hottola

Chapter 15. Sex and Romance on the Trail in the Andes: Guides, Gender, & Authority
Lynn A. Meisch

Chapter 16. Gigolos and Rastamen: Tourism, Sex, and changing Gender Identities
Heidi Dahles

  • Introduction
  • Sex and Romance Tourism
  • Gender and Gigolos
  • Beach Boys and Street Guides
  • Rastsman: The Sexual Appeal of the Cool and Dreadly
  • Rastas and the Local Community
  • Conclusions
Chapter 17. Conclusion
Janet Henshall Momsen
  • Tourism as a Gendered Social Catalyst
  • Gender and Employment in Tourism
  • Romance Tourism
  • Gendering the Tourist Gaze
  • Gender/Tourism/Fun



List of Figures

9.1. Map of Malta and Gozo
9.2. Maltese craft outlets
9.3. Gender of Maltese handicraft producers
9.4. Gender of Maltese handicraft retailers
12.1. The numbers of tourists in Budva and Ulcinj, 1961-1990
12.2. Employment rate of women in tourism at the Montenegro coastline

List of Tables

5.1. Women's travel magazine demographics
6.1. Percentage distribution of the Western European female and male tourists depending on their occupation
6.2. Distribution of the tourists depending on their income level and gender
6.3. Percentage distribution of the West European tourists depending on their holiday motivation
6.4. Gendered preferences towards alternative types of tourism
6.5. Assessment of holiday factor's importance by gender
6.6. Preference of Western European female and male tourists towards alternative kinds of tourism
6.7. Gendered decision making for taking holiday
7.1. The attractions where qualitative work was undertaken
7.2. Numbers of people employed in Herefordshire's tourist attractions by gender, job type, and employment status
8.1. Situation of agrotourism in Spain, 1999
8.2. Situation of rural tourism in Portugal, 1989-1999
8.3. Rural tourism in Portugal by categories in 1999
9.1. Gender divisions in Maltese craft production
9.2. Postcard images of craft workers
13.1. Items in the Tourism Impact Attitude Scales (TIAS)
13.2. Two-way contingency table for group membership and gender of residents
13.3. Factor solutions for the combined sample and males and females separately
13.4. Comparison of the average opinion on each item for females and males