Migration & Tourism: Formation of New Social Classes

Helen Kopnina

ISBN: 1-882345-48-7


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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Anthropological and Sociological Perspectives on Tourism and Migration

  • Generalizing Disciplinary Approaches
  • Tourism and Migration: Effects of Globalization and Transnationalism
  • Current Issues in Migration
  • Current Issue in Tourism
  • Differences and Similarities in Approaches to Migration and Tourism
Chapter 3. "Overstaying Tourists": The Case of Illegal Filipino Workers in the Netherlands

Chapter 4. "Unwanted Visitors": The Case of Russian Tourists and Workers in England

Chapter 5. "Foreigners in Their Own Country": Ethnic Non-Latvians in Latvia

Chapter 6. "Needed But Restricted": Foreign Workers in Singaporean SMEs

Chapter 7. "Visiting Neighbors": Mexicans in Arizona and Americans in Mexico

Chapter 8. Places and People: Reflections


List of Illustrations

Filipino workers
Russian tourists and workers in England
Sharing a Soviet past
Foreign workers in Singaporean SMEs
Visiting neighbors